Bidding Wars

These exceptionally warm days are turning into something a-kin to “Ground Hog Day” where they all start out the same, and finish on a similar note. They’re predicting a possibility of rain tonight, but it sure doesn’t feel or smell like rain’s a-coming. There’s no doubt many of our citizens have no idea how widespread this drought is affecting nearly the entire western half of our Nation. I’m sure many of those who’ve moved back here from the Phoenix area, are glad they have considering the water shortages they’ll be faced with if this global warming/climate change isn’t soon turned around.

My first appointment of the day was to do a second final walk-thru on the home we then closed later. Thank goodness the sellers stepped up to the plate and got their home looking more presentable than it appeared yesterday afternoon. All I can say, is they must’ve had a whole troop of people helping them to move and clean. After walking out with my buyers, I mentioned that if that home were vacant and appearing as it did this morning, it would’ve easily sold for thousands more. I’m just glad it went to someone very deserving of such a well-built home being located on one of Mason City’s prettiest of streets. Yes, we did have a soft-landing at closing where everyone was happy.

The next “to do” on my day’s list, was to call one of my sellers and talk about a lender’s requiring the fixing of her garage door along with making several small wiring updates. She was receptive as well as understanding of the situation to the point of giving me the authority to get those repairs ordered. As soon as I got off the phone, I placed calls to both Mason City Overhead Door company and Blazek Electric to set times for them to get those repairs made.

Mason City Overhead Door was the first to respond, so I met one of their technicians at her home just after lunch. It didn’t take him but 10 minutes to figure out what was wrong, which was a minor adjustment to the garage door opener which met the lender’s requirement. I asked him to give me a bill, and to my surprise he said, “Forget it.” I was so much impressed by his generosity of time, I assured him I would refer anyone needing anything having to do with an overhead door, directly to his company. I’ve had other good experiences with them, but today’s was a real confirmation of their high customer service standards.

Shortly before listing my mother’s home for sale, I ordered a new garage door from them, and the door was just what I’d ordered, its installation was great, and there were no issues with it afterwards. When the gentleman came to look at it, he even said the existing opener was still in good working order and a waste of my mother’s money to replace it. Just think how many other companies are trying to over-sell their goods and services in our community which I’ve always considered shameful. Like I’ve said many times, if it ain’t broken, don’t try fixing or replacing it.

Blazek Electric finally did call back, and after explaining the problem, he agreed to have a worker over there on Tuesday. Knowing how prompt they are, I’ll not be worrying over a no-show or cancellation. I know that supervisor must think me a sidewalk electrician when telling him what materials they’ll be needing to fix it. He’s a good chap, and does enjoy the little chats we have about the happenings in our City. Most in the general public are ignorant to how careful I am about referring different companies, as for sure if one wouldn’t fulfill an agreement, it would reflect on me and my company.

Having noticed a new listing on the market, I text a buyer I’ve been working with, and then called the agent and asked if I could do a quick run-thru due to his not having taken any interior photos. He agreed, so I went over and did my quick inspection.

The home has been in that family for over 60 years, and for the most part, it was like stepping back in time when walking thru it. The kitchen was about the only room that’d been updated in a modern fashion, while the rest of the home was very much in the same condition it likely was back when they took title. It does have some exceptionally beautiful woodwork, and likely un-damaged hardwood floors under those old carpets. The only thing I considered being a bit of a turn-off, was its low-ceiling basement which appeared far too damp for these dry days. That encapsulated rock wall was troubling.

I did relay my opinion about it to the buyer, so it looks like I’ll be showing it tomorrow afternoon. What bristled me the most, was getting another text back from the listing agent saying something like, “We are accepting offers until noon on Monday, and recommending highest and best from all interested parties.” Oh how I’m beginning to despise these new schemes sellers and Realtors are dreaming up to promote bidding wars. First of all, I felt the listing price was plenty-high when considering its location, as well as the amount of cosmetic work it needs. Truth be told, I’d buy 114 – 11th St. NE in a New York second before I’d even think of making one on a house like that. After they’ve looked at it tomorrow, I’m going to push them to at least let me walk them thru 114 – 11th St. NE, because it shows better in person than in my photos, and certainly offering a much more useable as well as “rock-solid” basement. Wish me luck.

With an hour to kill, I ran over to First Baptist Church to familiarize myself all the more with their organ. I’m still in shock how beautiful its tones are, and when finished, I went to the Pastor’s office and shared a few small problems it has which wouldn’t be that costly to fix. I also agreed to play for them on an “on-call” basis, so at least I freely offered. Upon return to office, I did pull enough “soft” hymns to play for that half-hour prior to the actual funeral which they’d requested. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I don’t deserve any credit for turning the other cheek, as my tongue is always in it.

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