A Bygone Age

The morning haze we had was a bit unsettling and especially due to the smell of wood burning in the air. Those fires out West must be something off-worldly to where we can smell the smoke which was created well over a thousand miles away. Pretty scary isn’t it?

I had to make a couple of stops this morning to check on a few vacant homes, along with picking up a sold sign from a property that’ll be closing tomorrow. I also had to take a quick trip to Clear Lake, and unfortunately, I went over there during a their rush hour. I know there’s always a meaning to madness, but I still don’t understand why they had to create those double lanes which turn into turning lanes much farther ahead, and always causing the unwary to start cutting into that single thru-lane. Almost every time I’m on that stretch, there’s someone wanting to cut-in on me because they unknowingly got trapped in that turn-lane.

Just yesterday I read where the DOT will be working on Hwy 65 starting at 6th St. and ending somewhere down towards 27th St. SW. They claim it’ll be finished by 2024 which means they’ll likely start working on it next year. Remember how long they were working on Hwy 122? I’d say it was a good two years, and with them working on one long stretch, they’ll be diverting traffic to single lane. Oh how fun will that be?

We’ve been getting a great deal of activity on my Clear Lake acreage, and one of the prospects is looking pretty good. They’re doing as much investigating as they can regarding the costs for a build-out before they pull the trigger. There’ve been a number of people mentioning how beautiful those ancient Red Cedars are which are bordering its driveway. If only those trees could talk about all that’s happened on that place since they were planted. I mentioned to one of the agents how near-certain that homesite was a very large working farm at one time, and likely one of the first country homes built in that mile. If you had a choice to build on a sprawling section, I’m sure you’d have your home and outbuildings perched on the highest spot, which is where that home is situated. When I have time, I’ll have to go over to the Courthouse and do some research on the first owners of that farm. It wouldn’t surprise me if they owned at least 160 acres surrounding it. The nearest building site on that side of the road, is exactly one mile away. Now that’s what I consider privacy.

Since I had some time to kill around lunchtime, I changed my clothes and went to mow the back of my office, along with another property in need of a haircut. You can bet I took my time due to how high the humidity was, but at least there was a slight breeze. Of course when out in the sun and heat, I almost always wear my Panama hat, just to keep the sun off my face, and nearly always, there’re people taking a second look my way. Now what’s wrong with wearing a Panama? The number of times I’ve worn a baseball hat over these long years, I could count on one hand. For the strangest reason, I just don’t like wearing them. They may keep the sun out of your eyes, but they sure don’t protect the back of your neck. When I was young and working in the gardens, I always wore a wide-brimmed light-reflecting hat. I know I’ve got a few wrinkles, but not nearly as many I see on those who’ve been sun worshippers their entire adult lives.

I now have both of tomorrow’s closing files complete, so that’s all I’ll have to do, is attend a final walk-thru, and head over to two different banks for their closings. My first one will be here in Mason City, and the other will take place in Clear Lake. By the time I’m finished in Clear Lake, it’ll be nearing my lunch hour. I may possibly find a sandwich shop in their Downtown and grab something to go.

Just yesterday I heard that Little Chicago is closing their doors after 17 years in business, and again they’re also attributing their need to close being the lack of good help. It absolutely amazes me how few of our young in America are willing to work in food service. Back in my day, that was usually the first job of a high schooler and normally continued on until they graduated from NIACC, and then having to head off to a four year college to finish their education. Since I was stuck on the farm, I had my own chores to do, and no time for a part-time restaurant job. Let’s hope there’s a resurgence of work ethic in our younger generation.

Another one of my listings went under contract today, and while visiting with the sellers, I couldn’t help mentioning that the sale of their home will be bittersweet for me due to how much I consider them the nicest of people. When they move, there’ll be another void of character that’ll have to be filled. I’ve been diligently working on maintaining my Centrist position in the midst of all these alt-lefties and alt-righties. Of course I had to share my story about a gal who freely passes around bibles in public which I bristle over when knowing we really must maintain our separation of church and State. My mantra has always been, “Believe whatever you want to believe, but don’t start trying to proselytize me.” You can bet in the old days, such actions in public would’ve been deeply scorned.

Tonight’s creepy photo is my reminder of how far we’ve moved away from a bygone age where people raised their own food, made their own clothes and fixed just about anything that was broken without having to call in a third party. Self-sustainment is beginning to make its way back in our society, but we’ve got a long way to go. Now if our general public would get themselves weaned away from all this useless media we’re being bombarded with on a daily basis, we would finally see America becoming great once again.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.

Joe Chodur

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