We’d better Button Down our Hatches

With our days still warmer than normal, it’s been a delight to be able to walk around outdoors with summer clothes on. Yes, our nights are chilly, but not soon after the sun rises, it’s warm again. I’m not so sure we’re going to see the Fall colors in our trees this year because I’ve noticed even the sugar maple leaves turning only a solid yellow. In fact, I’ve not yet seen one tree bearing any sort of blazing color. Now that the sun is lower in the sky, those wonderful landscape shadows are now starting to appear.

When I arrived at office this morning, I was immediately bristled when seeing all the dumpster trash scattered about on Commercial Alley. The dumpster divers are growing in numbers, to where they’re at it in the wee hours of the morning. This morning I happened to notice what at first glance to be a man, but after getting a closer look, discovering it was a woman riding a short blue bike with two plastic bags full of dumpster junk on her handlebars and wearing a stocking cap and a red jacket. To top it all off, she also had a very large backpack strapped on. The way in which she was gyrating, I was convinced she was under the influence of street drugs. She looked to be thirty-something, and all I could think of was how she managed to reach such a level. Of course she had to throw her empty can of Dr. Pepper on the ground, along with her spent cigarette. Naughty monkey.

While at the bank today, I mentioned what I’d seen this morning and her come-back was, “I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to be anywhere other than at home after dark.” Another person in the know, mentioned there being a continued influx of people from out of State, and definitely not anyone you’d like to have as your neighbor next door. Of course the liquor stores are making a killing which is why we’ll soon have three of them on North Federal Ave. As we all know, they wouldn’t be opening them if they didn’t feel there was a market share to be had.

The sight of that naughty backpacker this morning had a lingering affect on my outlook today, and for sure I’ll be glad when I can wake up tomorrow morning to a new day. I normally don’t think about past events, but I couldn’t help recalling all the families I personally know who have children who’re drug users and they do absolutely nothing about it other than turn blind eyes. One family in particular has a multi-generational drug abuse in it, yet the “queen bee” mother remains in complete denial.

When I checked KIMT’s website today, I was in shock to see a fifty-something man’s mugshot, and when reading his name, I was not surprised because he’d been one who thought he could work the crowd and never get caught. If I’m not mistaken, he’s already done some prison time, and now having been caught with two pounds of meth in his possession, he’ll be doing another decade or two behind bars. Having known his family, I was convinced years ago that he was simply a bad seed because the rest of his siblings are upright law-abiding citizens. I’m sure one of his local siblings is reeling over his baby brother being in the news once again. Oh well, once their parents did what they could to raise him properly, it must’ve been just another one of those happenings where he got himself hooked-up with the wrong crowd. I know he has a daughter from a previous marriage who’s already distanced herself far and away from him.

With it being the first Monday of the month, I was busier than normal with desk work needing my attention. Thank goodness the files and accounts I’ve touched so far, have balanced to the penny. I’ve got a stack of bills to start paying tomorrow morning before my afternoon appointments begin.

My late afternoon appointment was a showing on a home I’d sold ten years ago, and when walking thru it with the buyers, I pointed out changes that had been made since I was in it last. That home will always remain in my memory because of the battle I had with one of the beneficiaries of the estate. Because we couldn’t get it sold, and even after price reductions, I finally asked if I could remove all the stained carpeting on the main floor, and fortunately the executor agreed. That was a whole Saturday project, and believe you me, I and a worker got a good physical pounding over it. Fortunately it did sell shortly afterwards which was a confirmation that carpet being what was holding it back.

Unfortunately, there were some recent improvements that were made which weren’t the best quality and not of good workmanship. There were too many unfinished changes which turned my buyers off. When looking at the price they’re now asking, there’s no doubt in my mind they’re looking to cut a fat hog because there’s no possible way they have that much money tied up in it. I think if they’d drop their asking price by a good 40K, it would likely sell. I was a little sad after leaving when knowing how well built that home was, and if I were the new owner, I would’ve done more of a restoration than trying to make it something it isn’t. It’ll be interesting to see what that home ends up selling for.

While at the groceteria today, I couldn’t help noticing the regular-sized pumpkins they’re now selling, are priced at five dollars a pop, and never being a fan of Halloween pumpkin decorating, I thought them to be a bit pricy. Just yesterday a dear one from out of State mentioned how much higher her grocery bills have grown, and now thinking about investing in a freezer and having a large vegetable garden to help cut costs. With the way prices are now on just about everything we’re buying, it looks like we may be headed towards an inflationary period which will be very stagnating for our economy, and if that be the case, we’d better button down our hatches because we’ll be going for a ride.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A goal mindfully set, is halfway reached.

Joe Chodur

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