The Lasting Legacy

Welcome to the fiery month of July which for those back in the pre-Christian times, was the month where the sun burned brighter, which nurtured the growth of their life-sustaining crops, and in the end, allowing them to have enough food to make it thru those cold winter months. With the pagan practices of celebrating the solstice of summer, ushered in what they believed to be the period of fertility and plenty. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could snap our fingers and go back in time where we could experience first-hand, the types of celebrations they were having all over middle and northern Europe. You can bet they had many different gods and forms of making-merry, and if I’m not mistaken, there were even human sacrifices made on the solstice. Ok, I’ll make a change in my thoughts about being there by saying, “I’d like to be invisible and perched on a tall tree’s limb, just to have a birds-eye view of it all.” Of course I would have to be equipped with a device that would translate their primitive languages into English. It’s sort of interesting we celebrate the 4th of July with great gusto, which happens to be only about 13 days past their days and nights of merriment.

It was another “follow the bouncing ball” day with all the little chores I had on my plate, and one of them was to drive over to Clear Lake and place open house signs at 404 S. 9th St. which I’ll be hosting open this Saturday. I figured I might as well have one since there’ll be so many more people enjoying their weekend festivities. We had it under contract once, so the second time should be the charm.

While driving back, I once again noticed how much scrap metal is being either moved by rail, or by truck to and from our area scrap yards. I was just informed yesterday that scrap copper is now bringing $3.75 per pound at the scrap yards, which is a pretty tall price. The unfortunate thing about scrap copper prices going up, are the greater incentives it creates for our drug-addicted thieves to steal it when and wherever they can, so if they should manage to steal 25 pounds of it in one night, that’d be somewhere around $150.00 they’d be able to spend on drugs the next day. As many companies there are in North Iowa looking for help, you’d think they’d get a real job and earn enough money to feed their dirty habits, and from what I’ve heard, there aren’t that many companies with strict drug-testing guidelines. They may say they do, but most times they turn their heads from it, just because they’re that desperate for help. There’ve been some clerks in convenience stores looking to be “partakers”, which may now sound mean by me saying it, but I think my observations are closer to the truth.

Too much of my time today was spent trying to chase down the executor of an estate, just so I could get signatures on some necessary documents. I keep insisting on that sale closing on time, and if there’s any sort of hiccup on it, I’m gonna be after it with a vengeance. I did finally reach the party and scheduled an appointment tomorrow morning for signing. That listing has been my problem child for far too long.

The highlight of my day, was having the opportunity to list 515 S. Vermont here in Mason City which is by far, one of the most well-built homes in North Iowa. As most of our “natives” know, S. Vermont is one of the prettiest streets in our City, and if you don’t believe me, take a slow-drive down it. Just today, I mentioned to one of my colleagues my having never had a problem selling homes on that street, so hopefully I’ll still be batting a hundred.

R. P. Hanson is the person who built that home, and since he’s been gone from this world for many years, most people have no idea who he was. Well, I can tell you for sure, he was the most particular builder in our City, and the lasting legacy he’s left for us, are the many strong, stately and enduring homes he built for others. He was a Northern European immigrant who brought with him the know-how to build quality homes. Fortunately, he had a competitor named Michal Haaheim who arrived here from Germany, and also built similar quality homes, so I believe the reason they were both so very successful, is that they forced each other to maintain those high European standards. Now you see, competition can be a very good thing.

If you have time, please take a look at the photos I posted of 515 S. Vermont, as well as giving my description a good read. Back when it was on the market some years ago, I was exceptionally impressed at that time by it’s quality of construction and design. Of course my favorite feature, is its circle floor plan which always makes for fewer steps, along with there no being “trapped” in the kitchen, dining room, living room or hallway in that home. I’ll be shocked if it’s still on the market come next Friday. I’d wager if someone were to build that home today, they’d be spending well over a half million dollars, and still not have the quality of construction. Yes, I could definitely see myself living in that gem. Please spread the word with family and friends.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria, and wouldn’t you know, there were crowds of people buying supplies for their 4th of July gatherings. I almost walked back out, but figured I might as well be patient like all the others. While standing there and looking around, I’d say they’re also having problems keeping help which caused me to remember my having stopped there early one morning, and noticing a woman at the register being a good eighty-something, and by the looks of her, she has some lingering health issues. Now tell me, what are all those in our younger crowd doing, and especially the high school and college students who’re now in break? Let’s hope they’re not on their bellies playing video games on their smartphones, because if they are, our society is going to be in line for a crude awakening.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Neither comprehension nor learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety.

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