Climbing and Vining

It was another scorcher today with the higher temps and humidity, but at least we did get some much-needed rain late this afternoon. Our landscapes are now looking a bit surrealistic with our browned lawns backdropped by green trees and verdant undergrowth. I know there’s not much we can do about our lawns, and for sure none of us should be wasting water by trying to keep our grass green, as there’s nothing to worry about because it will grow back.

This has sure been one hectic week with listings and sales, and just to let you all know, I listed 518 N. Pennsylvania this afternoon at a whopping-low price of $42,900. When comparing that home to all the other cheapies that’ve sold for more this past year, I’d say it’ll make one heck of a first home for those looking to get out from under the yoke of their landlords. It’s truly in move-in condition. Considering how low the interest rates are right now, it would only make long-term financial sense to buy instead of rent. If you have a few minutes, take a look at the photos where you’ll find it in darned good shape for the price.

Once gain my day was filled with getting my new listing posted everywhere online, completing the last few needed tweaks of closings which’ll be taking place the first of this next week, and then preparing for my public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st. With all the compliments received on the open house advertisement I place in the Shopper, I’m having a creepy-cool feeling there’ll be a number of prospects in attendance. My take on this sudden interest, is our seniors in North Iowa having finally realized those units are a better investment than buying into all the others we have in our area. Good Shepherd does an excellent job at keeping the owners happy and the building in tip-top shape. I continue to bow to their diligent efforts.

We’ve only had one showing so far on 240 – 7th St. SE which surprises me a little, but I’m still going to remain confident it’ll get sold soon. As far as I’m concerned, that home really needs to be purchased by an owner-occupant who’s more than willing to turn it back into a storybook home. There’s a unity of design and function in it which is rarely found in that low of a price range.

One of the tenants living above the building next door to my office, must’ve purchased a home thru one of my competitors because she was using their little moving van which has all their advertisement plastered all over it. I couldn’t help laughing to myself when seeing the way it which they were loading it. I’ve helped with moves in the past, and they way in which they were randomly placing their items, was a recipe for broken personals and scratched furniture.

When I got back from lunch, I noticed the gal trying to pull the accordion door down which must’ve needed a good oiling, so I yelled over “Give it a good jerk!”. For heaven’s sake, I couldn’t believe she gave me a dirty look. My how touchy our general public has grown. If it were me, I would’ve smiled back with an “Ok, I will.” That dirty look was yet one more confirmation of how touchy people have become to where they can’t even take a light joke without thinking they’re being personally attacked. Now if were of a wicked mind, I would’ve said, “By the looks of it, this move is your first.”

While out getting docs signed with a seller, we touched on that very subject regarding how sensitive and tribal our society has become to where we have to weigh every word before it comes out of our mouths. Since my seller is exceptionally well-read and up to speed on current events, she was mirroring my thoughts about this constant dissemination of fake news by our not so friendly countries, and especially China and Russia. I also mentioned having recently read where China has openly declared an information war with our United States. Most don’t know they have an entire cyber army living in gated city who’re on their computers day in and day out.

What really gets me about such governments, is the absolute control they want to have on the minds and bodies of their citizens to where they’re being constantly watched and monitored by sophisticated surveillance systems. Now tell me. Is that any way a person would want to live their lives. It’s no wonder all the many Chinese and Russians would jump at the chance to be living in the European Union or here in the United States. Every time I see or hear people in our society taking advantage of our freedoms just to further their own hidden agendas, I think they should be shipped to China or Russia for a good 12 months, just so they could have a good taste of what totalitarian societies are like. In spite of all the external pressures, I’ll still push forward with my centrist beliefs.

Another thing we talked about, was this idiotic business of the Catholic Bishops in our Country wanting to bar President Biden from taking communion as a kicking-back to his policy on abortion. Really? What ever happened to the separation of Church and State which has worked for hundreds of years? The concept of using one’s religious beliefs as a platform for getting votes, is openly shameful. Oh could I tell stories about some of the religious garbage that’s come out of the mouths of a few Realtors over the years. While driving up to my Fertile appointment this afternoon, a knee-jerk response of a now deceased Realtor came to mind. I can still hear that agent saying, “We’re just gonna let God decide.” I wish I could’ve seen the look on my face the first time it was said to me as a response to my question regarding an offer I’d just delivered. Yes, and they’re still out there working the crowd with their clinging, climbing and vining overly-pious words which in the end, choke off our sensibilities. Yes, it’s a very sick way in which they go about getting what they want, and believe me, it has nothing to do with religion.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s impossible to have a positive life with a negative mind.

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