Don’t go There!

What seemed to be another quiet early Saturday morning in our Downtown, soon grew into a crowd of loud cars, lingering drivers and abdominous pedestrians. Without notice, streets were being blocked-off and signs posted saying, “Car Show Today” with directional arrows. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much until the “street rods” started rolling past my office, and nearly muffler-less to the point where their noise was rattling my windows. Now tell me, who in their right mind would want to own one of those beasts? The high decibel count coming from those motors would be enough to drive me to a secluded mountaintop. Oh well, they had their fun out in today’s scorching sun, so good for them. I was once again relieved they don’t have their gathering but once a year.

My first errand of the day, was to take my arrowed tents signs over near my open house at 114 – 11th St. NE, check on the house, and then return to office where I had hours of desk work waiting for me.

Before burying myself in paperwork, I made a quick trip to the bank and post office, and upon return, I began my tedious monthly task. With the large block of time I had free, I not only paid all bills I had on hand, but also went ahead and balanced check books, along with making numerous journal entries. I did happen to make one mistake in a checking account last month, but I immediately realized what I’d done, so I fixed it and moved onward.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the time had passed when looking at the clock and seeing it was a half-hour before I had to be at my open house, so I quickly finished-up the last of it and put it all away for another month. My having been able to get all checkbooks and accounting finished in one sitting, was a rare occurrence. I’ll have to remember to reserve bigger blocks of time in the future, just so I can get it all accomplished at once.

Much to my disappointment, there wasn’t one soul in attendance at my open house, and glad I did bring something to read which kept me from falling asleep from boredom. I actually brought more than one “read”, just so I could switch over to something else if whatever other I’d carried with me grew tiring.

The other “read” I had with me, was a flower catalog which for the strangest of reasons, was sent to me without my having ordered it. What caught my eye, was finding a perennial I’d planted when very young, but in later years, I couldn’t recall its name, and never seeing it in garden centers or catalogs. As chance would have it, that company sells its seeds. At first glance at the photo of its flower, I wasn’t sure if it was the same thing, but after reading its description, it was the one, so this coming week, I’m going to order a packet of their seeds. They won’t be blooming the first season, but every year thereafter, they’ll be offering-up some memorable grins and sentimental thoughts.

After picking up my open house signs and driving down the street, I just happened to notice a familiar face out mowing, so I pulled up to the curb and had a very nice chat with him. For whatever reason, we somehow got on the subject of entities, poltergeists, and inexplicable happenings in homes.

Since he had me on a roll with a few incidents, I pulled out the “big gun” by sharing my true story regarding a poltergeist I encountered at an acreage some years ago. As I was relaying the story, I could tell he was listening more closely, as well as showing a few tell-tale signs of fear, but what really got him, was when I ended it with my adding my having driven past that once abandoned and overgrown acreage, parked by the side of that gravel road near it’s driveway, and just as I was preparing to step over a log chain that was attached to a post on either side to keep people from driving in, a voice inside my head sternly screamed, “Don’t go there!” To think five or six years later, I unknowingly ended up listing it for sale, and only because it was completely cleaned-up and my having arrived from an opposite direction when I went there to meet the new owner. It wasn’t until about two weeks later when I’d discovered it was the same, “Don’t go there!” acreage.

After finished up my tale from the dark side, my familiar-faced homeowner was definitely feeling what I went thru, and then added, “I think I’m going to have a nightmare tonight, and thank you very much.” Yes, that particular true story was dark enough to give just about anyone goosebumps.

When I arrived back at office, I sat down at my out-of-tune office piano and ran thru the music I’m scheduled to play tomorrow morning over at St. Paul Lutheran. Several of them are filled with syncopation, but I believe they’ll be acceptable enough as long as I’m able to hear the congregation singing over the voice of their pastor. Just this week I received one of the nicest thank you cards from one of their members. It’s always heart-felt whenever getting a note of appreciation when stepping out of one’s comfort zone and freely giving to others. If I see her tomorrow, I’ll have to thank her.

The first stop on my way home, was at a groceteria to pick up a few things I needed, and just as I was heading to a check-out, I noticed someone out of my past standing there with her shopping cart, and due to a number of selfish past choices she made which affected me, I circled the aisles until she left. I really wasn’t in the mood for an encounter with her on this very hot day. After getting a good look, I’d say she must’ve joined a weight-gain program during this pandemic. I was in so much shock, I had to look twice to confirm it was her I was actually looking at. In a kind way of putting it, she’s now become quite zaftig.

I also stopped at Fleet Farm to buy two replacement pots of cucumbers which were frosted last week. My how their plants are now suffering from this heat.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Fear is the foundation of safety.

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