I Will go to My Grave Wondering

It was another exceptionally chilly day which prompted me to wear a little wool, and only because my body has not yet accustomed itself to the cold. Around this time every year it happens, and when Spring rolls around it becomes the reverse where my body has to acclimate to the warmer temps. Yes, we humans are more like the animals than we dare admit.

Part of my morning was spent doing some paying it forward with a client of mine who needed some things hauled to a dumpster, and because he didn’t have a way to get it out of there, yours truly came to the rescue. After it was all taken care of, I figured after today, I should have a good bank of forward paying which should last me a few months.

Shortly after I arrived at office, I discovered an early morning email from a dear friend of mine saying I should look at today’s paper and read an article on the opinion page titled, “City omits key details of River City Renaissance”. Knowing she’s an early riser, I picked up the phone and called. After a good long chat regarding what I’d not yet read about that idiotic plan to re-skin that decayed mall of our, I made the assurance it would be read at my earliest convenience.

After getting my morning office chores accomplished, I read the article, and for what it’s worth, J. W. Sayles was on the same track I’ve been on since they came up with that lame-brained idea, and since I was privy to the chain of events which put the kibosh on that hotel being built next to City Hall, just so those dark “powers that be” who were filled with hidden agendas could move in and start that nonsensical idea of pulling in that also dead in the waters Music Man Square, along with building an arena over the top of the Penny’s building.

For the very first time in my life, what I’d clearly seen built in my mind, that hotel next to the City Hall never happened, which left me believing from that time forward there was a sudden intervening circumstance which caused it to happen. No, please don’t think me some sort of clairvoyant because I’m not. All I’m saying is that those random times I’ve “seen” something happening over these long years, it becomes a reality except for that hotel next to City Hall. For sure I will go to my grave wondering what really happened, while being assured those knowing all the facts, won’t be telling.

I had to laugh when Mr. Sayles straightforwardly said in his letter, “…that David-Elias Rachie is not Gatehouse Capital. Rachie couldn’t come up with change for a cup of coffee let alone for a $10 million hotel loan.” Ouch! That must’ve hurt a few eyes. Well, for what it’s worth, the first time I saw Mr. Rachie giving his snake oil sales pitch on camera, his voice and body language was to me, a dead give away of someone trying to work the crowd, and the crowd he did work.

After reading the many terribly stilted and bashing articles written, along with the “land mines” set by those opposing the construction of that hotel which would’ve already been built next to City Hall, I’m convinced much of the truth of what happened will be revealed in time. As, my dear one and I both agreed, this name-calling and un-warranted bashing has no place in our circles because if we cannot maintain some sort of decorum which we were taught at an early age, then we will also be sliding into the abyss of societal chaos. We were also in agreement that there are a great many seniors living in our City who’ve also questioning this River City Renaissance project, and perhaps today’s letter of opinion will ignite their long-overdue vocalizations. Well see what happens next.

I did mention my having to take my car back in for service, and when the owner of the shop called today, he said it was ready, and fortunately I didn’t have to pay a nickel for the part or labor because the new part which I had replaced not even two months ago, was a factory defect and under warranty. You can’t imagine how happy I was to find my car finally fixed and now running as it should. Thank goodness I kept my old beater which I consider my “work” car because I would’ve been without a vehicle for six days.

Around mid-afternoon I received a call from the selling agent on one of my listings saying the underwriters were wanting a clearer copy of the purchase agreement which had been scanned and emailed too many times. I suspected that was going to happen, so today I did mention to that agent how it would be much to everyone’s advantage if a darker blue or black pen be used when writing up an offer. I agreed to prepare a very clean one and email it over for the buyer’s signatures, which was agreed. Just before closing time, the original was hand-delivered, so I scanned and emailed it to my seller for initials and signatures. Of course I had to place a call telling her that we had to do it over again which wasn’t so kindly received. Once again, I assured her I was doing everything I could to keep that sale moving forward. Oh how happy I will be when that sale closes, and when it does, I’ll consider it my early Christmas gift.

The buyers of the last Prairie Place unit called today and asked if I would be willing to open it up again for a visiting relative who’ll be here this weekend. We agreed on early afternoon this Saturday which means I’ll be changing my clothes a few times because I’ve already got personal outside chores scheduled for this weekend. For sure I’ll not consider it an inconvenience because they’re the nicest people.

While on the phone with a businessperson today, I was asked about this year’s gardening which I freely shared. She was surprised I had a bumper crop, and all I could say was this year’s growing season had me all the more on the defense with my veggies’ care.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.

Joe Chodur

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