Re-visiting 207 N. Hampshire

With an early appointment on my calendar, I hurried to office to get myself prepared for it. While on my way, I paid special attention to the condition of various yards I could see while driving. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but again I just can’t believe how lazy some people are growing when looking at the many un-tended landscapes in our City. If you have time some day in the near future, just take a slow drive down the back-alleys of all the blocks surrounding our Downtown, and after you’re finished with that, take each quadrant of our City and work your way outward. After you’re finished, I’m sure you’ll have some stories to share with your familiars. Yes, it’s really that bad.

Just after I got myself settled, my client walked in for a chat about a home he’s been thinking about selling. It’s been an investment property of his for a number of years, and since his age is advancing, he’s seriously thinking about liquidating it. The tenant moved out several months ago, and since then, he’s been cleaning and making repairs on it. In spite of my knowing where it’s located, how big it is, and the over-all square footage, all I could do was give him price points based on recent sales. I could tell he was a bit surprised when seeing what similar homes have sold for these past two years.  By the time he walked out, I was left with the impression he’ll be on a burn to get it readied for market all the sooner.

We did have a nice visit about the old days when I worked for another real estate company which is no longer in business. At that time, he was working with the owner of that office, but oft times I’d get pulled into conversation whenever he was at our office. I’ll have to give him credit regarding how well his real estate investments have worked for him, which is a testimony to what happens when a real estate investor goes the longer term. No matter what anyone says, a person normally doesn’t get rich overnight when it comes to owning real estate in North Iowa.

After he left, I caught myself up on messages and emails, and then changed my clothes and headed out to do some additional paying-forward. Sometimes I just want to go out and spit three times after seeing how supposed “professional” house cleaners, leave the homes they claim to’ve cleaned from top to bottom. After getting a good look at what my client paid good money for, I just sucked it up and went to work at getting it presentable. After about five hours of non-stop cleaning, it was finally starting to look like it was professionally cleaned. When I have more free time, I’ll be back at it for likely another four or five hours. What really fried me, was seeing they’d not even opened the oven door because that’s going to be another two hour job. Oh well, it’s just Ok because I’m sending it all down as another paying-it-forward freebie.

While working away in silence, I began thinking about all these grants that are being applied for, alone with the tax credits being offered to some of these builders. After listening to some comments from our general public, I was not surprised to find them more than unhappy about it, because we’re still not out of the woods with this pandemic, as well as yet to see any sort of light at the end of the tunnel with our struggling businesses. No business owner wants to talk about his or her struggles until it’s time to close their doors, because the general public doesn’t want to hear any sad tales about the stores and restaurants they frequent, as it usually creates a negative back-lash for the owners.

When I arrived back at office, I returned some phone calls, and then went to work at paying some bills that’d been piling up, and since I’d had that good-long thinking time, I reminded myself how terribly thankful I continue to be for having my loyal and faithful buyers and sellers, because if I didn’t, my office doors would’ve been closed years ago, and especially when working in the midst of intense competition. Speaking of competition, I recently brought a few people I know up to speed regarding this so-called “agent ranking” they’re seeing on the internet. They were shocked when hearing there are agents and agencies out there who’re paying for those high rankings. Yes, it’s true.

Of course in our medical community, there are several agents who have inside tracks with doctors and others in their upper echelons who’re either moving to our City, or taking positions elsewhere. Even in our City government, there are those newbies who’re given the “nod” as to which agent they’re quietly encouraged to work with. Yes, it’s quite remarkable when seeing who buys or sells what, from whom in our City. I really wouldn’t call it networking, but rather more-so being locked-in on an inside track.

One who’ll always remain nameless, wasted a great deal of my time when his family arrived on our shores, and the closer they came to making a decision to buy instead of continuing to rent, they suddenly grew distant. Yes, that was one more example of that inside-track gravy train at work. I’ve always considered people who bend to the will of others when making non-job related decisions, only to stay in weak good graces with their employers, in possession of weak characters. Oh well, it’s on them instead of me.

Now don’t get me started on the religious communities because they’re just as bad when it comes to giving the “nod” towards someone they don’t even feel comfortable working with. I always had to laugh to myself whenever they’re be a newbie in the community of faith I belonged to for a number of years, and seeing how miraculously a certain agent would be selling them a home. For sure there was no Divine Intervention going on with those connections. As I’ve said for years, Mason City is NOT a city, but rather a bloated town containing village mentalities who’re steering our boats.

I was re-visiting 207 N. Hampshire today and snapped a new photo of it for tonight’s.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You can’t make a souffle rise twice.

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