Overpowering Love

What a merry-go-round of weather we had today when it started off as a calm morning with a light frost in the lowlands, and then the misty damp air and droplets of rain arrived, followed by real snowflakes accumulating, and then back to sunshine and warming temps. Do you think it’ll get up to 70+ degrees tomorrow? We’ll see.

Being another Sunday morning, you already know what the first item on my agenda was, and glad to have been able to get myself re-settled once again, as this past week was very productive, but very much one where I was in high-gear. It ended up as six full days filled with many joys, some deep reflections along with yet another great sadness. I guess that’s part of life where we must accept the glad with the sad.

Several people whom I’ve shared my having returned to contemplative prayer, over these many months have asked about my method, which I shared only my basics because every person ends up being the most comfortable with their own forms of prayer which is quite natural. Several days ago, I happened to come across a book I’d read a number of years ago, and when paging thru it, I found a paragraph which spoke about constructive prayer which follows:

“It’s a beautiful form, a grand rhythm. In utter obliviousness of everything else I fling myself, abandon myself to one collective thought, the beauty of a physical world. I sweep it whole right into my heart, everything, the little Alpine flowers on Kearsage top, the undersea gardens, the desert blooms, the frost crystals, the world of the magnifying glass, the stars–all the physical universe. The manifestation of overpowering love and intelligence,–I gather them all in my own great rush of worship. It’s an offering, a concentration of my life’s experience returning to its source. Once spent, I remain still and quietly, life recharged, filters back to me, recharged with vitality, strength and eagerness to take my part, to be victorious with humility, along with a consciousness of the immensity of the scheme. When the renewed life flows back into me, my great effort is to retain it, to contain it all in all, for the force of renewed life must be converted into world activity.”

When reading this once again after those many years, it inspired me as much as it did the first time I read it. I would say the author of that book was light years ahead of me with constructive prayer, but again, practice draws us all the closer to perfecting our abilities to connect with The Source of All.

Several more hours of my morning was spent getting additional research done on a home I’ll be listing this week, along with preparing its listing file. Yes, after today’s full-blown comparison of recent sales, I’d say that home’s going to go quickly.

I’m still hoping and praying there’ll be some eager beavers who’ll suddenly arrive and purchase 114 – 11th St. NE. Every day I notice that home still on the market, has me even more convinced the bulk of those many young buyers in our general public are completely turned-off by homes that aren’t lip-sticked and ready to move in. It actually sickens me to think how much more money they’ve been spending for cheaply updated homes instead of buying on “the cheap” and making their own preferred and longer-lasting improvements. Mark my words, there’ll be a crashing return to the basics of starting out small and working upwards. For generations, that’s what nearly everyone was encouraged to do by their families. What happened? These times sort of remind me of the last years of the Roman Empire where there weren’t any real incentives due to there being such a great divide between the very wealthy and struggling classes below.

I had some running around to do later this morning, and one of my stops was out to Tractor Supply. I really like that store because their help is usually very pleasant and willing to help with one’s needs. Of course I had to stop back and take another peek at their chirping chicks and ducklings. I hope to some day have a place where I can raise them to maturity. A fresh free-range egg can’t be beat. One of the clerks asked if I needed help carrying my purchase out to my vehicle. I turned and said to her, “Just because I have grey hair and at least a 100 years old, doesn’t mean I can’t handle my own. But thank you anyway.” She laughed while saying, “You’ve been on the right track with your longevity.”

After I had all of my stops made, I headed back to office and played my piano for about a half hour and then changed my clothes and went over to my little/big project and worked there until it was time to call it a Sunday.

I’ve never in all my years been able to understand why people slop paint on natural woodwork when they’re painting rooms, and not bothering to wipe it off before it dries. I couldn’t imagine having to look at those smears every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Another huge gripe with me, is whenever seeing people having painted door hinges, lockset hardwares, and even to the point of painting doorknobs. What gives?

I’ll never forget a time a number of years ago when a young couple asked me to come over to their home and tell them what needed to be done to get it sold. Well, they’d had it on the market with another Realtor for well over a year, and since their listing had just expired, I agreed and went over for a look.

After a very soulful conversation, I walked around their home and told them exactly what they’d have to do which included the removal of the layers of paint from nearly every door’s hinges and hardware. They did agree, and when I went back over for an inspection, I was pleased to see they’d followed-thru with my requests. Believe it or not, that home was sold in a week’s time. Why would anyone even think about painting solid brass hinges and hardware on the doors in their home? With older homes, having those vintage features shining, creates the “icing” on their presentations.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It seems very safe for me to be surrounded by green growing things and the natural movement of water.

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