Steel Posts and Barbed-Wire

With a great deal of desk work awaiting me at office, I made it there about an hour earlier than normal, just so I would have enough quiet time to get some research done and documents prepared. It was a good thing I did, because when then hour of eight arrived, the calls and emails began rolling in.

With our weather being as pleasant, I was glad to’ve had a number of opportunities to be out enjoying it while attending to various appointments and errands, and just before lunchtime arrived, I had pretty much everything under control for the day. Since it was approaching the noon hour, I drove over to a drive-thru and purchased a small sandwich for lunch which I took back to office and accordingly doctored it up.

My early afternoon appointment was at a home a gentleman is thinking about selling, so I did my whole-house inspection and then headed to the garage for my final walk-thru.  Since his home is tenant occupied, I gave him a few pointers as to what he should do before listing it, as in these times, it seems all the buyers are looking for the “lipsticked” ones. He also mentioned something about selling it himself, but decided against it because it would pull him away from his more profitable work. I couldn’t help adding, “Yes, there’ve been times when I’ve thought I could do this or that, but in the end, realized that I’d be wasting away valuable real estate sales time.” He was one of the few who really “got it”, and likely due to him having his own prosperous business.

While driving back to office, I began thinking about all these people in elected or appointed government positions, who’ve never had to run a business which always shows, whenever they’re making silly financial decisions, which in the end, our citizens are left to foot their tabs. For a number of years I used to say to various people when the opportunity would arise, “A given person has absolutely no idea about self-sustainability unless they’d been raised on a working farm and had five years work experience in sales, and being forced to live off of 100% sales commissions with no base salary or stipend.” Some understood, but most would just shrug it off as being a meaningless statement.

Every time I see where a certain “figure” in our community writes in a personal bio about having been a business owner for a very many years, and always after reading it, I quietly whisper to myself, “Bull! You’ve been cushioned by a questionable salary all those years, so stop trying to force our community into believing you’re a business owner.” I can’t believe that person continues to have the audacity to have such tripe printed when knowing it’s an insult to those of us who’ve had to keep our real brick and mortar businesses afloat. For shame!

Another burr under my saddle, is whenever personally saying something realistic about a given person’s profession, they’re of late, turning into feral cats and/or refusing to have any sort of communication with me from then on out. Wow. Now that’s telling us how all the more tribal the mentalities of our general public have become to where you’ll immediately become an auslander in their “tribes”, all normal communications would stop, and believe you me, their numbers have recently grown. Oh, if you’d only been a mouse in a corner the many times my profession was bashed by those who really hadn’t a clue regarding the number of extra hours of work involved, yet quietly taking it all in and continuing on with my life. Truth be told, some of those who’d criticized my profession in the beginning, became dear long-term clients and customers. Now if I’d not “sucked it all up”, there would’ve been long-lasting regrettable words exchanged.

Another example of my “sending it down”, was just recently listening to an elderly woman going on and on about how this pandemic isn’t real. I made mention only twice some of the real cases, and when hearing her weak excuses, I kept still and changed the subject, as I’m sure she would’ve had alternative reasons as to why many hundreds of thousands of people have already died from it. Since I don’t subscribe to those umpteen cable TV channels, I’m sure there must be those out there that are filling people like her with real “fake news”. Just today, I began wondering if such viewers are simply falling in “like” with those reporters and deciding to believe everything coming out of their pie-holes”. Looking back in time, would any of you not believed each and every bit of news coming out of Walter Cronkite’s mouth? There you go.

This afternoon, I went out and did a preview of a home I’ll be listing mid-week. The seller has pretty much set the price which is in reason of our market, but I made no guarantees that we’d reach that price point. I did say, “I’m glad you’re going to list it with me, as I’m fully aware of how well-built this home is, and I’ll be certain to pass it on to any buyers viewing it. Before leaving, we did have a nice chat regarding how few keyboardists there are in our community who’re willing to play for congregations of faith. After hearing their side of the problem, I’d say we’re definitely lacking, and unfortunately, death even comes to our musicians.

After reading today’s news about that RyanAir passenger jet being duped into a forced landing in Minsk, Belarus, just so to nab a journalists, I’d say the division between our freedom-loving countries and dictatorships has widened to the size of the Grand Canyon. Such actions cause me to remember the saying that goes, “There’s a special Hell for really bad people.” You can be sure Russia had a hand in it, and that pigmy Putin giving his blessing.

Tonight’s photo is a shot I took early this morning of a dumpster in our Downtown. Now who in their right mind would put steel posts and barbed wire in one? Very stupid!

Tonight’s One-liner is: Perspective is everything when it comes to the daily challenges we’re faced with during these troubling times.

Joe Chodur

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