Your Words and Influence will Plant the Seed

Depending where a person was at today, our temps were ranging in the lower to mid and upper 80’s, which is quite unusual considering it’s already the 18th of August. If it were just a day or two, it would be different, but when it’s a daily occurrence, that’s when it’ becomes deeply troubling. Every morning when I’m checking the news, there’s always another fire, flooding, or tropical storms being reported.

Most of my morning was consumed by research on several properties I may possibly be getting listed these coming weeks. Prior to the pandemic, it was pretty easy to come up with reasonable estimates of value, but not so much now because of how erratic our market has become. The big difference between now and then, is my seeing how all the glamoured-up homes with rickety bones are selling far above what they used to.

Back when this “flipping” of homes got started, people were far more wary of inferior workmanship and materials used, but not today, because they’re only looking at what they want to see. In spite of having changed my mindset before our selling season started, I still do throw a few whispers of caution their way. Some listened while others acted as though they hadn’t heard what I said. No problem, because as long as they’re warned by me once, then it’s their babies to live with.

Another big ticket house came on the market today with a whopping $625K price tag on it. After looking at the photos, I’m sure if that home were built today, it would cost well over $700K to build, and only due to the cost of building materials. Since I know the people who own it, I’m now wondering if they’re looking at getting out of Dodge more sooner than later. The both of them are certainly in the retirement age bracket, so maybe they’re now taking advantage of our sellers’ market.

While paging thru the Shopper today, I was shocked when seeing an advertisement in the “Misc. For Sale” section which read verbatim: “LET ME PRAY FOR YOU: Yes I will pray for you. Health, wealth, relationships, etc. $10/mo. Call or text me anytime: xxx-xxx-xxx. Let me help you heal.” I did block the real phone number out.

My first thought was, “Likely the only means of payment would be credit card, and who in their right mind would give a perfect stranger living in Indiana their credit card information?” Secondly, I’m pretty sure that if you have to pay someone to pray for you, their prayers wouldn’t even get past the covers.

Please don’t think me an expert on prayer, but I’ve alway believed selfless praying with no financial strings attached, are usually the ones that bring about change. It’s sort of like the “You give me and I’ll give you.” mentality.

Whenever someone does something for another and then expecting like or more in return, is just another form of attempted control. Too many times I heard people telling me all they did for another, yet forget what the “other” had done for them. It reminds me of schoolyard children always trying to out-best each other with their so-called giving with the many strings attached. Oh how well I remember.

You may think me wicked when saying that every time I’m at a groceteria or convenience store and the clerks asking me if I want to “round” the change due me down to the next dollar, my near-always response is, “No, because anytime someone is put on the spot to give, it does absolutely nothing for the giver.” I sometimes clarify my statement by saying, “The true act of giving, is done freely and selflessly, and above all, with no strings attached.” Just these past five years, I’ve work hard at giving freely of my time and money whenever such opportunities arise, but only if I know there’s nothing in it for me going forward. Make sense?

Oh I absolutely must share an article I read today regarding the Black vultures which I believe are what we have roosting around town. Up until today, I did not know there are vultures that will help the death process along by going after young calves and weak cows. They start the death spiral of those animals by picking at the soft parts of their heads and rear ends until they either bleed to death or die of infection. How horrible!

There are a number of States which are now taking action against them by allowing farmers to shoot them. Just like our growing deer and coyote populations, don’t be surprised if you begin hearing about vulture attacks on our area livestock farms. I’m now wondering if those unwary farmers are believing they were killed by coyotes, instead of a flock of Black vultures. It all makes sense now, because I always thought all the vultures we have here, were turkey vultures, but I’ve seen some of late that don’t have those half-naked turkey necks.

I spent about an hour this afternoon over at a client’s home who’s prepping a home he purchased for re-sale. I’ve done a great deal of good business with that family, so any extra insight I can provide, is always well received. One of them was badly injured several months ago, so it’s been a slower start-to-finish with them, but thankfully they’re taking it all in stride. As chance would have it, they picked the same kitchen flooring another client of mine used in her’s, and it turned out better than she’d expected.

Several late afternoon phone calls came from the owner of my “problem child” closing file, and by the sounds of it, we should be back on track by the end of this week when in receipt of several necessary documents. I can tell you, it’s been nerve-wracking.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of success or failure in the mind of another.

Joe Chodur

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