Until I Die

While on my way to work this morning, I did notice frost in the low-lying areas, which meant there were some flowers and vegetables which would awaken frost-burned. Oh well, people must remember we’re still just past the first week of May, and being this early, just about anything goes with our weather.

I was actually quite surprised I didn’t have any aches and pains this morning from all that lifting and carrying I did yesterday, which perhaps meant I’ve already got my body in shape for these many physical hours of labor that are in store for me before winter returns. I’m certainly not complaining.

When reading the obits today, I just about fell off my chair when seeing Kevin Jacobson’s death notice, and if you didn’t know his position, he was a long-time Financial Director for our City, and after reading his memorial, I became a bit teary-eyed, as he was one of the finest City employees I’d ever encountered. Whenever crossing paths, we’d have something to talk about, as well as the sharing of our life experiences in the accounting field. If you’d ever find him out in public, you’d never think he held such a high office, which is always a reminder that whenever someone’s that good, there’s no need to strut around like proud peacocks with their ear-piercing screeches. If only I’d known he was sick, I would’ve taken time to visit him. A great star has just fallen in our community, and I can assure all of our residents, they’ll never find a comparable replacement. I don’t even want to think about the future financial blunders that’ll have to be swept under our City’s carpets. Without a doubt, that guy knew his “shite”.

My mid-morning appointment took me over to a client’s home to go over my broker’s opinion, and after sharing my thoughts on pricing, I was given the nod to get it listed once the seller has it presentable. I’m pretty sure it’ll sell in a relatively short period of time, as it’s in a sought-after neighborhood, and before leaving, we did have a nice chat about our worldly travels and the remarkable differences in various cultures. Our City’s going to be losing yet another exceptionally fine mind.

I did manage to get all my office bills paid and in the mail, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish up on my monthly accounting which is about five days over-due. The list of things I need to get finished is finally coming to an end, which will free-up more of my time so I can even-more focus on real estate sales.

A drop-in arrived around mid-afternoon, and wanted to talk about a home he’s planning on getting listed as soon as possible, and since he was in town for the afternoon, I agreed to drive out and give the home a good looking-over before I dared offer my opinion on pricing. When I got there and looked up and down the street, I said to him, “I’ve sold many homes on this stretch over the years.”, while no longer wondering why I’d not been it after hearing how long that home was singularly owned.

When I got back to office, I pulled up as many recent comparative sales I could find, and after averaging them out, I picked up my phone and made the call. Unfortunately the seller thought it worth more, but I insisted it was only my opinion, and if she thought it should be higher, then she’d be free to price it accordingly and then wait to see how the market would react to it. The way in which some of these homes are selling these days, placing a real value on them, is like trying to play a game of darts blindfolded.

Just as I was pulling into my parking space at the back of my office, I noticed a young man I’d run into several days ago, so I got out and walked over to him and asked, “Are you coming my way for a visit?” Unfortunately, he’d just finished-up on a little project he was given, and heading to his vehicle. He didn’t have much time to talk, but we did exchange a few pleasant thoughts which brightened my day. Once again I insisted he get into the field of communication, as he’s got the most delightful gift of gab. Every time I see him, he’s got a smile on his face and something clever to share. I do wish him the absolute best.

When I was out visiting with another potential client, we somehow got on the subject of death and dying, along with the way in which some die peacefully, while others fight to take singular breaths for days on end. I did share a few stories about my own experiences with those not so few deaths I’d witnessed, and just as soon as I finished, the seller abruptly said, “I decided long ago that when I turn 92, I’m going to walk down to our Dairy Queen and buy a blizzard every single day until I die, but that’s only if I don’t freeze to death while walking to get my blizzard in a blizzard.” You can bet I got a good laugh out of that one. Too funny.

I must mention that my last evening’s meal was from the recipe I shared which was the, “German Skillet Dinner”. The only substituting I did, was my using ground pork instead of beef, as I’ve always believed sauerkraut tastes better with pork. I was expecting it to be nothing more than acceptable, but in truth, it was actually very good. When thinking about how busy many of our families are, that would be a quick and tasty evening meal, and a worthy leftover for the following day. No need to buy Hamburger Helper with all those nasty added ingredients when that recipe’s able to fill the bill naturally.

When this pandemic is over, I’m very much hoping people get back to the basics of buying fresh and local, because there’s no way our small businesses are going to survive in this community when considering our increased one-line buying of merchandise, to where now, even foods from various warehouses are being delivered to our doors. Such selfish mindsets really must do some mental re-booting.

Tonight’s One-liner is: On an exhausted field, only weeds grow.

Joe Chodur

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