Wed-reception Meatballs

It was another early-out this morning with a list of things I needed to get accomplished before noon arrived. Being in need of gas, I stopped to get a fill-up, and while standing at the pump, I was noticing all the young workers pulling up to its building, running in and grabbing something for their so-called breakfasts, and back in their cars and trucks. I’ve been amazed at how the numbers have grown with this new form of “breakfasting on the road” in recent years, which leaves me wondering if there are any workers who actually eat breakfast at home. It was drilled into our heads for years that breakfast was the most important meal of our day, but when looking at all the starchy, sugary and salty pre-cooked and packaged garbage they’re shoving down their gullets, it’s no wonder so many of our young are frightfully abdominous. Unfortunately they don’t realize how much money they’ve wasted, as well as the added health problems they’re promoting.

Not so many years ago, our fast food restaurants didn’t even serve breakfasts, and the only place you could get one besides at home, was at a breakfast diner where at least you knew your eggs were fresh-cooked, and toast coming right out of a toaster. Keep in mind, back then, usually both parents worked, yet still made time to make breakfast at home. Back when I was growing up, breakfast was an absolute must before leaving the house. In those days, I was a connoisseur of eggs, and so much so, I’m still fully aware of poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, over-easy, scrambled and those partially boiled ones with their soft yolks which were my favorite. It takes some practice, but oh how good they are on buttered toast when they turn out just right. I’m not sure whatever happened to my metal egg cup, but oh how the memories are now rolling forward in my mind.

I was teasingly sharing a story with one of my old clients about how finicky I was when young to where I had to have my favorite setting of silverware, my preferred plate, and of course my own tea and coffee cup, and if they weren’t there, I’d be up from the table and digging in cabinets and drawers looking for them. When you think about breakfasts being our most important meal, we should also have all peripherals and tools to make it an even better start of our workday. It makes me smile to myself now when thinking about my many pleasant morning experiences. I’m wondering what sort of memorable breakfasts our younger crowd will be sharing with their own children. Isn’t it so sad?

Believe it or not, 1707 S. Federal Ave. was officially closed today, and you can be sure I’m feeling very relieved over it. That listing was one of my more difficult, which was another example of how toxic out brick and mortar buildings have become in today’s market. Unless there’d be a buyer with a niche-market plan, they continue to remain on the market until they’re at bargain basement prices. While doing our final walk-thru this morning and visiting with the buyers about their start-up, I’m going to remain confident they’ll have a good business as long as they stay on track with their end vision.

As chance would have it, the Globe Gazette building located at 300 N. Washington also closed today at a whopping discount of $300K. Now that was an unusual drop from its listing price of $599K. Whenever seeing such half-priced sales reported, I become internally angered with the listing agents for not pricing them appropriately in the first place, and of course, it was one of our “rental barons” who swooped in and purchased it.

I’m now wondering where their call center is located, or if all their so-called “reporters” are now working from home. You’d think they’d have to have some sort of walk-in storefront where people can go to pay their bills. I’m sure many of you think I have an axe to grind with that newspaper, yet not at all, yet not even the least bit saddened when hearing they’re still chronically bleeding from loss of subscribers. Perhaps all their mean-spirited and lopsided reportings they’ve done over the years, which scarred the lives of many good people, is finally coming home to roost. In my core of cores, I’m a die-hard believer that if you intentionally say or do something undeserving regarding another, it comes back on you two-fold. Between the regular reports and their so-called “guest” writers, I’m convinced there’s little if any character profiling done before they send the tripe they write to print. I need not mention names, as you’ve already surmised.

The Prairie Place on 1st guided tour I provided to another Realtor and his buyers, turned out very well, and won’t be surprised if we have another unit sold next week. Fortunately one of the owners happened to be in the lobby and willing to give her own uplifting opinion of the complex. Having been with them for over an hour, I’m pretty sure they’ll fit right in with the rest of the owners. It’s looking all the more like there’ll be fifty percent of their population having moved here from outside our City, and like I’ve said many times before, our City “fathers” had better wake up and realize the need for our City to focus more on getting retirees to move here. With our medical center and easy access to goods and services, only makes sense if only it were more widely promoted.

My last duty of the day, was to take a drive up in Worth County, and after getting my appointment taken care of, I zig-zagged my way back and stopped at Rhodes Park in Fertile. I’ve not been there in a few years, so with camera in hand, I pulled in, parked and went wandering. I’ve always had a soft spot for that park, and likely because when young, my parents took us to several family reunions that were being held there.

Tonight’s photo is a shot I took of the historic mill which is perched above the “Winnie” dam. I wish I could’ve lingered a bit longer, but I had to scoot back to office to get some docs emailed before heading home. Do stay cool this weekend, as it’s gonna be a hot one, and by the way, I prepared that vintage ham loaf recipe and found it most tasty, and for the strangest of reasons, I could’ve sworn it tasted like “wed-reception” meatballs.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those who only live to benefit themselves, confer on the world a benefit when they die.

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