The Aftermath

Another racehorse day came and went with my stacked appointment being nearly back-to-back. In spite of the hectic pace, I dare say my day ended up being a remarkable one, but unfortunately the humidity and heat this afternoon didn’t allow for much if any pleasant time outdoors.

I was wondering if our market has become even more intense due to the two listing files of mine having offers on them in less than 24 hours and requiring short response times. Both properties did get sold, but not without there being some hard feelings from those who were also wanting to buy them. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to remind other Realtors, as well as buyers and even sometimes sellers, the fact that when we have a great deal of interest in a property by more than one buyer, all I end up being, is nothing more than a glorified messenger. Over these many years I’ve heard horror stories about how some Realtors had considered themselves in the driver’s seat with either their buyers or sellers, which I’ve always considered wrong because no matter what anyone says, educated and informed buyers and sellers are the ones steering their own “boats”. What really gets a bit sticky, is when a listing agent is also representing the buyers. I’ve always likened my experiences with consensual dual agency as me being a tight-rope walker carrying a balance pole, and on either ends sit the buyers and sellers, and to get safely to the other side, which I consider the closing, I must keep the two of them in balance just so all three of us don’t fall. Make sense?

Most times when visiting with sellers during pre-listings, I will talk about such things, as well as what to look out for during showings and subsequent offers. I also speak about what their thoughts may possibly be when an offer does come in that’s filled with language which could negatively affect the final sales and closings of their homes. I do that prior to listing, just so they’re up to speed with the dynamics of offers and counter-offers.

Besides having another closing with two of the most charming seniors, I also showed two homes to several buyers I just started working with several days ago. Since they’ve not been in the home-buying arena for a number of years, these past two days have been a good learning experience for them, and thankfully they’re getting themselves up to speed with what to look for whenever viewing a home, and especially while walking thru those that’ve been “lipsticked” for higher prices and quicker sales. I’m definitely one who emphasizes the importance of quality in construction because if a home doesn’t have good bones, then it’ll be a constant battle with upkeep and maintenance.

As much as I was hoping to get one of my listing sold to a young gentleman whom I’d just started working with, the timing just wasn’t in his favor because when there’s an acceptable offer on the table from another buyer having all his or her financial ducks in a row, any reasonable seller would say, “Sell it”. We must always keep in mind that a bird in hand, is worth two in the bush. I’ll now be even more on the hunt for a home that’ll fit his needs. We are indeed in the midst of a seller’s market, and to the degree I’ve never experienced during my long years of selling homes in North Iowa.

As much as I was wanting to get some office accounting done today, about all I had time for, was to pay several banks a visit, which means I’ll be at office tomorrow morning all the earlier to get it accomplished before the phones start ringing.

My mid-afternoon appointment was with two of the most charming young people who’ve always lifted my spirits and brightened my day whenever I’ve been around them. They’re moving in the direction of getting their home listed so they can then move forward and purchase a home of their dreams. They’ve done an excellent job thus far in the rearing of their young, along with the furthering of their careers, and believe me, I couldn’t be happier for them. Believe it or not, I was even a little teary-eyed before walking out. Yes, they’re all-around darned good folks. Gee, I’m wonder now if they’d be up for cloning due to our growing lack of such mindsets in our City.

While on my way back to office from an appointment on the east side of our City on Hwy 122, and just as I was driving west past the St. Joseph’s Church “hill”, I could see in the distance, a growing cloud of what looked like smoke coming from behind Zilge’s Appliance building. As I drove closer, the cloud grew larger to the point where it was darkening the highway. I decided to turn off on S. Delaware and park in that vacant parking lot across the street, just to be a safe-distance from that jaw-dropping scene.

Believe it or not, I was only seconds away from the collapse of a huge section of the brick parapet that had broken away and fallen from the rooftop of that big building located at the corner of Hwy 122 and S. Federal which has the address of 503 S. Federal.
Never in my life have I been that close to something happening so dangerous to human life. It was a blessing there weren’t any people or vehicles in that alleyway when it happened because they would’ve been killed by the impact of that many bricks falling from three stories.

I got out of my car and walked close enough to snap the above photo of the aftermath which continued to send chills down my spine. I can only imagine what’s going thru the mind of its owner right now, because that’s going to be one big mess to clean up, and then having to do something about making the roof on that building watertight. When knowing a little more about brickwork on old buildings, it will not surprise me if those repairs will cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars. Yes, that building is one big boy. That unfortunate happening will forever be hard-coded in my memory bank.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Education is all a matter of building bridges.

Joe Chodur

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