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From what I just heard, our meteorologists are predicting a 32 degree temp tonight, and if that’s the case, then I believe a number of gardeners around town had better either cover their tomatoes and peppers, or run the risk of having them frosted, and if they do, there’s no recovery, as to those two vegetables being very sensitive to frosts. I’m glad I’ve not jumped the gun to plant my peppers and tomatoes as of yet. Most don’t realize that most of our “hot crops” won’t grow much at all until our soil temps warm up.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with responding to several emails that came in overnight, along with pecking away at my monthly accounting which I’ve been a little lax on getting completed. Hopefully I’ll be free enough tomorrow to get it finished.

I waited until close to five before emailing an attorney regarding a payoff I’m needing on one of my listings which has an offer on it, and in my second email, I made it clear we can’t even counter on that offer until we have those numbers. There’s nothing worse than a seller signing a purchase agreement, and then later finding there’s a shortage that needs to be filled, and this particular seller has no money to do such a thing, so I guess that’s all we must do is wait.

After having most of my morning work accomplished, and no other scheduled appointments for my afternoon, I called a dear friend to ask if she was available today for me to drop off a number of boxes I’d been collecting this past year which were throw-aways from people who must’ve just wanted such personal stuff sent to the dump. She said I could bring them over today, so I changed my clothes and went to a storage building where they’d been housed, and started loading and then delivering.

Thank goodness she didn’t live clear out on the east or west side of our City, as it would’ve taken more than a day to get those many drop-offs accomplished. I quit counting how many trips I made, but by the time I finished, which was around half past four, I was convinced I’ll be having some aches and pains come tomorrow morning.

After looking in several of those boxes, I could tell she’ll be working diligently at getting all that stuff organized and priced before having one major garage sale or two. As I was nearing the end of my workout, I could tell I was getting a bit slap-happy by the silly things I was saying to her, but I’m sure she took it all with the grain since we’ve known each other for a very many years.

I couldn’t say how many times she thanked me, and of course my response was, “It’s my pleasure as long as you make enough money off this stuff to make it worth your while.” There’s no doubt she’ll find some real collectables in them, and like most “pickers” know, it only takes one or two items to give worth to the whole lot.

Over the years I’ve heard many stories about such rare items being found which I’ve always enjoyed hearing about, and what’s always been interesting, are most of such items being pieces most collectors have never seen before, or being so rare that they end up going for big bucks on an Ebay auction. You’d be surprised the things people go crazy over, such as certain types of vintage clothing, unique kitchen utensils, specialty crocks, commemoratives, and the list goes on.

I’m sure most of you read that advertisement in the Shopper by some company that was supposed to be in our area who were ready to pay highest prices in cash for a long list of things they were wanting to buy. Now who in their right mind would believe they were paying the highest prices, and in cash mind you? Speaking about this, brought to mind a non-Realtor sign that was stuck in the ground at curbside out on E. State Street at the 5-way stop sign over the weekend, and shaking my head when reading, “I pay full price for houses.” and followed by only a cell phone number. What a joke! Those bottom-feeders are getting all the more bold now, and likely due to there having duped a few more sellers and buyers. I recently tried to convince an emotional seller to get her home listed, but instead she sold it to one of those “I pay full price” investors for well over $30K less that what she paid for it, and just yesterday I heard it’s under contract for over $50K more that what she was paid. I’m certainly not looking back, as I made far too many calls to her, but when she finally stopped picking up, I was done, as I’ve long believed some are darkly compelled to get themselves financially raped. Not only are there fools born every day, but wanna-be victims as well.

When I returned to office, I followed up on today’s emails and returned additional calls. I bristled a bit when reading an email from the bank I had a closing on this past Friday, with that lender saying he didn’t receive one of the pages on that bundle of transfer docs I handed him, yet I specifically remembered having had the seller sign that page, so off I headed to my closed file cabinet. I found the packet of copies I made, and wouldn’t you know, there was a copy I’d made of the original he was wanting, so I scanned it and emailed it back to him. Luckily the original of that particular document is not necessary, so the copy I made was sufficient. I’m pretty sure I know what happened to that signature page, and most likely within the walls of that bank. Not to worry, I’m very much used to replacing docs that buyers, sellers, and lenders have somehow mis-placed.

While I was heading back to my car after closing shop, there stood a man and a woman who were not so young, going at it with their screaming and yelling at each other while using the most filthiest of languages, and all in broad daylight in our Historic Downtown. They carried on as if I wasn’t even there, and thank goodness I was able to quickly drive away and not having to listen to any more of their verbal exchanges. Yes, our illustrious Commercial Alley does get pretty down and dirty at times.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it’s our letting go that makes us stronger.

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