Battered and Beaten

Yet another early up-and-out happened again this morning, and mostly due to my wanting to get my yard sign and lockbox installed at my new listing at 104 Lake Street in Fertile before the morning traffic began turning heavy and our climbing sun making it all the hotter. It was a pleasant early drive up to their sleepy little town which is only a short jaunt to either Forest City or Clear Lake. When driving past the Winnebago River, my thoughts of stopping, taking off my shoes, rolling up my pant-legs, and going for a cool walk along its banks, which quickly turned into but a fleeting thought, and definitely not practical for my day’s many duties.

Upon arrival, I planted my sign and installed the lockbox, and then did another walk-thru before heading back. On my way, I paid closer attention to the fields of corn and soybeans, and in more than one field, I noticed a farmer having replanted his soybeans, and most likely due to that frost we had at the end of May. I wish I had my camera with me to take a photo of a whole herd of Black Angus cows and calves up to their bellies in the water of a meandering creek. Being as black as Angus’ are, they’re certainly a sponge for heat, and by the looks of them this morning, they were a-suffering.

Since I was out on the west-side of our City, I figured it best to stop at Fleet Farm and run my car thru their carwash since their bays were empty. After driving thru, I stopped and gave the inside of it a good vacuuming. It seems no matter how much a person pays for a wash, there are always those missed spots which have to be rubbed out. Oh well, what does one expect when relying on machines to wash a car.

When finally getting myself settled for the day, it was time for me to show four homes to a buyer who’s becoming all the more disgruntled over there not being anything suitable for her and family in the price range she’s in. Three of the four, reeked of animal upon entrance, along with signs of long-term abuse and filth. Fortunately the last one being my listing over at 142 – 15th St. NW, the most promising on her list for the day. I’m hoping she’ll call back for a second look because that home is a rock-solid diamond in the rough.

Since it was approaching lunchtime after I finished showing those homes, I decided to head over to a drive-thru and pick up something small for lunch. Fortunately, they weren’t backed up like they normally are, which meant more people were staying out of today’s heat. I grabbed what I wanted and headed back for a doctored-up sandwich which was just enough to carry me thru the rest of my day.

My afternoon was also a busy one with setting appointments for other Realtors to show my listings, driving over to the homes of several clients to get signatures on bank-required documents, and then my last stop being a meeting with the owners of 1724 S. Kentucky to get a price reduction signed. We now have it listed at $199,500 which was a near $20K drop in price. Just for everyone’s information, the only reason that home hasn’t sold, is because one corner of its attached garage is in the flood district, which automatically pulled the whole house into requiring flood insurance, and being prohibitively high should its buyer in need of a loan. Yes, that’s the catch, because if a buyer would pay cash, the insurance wouldn’t be required, but getting a loan on it would. I told the sellers today, that our best bet in getting it sold, is our finding a cash buyer.

Nos offering my personal opinion, I continue to insist our national flood insurance to be a joke when looking at what it covers, and what it doesn’t. In the end, if you buy in a flood district and in need of bank financing, you’re doubling-up on insurance by having to have homeowner’s insurance, and then their grossly over-priced flood insurance. The crazy thing about that particular site, is knowing they only had water in their lower level 2 times in the near half century they’ve lived there, and nothing to the degree where there was many thousands of dollars damage done. Go figure.

Upon my return to office, I finished loading more information into the cyber-universe regarding my new listing at 104 Lake St. in Fertile. It came as no surprise when receiving two calls on it. One was from another Realtor wanting to show it today, and the other from a buyer who’s been waiting for it to hit our market.

If you should happen to know anyone looking for a solid starter home, have them give me a call. The 30 x 24 heated and insulated garage that goes with it, would cost upwards of $40K to build in today’s market, which means that if you’d pay $20K more, a cozy home would be included. Take a look at its interior photos, and you’ll agree it’s a cutie. What I like the most about its location, is a person could be sitting outside while watching the movements of the Winnebago River which is only a block away.

The late after showing I had scheduled at 104 Lake Street went very well, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that young man calls tomorrow to make an offer on it. All I asked, was for him to sleep on it, and if still interested, to call his banker in the morning just to confirm his ability to get a mortgage loan. Homes in that particular price range are hard to come by, and usually all battered and beaten from tenant abuse.

On my way back from Fertile, I stopped at a groceteria in Clear Lake and picked up a few things before heading home. I did notice they had whole frozen ducks for sale, so I purchased one, and while getting checked out I said to their cashier, “I’m going to get all “quacked up” tonight. Her clever comeback was, “I thought you already were.” Too funny.

Tonight’s One-liner is: True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain, but also being moved to help relieve it.

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