The Absolute Best Buy in Mason City

I had to have myself out even earlier this morning for an appointment to open a home, and then skedaddle to the office for an early signing of transfer docs by some sellers. The days are growing all the longer and I’m loving it, but just think about how many days out of our year we have to deal with shorter days and longer nights, and due our being situated higher on our globe, we see more of an effect with these long days and nights during the year. I guess if a person was wanting same daylight, they’d have to move to the equator. No thanks, as I don’t like year-round intense heat and giant bugs.

My doc-signing session went well, and since I didn’t have to be anywhere after that, we sat and visited for a bit while walking down memory lane. This month, would’ve been the ten year anniversary of that couple owning the very home I sold them back then, but with their family growing, and their needs changing, they opted for country living and purchased and acreage they’re closing on this coming week. Fortunately they did manage to get it bought before the Spring acreage-buying craze kicked in. There’s a good deal of cosmetic updating to be done, but that’ll all get accomplished in due time. I’m happy for them. They did pay me a compliment regarding how much better my office appeared in comparison to what it looked like a decade ago. If they’d only known how many tedious hours of work went into bringing the old girl back to life.

Just after they left, one of my friends called and asked if he could borrow me for about an hour to help him move some things that one person couldn’t handle alone, so I changed my clothes and headed over. After we got those old metal cabinets moved, I said, “I guarantee you’d never be able to buy such well-made cabinets in these times, as even the thickness of the metal is greater than normal.” Yes, the quality is very much lacking in just about everything we buy in comparison to the same items one would purchase say 50 years ago, and all thanks to corporate greed and inferior production by all of those off-shore companies we continue to patronize. I always think it to be such a joke when seeing our farmers selling our meats and grain to countries who trade back all their junky merchandise. My, how we’ve been duped into believing new is always better.

After we finished up, I got another big, “Thank you very much.”, which was good enough payment for me, and since I was still in my work clothes, I went shopping for someone to cut my hair, and thankfully there was shop just opening for the day with a chair free. I apologized for my appearance, but I knew if I didn’t get it cut before my open house, I’d have to wait many days longer. After I got a good shearing, I looked in the mirror and exclaimed, “You don’t look like you’re a homeless anymore!” The person cutting my hair got a good laugh out of it, and since I was in a hurry, I quickly paid, along with giving my thanks for accommodating a moment’s notice for a haircut.

Seeing what time it was, I had to make a bee-line to my office, get my clothes changed, and quickly drive over to 619 – 3rd St. SE, and just as I was pulling up to the home, the hour of 1:00 pm arrived. Now that was a close one. Those two hours went by quickly due there being someone either coming or going the entire time. I had a “feeling” one or two of those buyers were going to be the owners of it, and wouldn’t you know, just as I was closing up, another Realtor called and said one of those people who’d been there, happened to be her buyer, and wanted to show it again tomorrow morning which was just fine by me. I’d say there must’ve been a total of 15 people walk thru this afternoon.

Ok, here’s the scoop. My listing at 114 – 11th St. NE had an offer on it last week, and then I had a couple wanting to buy it, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a payoff on its loan right away, so a full week had passed since that offer came in. Yesterday afternoon, I contacted the agent and told her what it would take to buy it, but unfortunately, I received an email today from her saying they were opting out. So be it. Well, I received another call from my buyer this afternoon saying he’d have to wait a few months before he’d be able to get financing, so there went another prospect. Again, so be it.

Having now shared these recent happenings, and knowing what junk is out there in the $85K range, 114 – 11th St. NE is one “yell” of a buy any way you look at it. Since it’s been on the market so long, all the buyers and agents are likely thinking there’s something majorly wrong with it, but there isn’t. Just for starters, its got a newer roof on the house and garage, the wiring is circuit breaker, the furnace and central air are near-new, the foundation is poured and showing not even one crack, and the walls and ceilings aren’t exhibiting any cracking on both the 1st and 2nd floors. What surprised me the most about it, was how level the floors were when I first walked thru it, which was another example of the quality of building at the time. I’d challenge anyone over my insistence 114 – 11th St. NE, being the absolute best buy in Mason City. Ok, why hasn’t it sold? Well because far too many of our younger crowd are so lazy, they’d rather spend very many thousands of dollars more for lipsticked pigs. Quite remarkable isn’t it? By the way, tonight’s photo is a fresh shot of Mason City’s best buy in homes.

It looks like we have 923 N. Jackson sold, so there goes another new listing under contract. I’m sure its new owner is going to have fun decorating it. I still can’t believe that home has a built-in writing desk behind its front door. From what the selling agent told me about the buyer, I’m sure it’ll be a good fit.

I’d planned on doing a little mowing before it was time to head home, but there were too many calls to return and appointments I had to make before even thinking about my own personal “to do” list. As most people who’ve ever been in sales know, you gotta make hay while the sun shines.

Tonight’s One-liner is: To forgive, is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you.

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