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Our morning wasn’t so delightful, but when the afternoon arrived, our sun certainly brightened and warmed things up. I absolutely love how the lowered sun creates an entirely difference perspective on how we view the out-of-doors. Be it the trees, the fields, houses and buildings, there’s a distinct visual difference. I can’t imagine anyone having any sort of personal issues with days like today. Considering how my recent real estate failures turned out, I found it necessary to take a good hour’s drive out in the countryside, just to get myself back in balance. I’ve learned over these recent years that if a person doesn’t scrape themselves free of those more often soon to be toxic relationships with others, it gets far worse in the long run to where they’re all the more difficult to expunge from your life. So if you believe you’re headed down a dark path with someone, nip it in the bud and move on.

Most of my day was spent visiting with several clients who’re getting anxious over their home not yet being sold, and the both of them are now fearful they’ll be worrying all the more over their vacant homes during the winter and the possibility of a furnace going out. I assured them that our market is still moving along quickly and all they can do is either continue making them look more appealing, along with possible price reductions. Neither one of them were in the mood for a price reduction, so we’ll see if they do end up getting sold before hard winter arrives.

Another batch of bills needed to get paid, along with the closing of last month’s accounting books. It seems I no more than get everything caught up, and it starts all over again. I was thankful September’s accounting balanced to the penny without me having to look for an over-sight which takes more time out of my day.

I wanted to put another plug in for 207 N. Hampshire because I believe that home is the absolute best buy in its price range. The owner has mentioned more than once how she’s loved living there the entire fifteen years she’s been there. There’s no doubt she was telling the truth because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to live on a cul-de-sac only a block from East Park. Of all the so-called attractions in our City, I believe East Park to be at the top of my list, and don’t take my word for it because I’ve had many transplants telling me how lucky we are to have such a beautiful park. I think most of our natives have grown so used to it that they really don’t consider how fortunate they are to have it.

While driving back to office on Delaware Ave., I noticed a huge machine drilling into Southbridge Mall’s parking lot. Yes, it looks like we are going to have a bridge going to nowhere in the making. As I’ve said many times, the will of a very few in our City are creating long-term tax burdens on those who wanted nothing to do with it, and from what I’ve been recently hearing on the street, our average citizens are growing all the more bitter. Just you wait, this will be another example of willful waste turning into woeful want.

Several months ago a gentleman who has something to do with setting up performances in North Iowa, asked me why there’s a number of our citizens not the least bit interested in the build-out over the top of the old Penny’s building. Since he’s not from here, I told him that there’s a deep and lasting anger over how that got pushed thru, and most of all, the way in which its financials were structured. I’m afraid we’ll be seeing it similarly in the red for years to come, just like the Music Man Square. Now tell me truthfully, do you know anyone who’d waste their time and energy to visit that albatross? I don’t think so because even those who’re into music, don’t give a hoot about it.

I read something troubling today which talked about the rising violent crime rate in our State, and it now being the highest per year since they started keeping records. I also noticed Cerro Gordo County has a higher rate than any of our surrounding Counties. I wasn’t surprised when seeing Mitchell County having the lowest over-all crime rate per-capita. I believe our City fathers should pay them a visit to see what they’re doing that we’re not. I’m afraid that recent murder in the plaza of our mall is just the beginning.

Those vile squirrels are all the busier with their gathering of nuts. Just today I happened to notice two of them hanging like acrobats at the ends of the branches of a maple tree and eating the seeds that haven’t yet fallen. When visiting with a friend of mine today, I reminded her to be watchful of the squirrels in her yard because it doesn’t take long for them to gain entry to garages and house attics, and believe you me, they can create a staggering amount of damage in a very short period of time. I still wish our general public would at least try oven-fried squirrel. Its meat has a delightful nutty flavor, and as I’ve said before, if I’d be forced to eat wild game, squirrel would be my first choice.

While I was out in the countryside today, I noticed our farmers are now finally on a burn to get the rest of their soybeans and corn out of the fields. Every year I can’t help but notice how much bigger their tractors and combines are in comparison to what there were say twenty years ago. Let’s hope the price per bushel of corn and beans stay high enough for them to get them paid for. I sometimes think it’s an ego think with some of our farmers to where they’re always competing with their neighbors over who has the biggest.

I’m ever grateful we haven’t had a killing frost yet, and mainly because my peppers and tomatoes have now kicked into full-gear with their ripening. In spite of it being a warmer and dryer summer than usual, my garden has been highly productive. Slower than normal, but still producing more.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It takes half your years before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.

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