1910 S. Georgia Ave.

It was quite the beginnings of a wicked-weather day when shortly after my arrival at office, having noticed the sky growing so dark, all the street lights turned on. When getting a better look, one could’ve sworn it suddenly turned twilight. I can imagine how many people had water seeping into their basements after today’s rain. I wouldn’t doubt by the time this rain is finally over, we’ll have received a good three inches. I was happy we didn’t have any damaging winds accompanying those storms that moved thru, but someone mentioned we’re to have even more violent ones during the night, so let’s keep our hatches buttoned down. Yes we need the rain, but not so much all at once because most of it ends up being run-off instead soaking into our soil.

I stuck pretty close to office this morning with various files in need of my attention, but at least I have one ready to close this coming week which will hopefully be another soft-landing. The other two files I was working on, are still in need of legal documentation I’ve been patiently waiting for from a title attorney’s office.

One of my afternoon appointments, was to go out and list 1910 S. Georgia which is very close to Roosevelt School, as well as the other Southeast-side amenities. I’ve already posted it on the various feeds, which I’m hoping will draw out a first-time buyer because that type of home in years past, had always been a person’s “1st” after deciding it was time to migrate towards into home ownership. Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’ll likely go to an investor who’ll turn it into another income producer. Oh well, as much as I’d like to see homes like that being owner-occupied, I can’t crawl into the minds of tenants and convince them to take the plunge. After walking on its carpets in the living room and bedrooms, I was almost certain there are hardwood floors under them which would make that home even more of an investment. It does need some cleaning and sprucing up, but all in all, it’s pretty much ready to go. We have it priced at $62,500 which is at the low end of this year’s available inventory.

I did get a price reduction on 240 – 7th St. SE today, so it’s now priced at $59,500 which as far as I’m concerned, it’s one heck of a bargain considering how well it’s built. One of my dear friends mentioned how much she’s been “taken” by the looks of it, while insisting if she’d come into a windfall sum of money, she’d buy it, and then work on it as her new hobby. I couldn’t help insisting she’s in possession of very good taste. I’ve been in many different styles of homes over the years, and that one when re-skinned, would be an eye-popping beauty.

Unfortunately, nearly all of our society has lost its ability to envision, which I near-fully blame on our medias. There’ve been many times of late where I’ve had to slowly re-ignite a given buyer’s candle of imagination, and a few stubborn ones turning into daunting tasks, but after finally seeing “vision” in their eyes, it was worth it. Nearly all of us were born with such mental tools, but unfortunately our medias have turned the bulk of our masses into passive spectators.

It appears our market is still grinding along, so perhaps I’ll have another one of my listing under contract before the weekend arrives. There’s been some strong activity on 515 S. Vermont which has come as no surprise, and happy if it ends up being one of them. That home’s enduring quality is one more testament to R. P. Hanson’s ability to create long-lasting beauties that’ve survived all the faddish styles since they were built. I received a call from an agent who showed it today saying of all the homes she showed her buyers, that one was by far, at the top of their list. My only answer was, “Bring me an offer with an accompanying pre-approval letter before it sells to someone else.”

After visiting with a seller today, I now have an appointment to list a building site tomorrow which will likely sell quickly due to its pricing and location. The buildings are junk, but oh how beautiful those five acres of old-growth trees appear. There’s a line of ancient red cedars likely over a 100 years old, as I can always tell by the size of their very slow-growing trunks.

While I was out there late this afternoon taking photos which I’ll have posted tomorrow evening, I snapped the above, of that late-afternoon storm moving into our area. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive home soon enough before it started pouring down rain.  While looking at that photo, I was reminded how some of our rural areas are filled with oceans of corn, miles of gravel roads and those ever-present electric lines as reminders that humans still do live in the country. Kinda creepy-cool isn’t it?

It looks like most of our temporary outdoor garden centers have closed up for the season, but’ll likely return with a few fall flowers and possibly some evergreen trees that’ll winter-over better than those planted during our Summer months. I still can’t believe a news reporter asking a man that’s been planting trees, when was the best time to plant them, and his response being, “In the Summer.” Any educated landscaper would fully dis-agree by saying, “In the late Fall.” Oh well, he must know something they don’t.

I now in shock when realizing we’re in mid-July. Where has our Summer gone? It seems every year around this time, I begin asking myself what I’d accomplished since Spring arrived. I’ll have admit I’ve been more side-lined with other real estate related duties than normally, so I guess my own personal projects had to patiently wait until I had free time. As most realize, our jobs come first when knowing they’re what bring home our bacon, keep our lights burning and safe roofs over our heads.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You’ve got to think about big things while doing small things, just so all the little things move in the right direction.

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