It Would be Giving the Historic Park Inn

In spite of it being a gloomy fog-like morning, the sun did finally come out this afternoon which not only warmed us up, but also gave our landscapes a good drying with those cool breezes coming out of the north. I can definitely tell Fall is approaching due to the way in which the lowering sun is casting shadows. Just today an old client of mine was insisting how terrible it is that September is already here. Since she’s not one to be out in 90 degree temps, she was mostly likely cooped-up in her house those many weeks.

Since I didn’t have any appointments this morning, I drove over and spent some time with a dear one who was having a rummage sale. I dared not tell him how long it had been since I was at a garage sale, as well as an auction. As I suspected, there were people coming and going whom I knew, so of course I had to be a gentleman and exchange a few words. I know some really get their jollies out of going to yard sales, but I’ve never had any desire to pick thru unwanted items of others. While there, I did purchase a few things which I thought interesting enough to either keep or re-gift.

Between the coming and going of potential buyers, we shared many stories about happenings in our lives, and most of them were worthy of a a good laugh. Having done enough real estate work for him and his friends, we didn’t have to worry about hurting each other’s feelings or telling something that would become front page articles of our local rag.

He didn’t say anything about why he was selling his little treasures, but I suspect he’s finally realized the weights of age are getting heavier, and now being the time to lighten his load. I won’t be surprised if he does end up deciding to sell his home and just rent something in a retirement community. I still remember the first time I met him after calling me to come and give him a value on a home he’d owned for a number of years.  He did list it with me, and as chance would have it, I sold it to a young couple who needed more room for their expanding family. Not too many years later, I sold it again to yet another young couple. There’ve been many fine improvements done on that home from the first time I stepped foot in it, and to this day, each time I happen to notice it while driving by, I think of him. Yes, he’s made a good and lasting impression on me, and I thank him for it.

Not realizing the lawn mower he had parked out on his lawn was for sale, I ended up purchasing it because the one I’d been using as a spare had recently worn out, so I bought it from him and drove it back to my storage area where I’ll then take it for a tune-up. It’s an older mower, but I could tell it hadn’t been used that much, so there should be some good working years left in it.

After my two hour long stay at his home, I decided it best to leave him to his customers who were beginning to grow in numbers, so I bid him farewell, but insisted he call me when he gets back from a short road trip out West. Yes, he’s another elderly person living in North Iowa who’s for many years, been quietly very generous to those in need. I think he’s long ago earned his wings.

I was getting text messages from agents and customers while there, so when I got back to office, I busied myself with setting appointments for not only those agents, but also myself, so it look like I’m going to be busy showing homes tomorrow afternoon.

A surprise call came in from a dear well-known of mine who lives out of State, so there went another half hour of my afternoon. I was happy he called and glad to hear all has been well on his side of the fence. Being originally from here, he’s always keen on finding out what’s been happening in our area since our last visit, so I loaded him up with the scoop. I always smile to myself whenever I’ve shared something with him regarding the actions of others and his knee-jerk reply nearly always being, “It’s quite regrettable.” I don’t think I could always be so kind with my opinions.

One of my dear friends stopped by the office while I was working, and since I’d not seen her in weeks, we had a nice long chat regarding current events and the happenings in her neighborhood. She’s always a delight to visit with, and mostly because we manage to get a few good belly-laughs over the antics of others. I’m sure if she were seated at the front of my office for a good length of time on a daily basis, she’d be filled to the brim with opinions on the happenings going on outside the front door of my office, because it can be a circus at times. Yes, her visit was quite a refreshing lift for me today.

While rummaging thru another one of my “old boxes”, I happened upon a vintage envelope which was given as a complimentary from the Hotel Cerro Gordo which I took a photo of and now sharing. There’s no question most of our residents have no idea we had a hotel by that name here, let alone knowing where it stood.

When seeing that photo, I was once again reminded how so-called “progress” has butchered the looks of our Downtown. Just from the time our family moved here when I was young, I can say there’ve been at least twenty or more grand buildings and homes in our Crescent of Culture that’ve been demolished. Ok, now if you insist on knowing where that hotel stood, I’ll tell you. You all know where the sterile looking Norwest Bank building is. So if you can envision that hotel standing on the corner of Washington and State Street on that site and facing towards Central Park, that’s where she stood. You can be sure if that hotel were still standing, it would be giving the Historic Park Inn a run for its money.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I’ve proved to be as difficult to convert as I am to hypnotize.

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