My New Listing at 240 – 7th St. SE

As busy as I’ve been this week, it was seeming more like a Friday instead of a hump day. Oh well, it’s just Ok my workload has increased, because it’s telling me that I’m making headway with new listings and sales. Oh and by the way, I purposely counted the homes that are now under contract but haven’t yet closed in our MLS, and to my shock, there are 94 homes in our pipeline of sales. Once again, there’re are several of our tip-top producers who’re going to be raking in huge sums of commission again this year, yet I’m still unable to fathom what I’d be doing with that kind of coin. Oh well, money isn’t everything, which indeed cannot buy lasting happiness. Right?

The sale that went far over 40 days past it’s original closing date, finally came to fruition, and believe me, I was very glad when I pulled my sold sign and drove off. I’m still deeply disappointed in the selling agent and that buyer’s lender for allowing that to drag on so long. They both took the easy road by blaming it all on the buyer, but I think it had just as much to do with their not keeping it moving along. If I had a so-called “slow-moving” buyer like that, you can be sure I’d be on the phone every day until I got what I needed.

After it closed, I drove with closing statement and proceeds check in hand, out to the assisted living facility where my seller is now residing, just so I could hand-deliver it to him. Of course another reason I went, was to have another good visit with that kind and gentle man. It was from him I purchased that chimney cabinet I now have in my office’s water closet. After visiting with him and his good friend, I bid them farewell, and promised to at least try to stop by for a visit whenever in the area.

When I arrived back at office, I returned a call to one of my sellers who asked that I list a property that’s in his mother’s estate, so I agreed to meet with him after lunch. Since I already had most of the forms filled-out, our meeting didn’t take that long. While he was walking out I said, “We’ll see if it goes under contract as fast as all the many others of these lower-priced homes have been selling this year.”

As soon as he left, I grabbed the file on it, and headed over to 240 – 7th St. SE to take photos and get room measurements. Upon entering, I was once again smitten by it’s delightfully unique floor plan which we rarely find in North Iowa. I absolutely love kitchen staircases which makes more sense because they’re conveniently placed where the kitchen is usually the first and last room we’re in before heading up to bed.

I checked under the carpets, and relieved when finding hardwood floors present which if and when those rugs would be completely removed, and those oak floors refinished, the character of the home would have a drastic change for better. I didn’t measure the ceilings, but I’m certain they’re at least nine feet tall.

Because that home is in an very old district of our City, and after having a good look at those rough-saw floor joists in the basement, but yet the foundation being poured concrete, I started my search for a square nail down there. Well, I found one in a hidden corner, which indicated that home was built prior to 1882 because that’s when they stopped making them. In a nutshell, that home was likely moved onto its present site back when our Downtown was expanding, and in those by-gone days, those homes didn’t get torn down like they do today, but rather moved by strong teams of horses and placed on new foundations. Aren’t we all getting terribly wasteful with this scraping-off of well-built homes in the name of progress? Keep in mind, today’s listing was built out of old-growth lumber which is infinitely stronger that today’s matchsticks.

I won’t be posting the above pictured 240 – 7th St. SE in our MLS until early tomorrow morning due to my not wanting to be pestered by texting agents tonight, and believe me, I’ve been getting some awfully late ones which I’ve been finding terribly inconsiderate. Unlike many, I don’t have my cellphone strapped around my neck 24/7. Don’t you think we must all have our quiet times for re-generative purposes?

Now if you know anyone who’s looking for a fun project at a bargain basement price of $62,500, please have them give me a call so I can schedule a showing. If that diamond in the rough isn’t sold by the weekend, then our market is beginning to slow. I’m so much taken by it, that if I didn’t already have an overload of projects on my plate, I’d be buying it as my own pet restoration project. There are so many unique features about it I’ve not seen before, and especially the detailed concrete work which I’ll have to sketch before it closes. Whomever created it, was a master in my book. I’ve already posted the photos and details on my website and Facebook page, so have a good look.

Let’s hope we do get that forecasted rain tomorrow morning, because if we don’t, there’ll be more garden watering to be done. Those vile deer have been poking around in my veggies again. Ugh! Oh, I forgot to mention the deer topic I had with my seller’s friend this morning. He already knew how much I despise those creatures, yet he insisted that if he grilled me a deer steak, I wouldn’t know the difference. My kick-back was, “Oh yes I would because I can smell their disgusting meat a mile away, so no thank you very much!” I know he said that just to get me riled-up again. Yes, even if deer meat was the only animal protein to be had, I’d permanently baptize myself a hard-core vegetarian. I’ve come to believe the bad taste I have for deer, is a genetic pre-disposition because both my parents refused to eat their meat. I’m still waiting for a cat and dog food factory to open up in North Iowa which would specialize in creating yummy road-kill recipes for our kitties and pooches. I can see it now, “Road Kill Canteen”.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Knowing trees, I can understand the meaning of patience, and by knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.

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