June is Here

As we’re growing closer to our Summer Solstice, I’m always amazed at how early the sun comes up, and even if I’m off-and-running all the sooner, it’s still shining in my eyes. The downside of it, is my waking up earlier than normal, and only due to it growing light outdoors, which means I have to be sure to hit the hay a little earlier, just so I’m not deprived of sleep and end up being a little on the cranky side during the day.

With all the road work they’re doing on S. Monroe Ave., certainly creates a bottle-necking with our travels, and especially if there’s a slow moving train on the 1st NW tracks, and wouldn’t you know, I managed to get caught by it today. After waiting for a good ten minutes, I turned around and headed off in a stair-step fashion over to Hwy 122, just so I could get over to the west side of our City. What should’ve taken me less than ten minutes, ended up approaching a half hour before I got to my destination. Thank goodness the person waiting for me wasn’t all bent out of shape over my being far past fashionably late.

I finally received confirmation on my closing for this Friday, and luckily the bank’s time slot was free for me, so it looks like we’re going to get it done. I have a final walk-thru to schedule, as well as picking up my sign, but other than that, it’s ready. When speaking with the buyer today, I first-off reminded him I’m a bit of a mother hen with clients and customers, and then proceeded to give him some pointers, of which he was thankful as well as adding my needing not to worry about offering my opinions regarding his future plans.

Last week when visiting with a client, I agreed to drive my truck over to her home mid-morning today to get some unwanted items removed from her basement and hauled to the landfill. Unfortunately I ended up being late due to a number of phone calls that were coming in while I was readying myself for the drive over.

When I pulled into her driveway and opened my tailgate, she came outside and asked, “Are you sure you’ll be able to get everything loaded?” All I could say was, “Let’s go down and take a look and I’ll give you my answer.” We walked down, and sure enough, there was a good pile of “stuff”, but after getting a better look at it, I figured it would fit as long as I packed it correctly, so off to the races I went in getting it loaded. Sure enough, it all fit, including four more boxes she had on shelves.

With luck, I managed to hit the landfill during the lunch hour, and nearly no garbage trucks to be seen, so my time spent out there was not as long as I’d expected. One thing I’m impressed about with our landfill, is how they’re now encouraging people to separate salvageable items and place them in designated dumpsters. They now have clearly marked areas and dumpsters for appliances, electronics, cardboard, and tires, along with another building where one can drop off paint and other chemicals. Yes, they’re growing all the more earth-friendly by having created specific areas for recyclable items. My client has four tires to go out there, along with additional boxes of “stuff”, so I’ll be taking more time off next week with my paying it forward. She is such a dear one, and’ll be sad after she leaves our City when knowing another fine mind has exited.

Back on arrival at office, I returned some calls that’d come in, and then phoned a client with some answers to questions he had yesterday during our long visit. Fortunately I did manage to find the names and numbers of several professionals I knew who’d be able to assist, so at least I managed to brightened the day of a few others’.

After a long dry spell of open houses which was due only to this China-virus, I’ve scheduled an open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE for this coming Saturday afternoon. I called the owner to tell her I’ve posted it, along with another one of many encouragements she get those two vehicles removed from its driveway because they’re not at all helping with its over-all exterior appearance. I then drove over to the home with a box of lightbulbs in hand, and replaced all the burned-out one’s I’d found, along with doing a little sweeping and tidying up. Are you beginning to find I’m taking pro-active steps in getting that diamond in the rough sold? Well, you’re 100% right.

Now if I should happen to sell it to an industrious visionary, I’ll guarantee you, that 12 months from its date of closing, all the people who’d looked at it before it sold, are going to be saying, “We should’ve purchased that when we had the chance.” Irregardless if the market stays high, or we hit a big real estate slump, that home’ll be able to weather any storm, and this time, I really mean it.

My listing at 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake is now getting all the more activity, so hopefully we’ll soon have it under contract. Another Realtor who just showed it today text me saying, “That’ll not be on the market very much longer.”, and likely so after hearing how so many homes of late are selling for well-over asking price. I’m a little concerned that some of my colleagues are encouraging their buyers to go well-over by filling them with fears they’ll be on losing ends of purchasing homes they were so much wanting to buy, and only because I’ve been hearing some curious stories of late.

Since June is here, tonight’s photo is of one of my blooming peonies which is of the “historic” type because of how old those plants are. A number of years ago, this particular type had fallen out of favor over the preferred multi-petaled varieties, but what I like about mine, is that they don’t droop over from the weight of the newer “breeds'” far-heavier blossoms. Now I’ll make you think. How often do you not see blooming peonies bending to the ground? Doesn’t tonight’s smiling blossom make you want to smile right back?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Nature soaks every evil with either fear or shame, while filling the reservoirs of good with all that’s rightly deserved.

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