The Inland Migration is still Happening

Without question, it was an absolutely beautiful day today, and if we can be blessed with days like this for the remainder of October, those evil months of November, December and January will be more easily endured. I’ve often considered North Iowa’s weather as being an example of one always having to endure the thorns of a rose to enjoy the beauty and aroma of its flower, and of course our winters being those thorns.

My first duty was to get myself to the darkened corner of my office this Sunday morning and get my contemplative prayer session completed, and believe me, it was very much a necessity due to the emotional roller coasters I had to endure this past week. When I walked out, I felt completely renewed and refreshed and ready to take on another week.

Just yesterday I mentioned to a young couple who I was showing a country property to, how important it is to establish some sort of sanctuary, and most often it being one’s home, and living in the country, offers that much more of an opportunity to have such a place. Between listening to the factories, the stock car races on Sunday, the trains and eighteen wheelers engine braking, it’s becomes nearly impossible to get out of ear shot. Then of course there are those loud neighbors with their barking dogs which seem to never be stilled. I went on to say how I truly believe the reason humanity is getting so radicalized, is that there are too many of us in far too close proximity to each another. I can’t imagine what it must be like living in a metro area where you have to drive many miles to get out in the country. No thank you very much.

My music schedule called for me to play over at St. Paul Lutheran this morning, so over I dashed to run thru all the music I was scheduled to play. Since there was about ten minutes left before they started, I hopped on their vintage organ and played a few quiet and reflective pieces.

I was alerted today that the councils of both Our Savior’s and St. Paul Lutheran were to meet this morning to talk about sharing their buildings and resources. Now that Pastor Matt Mutters is leaving at the end of this month, both churches will be in need of a minister. I do hope they come together and agree on such sharing because with all the many of our traditional churches loosing members, it would be a good thing for them to consolidate. If that be the case, I won’t be playing for St. Paul every Sunday because Our Saviors has their own keyboardist, which is just fine by me. Now that I’m pretty much up to speed with their order of Service, every other week will not be a problem. I’m still enjoying the light coming from the keyboard lamp I gifted them last Sunday. Unfortunately, I did stumble once on a piece, but still managed to keep it moving. Seven pages of music can be a little difficult at times, and especially when the pages are small.

I did stop downstairs and grabbed a half cup of coffee afterwards, along with having a nice chat with a few of the ladies and gentlemen. Since I pretty much weaned myself many months ago from having a morning cup of java, a half cup once or twice a week is more than enough to get me juiced. I must be turning into my grandmother who’d only have about a half cup of coffee in the morning, and then drink green tea the rest of the day.

I couldn’t stay long because I had an appointment at office soon after, so I bid my farewells and headed back, and luckily I did because he pulled up about a minute after I arrived. The meeting only took about fifteen minutes, and after he left, I changed my clothes and scratched around at office until my Noon appointment arrived.

Since I’ve know them for a very many years, I spent more than the normal time having a good visit, and one of them is always quick at getting in the last word. In spite of him rapidly approaching the ninety mark, he’s still the same peppery man I met 25+ years ago. I was teasing him a little by asking what his mother’s maiden name was, along with her date of birth. He had to think just a moment about her birthday, but he still remembered it. He knew fully-well I was testing to see if he still had mental faculties, and for sure he did. If I think of it tomorrow, I’ll have to send him a birthday card.

While they were there, one of them mentioned how crazy it is to find lilacs blooming in October when we all know they’re Spring bloomers. Even the old gentleman said he’s never seen anything like it. I also mentioned having seen a magnolia blooming just recently which I’m posting a photo of tonight. Yes, even Magnolias are early Spring bloomers, and so early, they flower first before their leaves appear. What gives with these happenings?

I did manage to get over to my “pay it forward” project, and luckily it wasn’t raining which enabled me to get working at it. It’s close to being complete, but I have to leave it dry for a few days before I put a weatherizing coat on it. My dear friend has been more than appreciative thus far, so we’ll see what the end product looks like. I keep telling her I’m not a master, but will do my best.

The remainder of my day was spent visiting with a prospective tenant and buyers who’ll be arriving this week from a far-off State. I didn’t want to be a bearer of bad news by telling them our market is very lacking of available homes right now, but I had to because I didn’t what them to have any pre-conceived notions. It looks like the inland migration is still happening.

Tonight’s One-liner is: What you get by achieving your goals, is not as important as the person you become after achieving them.

Joe Chodur

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