Self-ordained as being Impure Thought-less

At last the temps are starting to drop, but unfortunately the sun is sleeping on the other side a little longer, as I really got a good reminder of how fast Fall is approaching when having to be at the office an hour earlier and it completely dark outside as I was driving. Those who’re heat and sun lovers, are certainly happy about having a good run of it this summer with those many days of above average heat. I did finally hear that over this past week of showers, we received in our City, a good six inches of rain. Isn’t it funny how KIMT doesn’t very often report the amount of precipitation Mason City gets, but instead list all the Podunk towns in southeastern Minnesota and Northeast Iowa. Between our rag of a local newspaper and the Rochester-leaning KIMT, I’d say we’re pretty much left on our own when it comes to sharing local news.

My first appointment was to do an early morning walk-thru on a home I sold which was set to close at Noon, and wouldn’t you know, we couldn’t get into the garage, so I had to call the listing agent to come and unlock it for us. I have no idea why some agents remove lockboxes prior to a walk-thru, because it’s just asking for an over-sight or two.
There were some questions and concerns I had to relay to the listing agent which my buyer wanted resolved before closing, which I was in full agreement. It was just another example of someone moving out and not thinking about the little things like remotes, thoroughly cleaning, and removing all personal property. What used to be exceptions to rules, have now become commonplace.

Just before we left, we both walked down towards the Winnebago River, and as I approached, I noticed a Bald Eagle perched high above, so I took the above grainy photo of it with my cell phone. The combination of a gray sky in early morning and the ominous looking tree it was in, made for a creepy-cool backdrop. It sort of reminded me of some horror movie where a person is traveling towards a medieval castle and seeing perched birds of prey staring down with looks of devilment in their eyes.

The early closing of my listing in Clear Lake took far longer than normally, but that’s usually the case whenever there’s an out-of-town closer involved. She was nice enough, but again there were questions she had which had already been answered days before. When thinking I had everything they wanted, late last night an email came in asking for the sellers signature on the closing statement, so off I went to scan and email it to him so I’d have it back before the notary agent arrived.

Of course they didn’t send the proceeds check with her packet, so I had to wait around for the UPS guy to arrive with it, just so I could get it deposited into my seller’s bank account. By the time I got the check and deposited it, and then calling the seller to tell him it was a done deal, the Noon hour was fast approaching. I stopped and grabbed a quick bite at a drive-thru where I had to wait far too long for the person ahead of me who was arguing with cashier about coupons. By the looks of them, they needed that extra discount for all that food they purchased, like they needed holes in their heads. I have absolutely nothing against stout people, but when it become obvious they’re weight is affecting their mobility, that’s when real diet plans are in order. There’s no doubt in my mind there are people actually eating themselves to their early graves. It’s no wonder diabetes is fast becoming the number one health issue.

My noontime closing went very well, and glad it did because my first-time buyer was overly nervous during the whole process. He did thank me for being a bit of a mother hen thru it all, but there’s no doubt it my mind, he’s going to be enjoying his new digs for many years to come. I purposely brought a little gift for him to remember Holtz Realty which I thought appropriate.

After arriving back at office, I busied myself with getting tomorrow’s closing readied. The back and forth emails between the closing agent were getting to be a little too much to where I finally had to spell out why my office does the things it does prior to arrival at their bank. I’m near certain the bulk of people involved in the selling and closing of real estate transactions, do not fully read what they’re being sent, and these recent closings were three more confirmations. Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you a question that you’ve already answered hours and sometimes days before?

My afternoon listing appointment was at 2802 S. Jefferson which I sold several months ago, and when I walked in, I could tell the sellers had worked very hard at making that charming little home a dollhouse. Considering how short our under $50K price range is in today’s market, I’ll remain hopeful it’ll sell right away. The big ticket items were the new central air, new floor coverings, fully painted inside and out, and the installation of a beautiful picture window which now makes the living room lighter and larger looking.  If you know anyone who’s wanting to ditch their landlord, please have them give me a call because there’s no doubt the payment on it would be far less that what they’re forking over in rent every month.

Another full hour of my buyer’s time was wasted today when discovering after he left, the home had already sold shortly before. I knew something was up because of how the listing agent had ignored my phone call, but when I finally got thru to the “go to” assistant, I was given that “I’m so very sorry it just sold.” Really? I’ll wager it was another in-office sale. I bristled a little when she was saying “I’m sorry”, and then “Thank you”, so I interjected, “Thank you? Why should you be saying thank you when you should be saying “Shite happens” and leave it at that.” I just about dropped to my knees when she answered, “I don’t say such naughty words.” Really? Me thinks she must be another who’s self-ordained as being impure thought-less.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never envy another’s spouse, as behind it all lays a living hell.

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