Beloved Care-taking

This chill is continuing to haunt us, but at least it appears to be on its way out, and then replaced by what looks like above-normal temps for this time of year. This is the season where we find ourselves winter-bundled in the morning, and whenafter our sun gets high and we’re out of the wind, our heavy outerwear becomes a bit too much.

My first appointment this morning was to do a walk-thru on a home which may get listed in the near future, and since I’d never been in it, I was all the more excited to have a peek. Well, by the time I walked out, I was near certain that we no longer have builders in our area who’d be able to match the quality and design of that home. Believe you me, it was a sight to behold. I couldn’t help making intermittent comments regarding the extreme detail that went into its cabinetry and overall finish-work.

Having done enough preliminary investigation on that general area’s values, as well as making my price per-square-footage calculations, I had to pretty much throw those figures aside, as I’m near certain that home would sell for at least $50K more than I’d earlier predicted, and mostly because of all the quality extras it had to offer. If I should be lucky enough to get it listed, it’ll be a show-stopper once it hits our market.

Since I was out and about, I headed over to a paint store to get a few gallons of paint purchased, and wouldn’t you know, they weren’t able to get it mixed and readied while I was there. I must’ve been behind a long line of “ghost” customers because I just happened to be the lone customer in their store. Believe it or not, I didn’t get a call until almost 4:00 p.m. telling me it was ready for pick up. When I went to pay the bill, I was shocked, but not, at how much higher the cost of paint has become. Yep. It’s all due to the corporate greed of years ago when those so-called “boards” decided it was in the best of their financial interest, to have their factories off-shored, and now, we have to pay the price for it. I can still remember my having mentioned at that time, a belief we’d all be paying in the future for their selfish choices. Don’t you just hate being right sometimes?

My afternoon appointment to sign up my new listing at 1310 N. Adams went very well, which brings me to the point of saying, “That rock-solid home is going to sell quickly in this market.” I took a number of photos, but unfortunately the owner couldn’t have it “staged” like many are doing now, but oh, is that one “yell” of a home. Watch for it.

First of all, it has over 1,000 square feet of living area on the main floor, all of the oak woodwork was personally stripped and re-stored by its current owner, along with my being informed that under its carpet, is also oak flooring. Both the kitchen and bath have been updated, as well as there being a recently added 3/4 bath in the basement.

The near endless features include newer thermal windows, a fully finished and heated front porch, all its appliances including the washer and dryer will stay, its basement is of poured concrete which exhibited not even one visible crack, it has permanent siding, a newer 24 x 24 heated garage with shop, a fenced rear yard, and much more. I have it priced at $89,500 which’ll make it a “chase-after” listing for our newbie’s. I’m only hoping whomever buys it, will be a continuation of its beloved care-taking.

I’m sure nearly all of you are going to go bonkers when you get your 2021 property assessments in the mail, as I just happened to notice online that our City Assessor has her new values posted. Oh my gosh! When randomly entering the addresses of people I know, I was sickened to find many of them raised to ridiculous highs. Yes, some went up well over $40K. What are all of our elderly who’re on fixed incomes going to do? We’re not only finding our goods and services spiking, but now our real estate taxes. Yes, those taxes won’t show up until next year, but you can be sure they’ll be a-comin.

What really gets me, are the mindless powers that be in our State and Local governments who have all their special interests and very costly pipe dreams which will never self-sustain, so who do they go to? Our hard-working general public. I’ve come to believe they’re of the mindset, “If we can squeeze it out of them, let’s do it.” Shame on them all. This is just another example of how polarized our society has become to where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class continues to evaporate. It’s looking more like our State is turning into something similar to a third world country.

The most laughable thing I found when listing that beauty on 1310 N. Adams, was seeing its 2021 assessed value having been lowered to $62K, along with her assessor’s sheet stating its basement being of tile block. Really? The basement of that home had likely the best “pour” in the year its was built. In the end, it’s really not laughable because glaring mistakes like that should never ever be allowed. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the basements she has listed as being either block or poured concrete, because just today, I drove past another “woodie”. How curious is that?

I know you may think me being a bit acid tonight, but once again, I insist my comments being more on a realistic side, which was confirmed this afternoon by a struggling young man who’s working extra hours just to make ends meet for his young family, yet as he said today, “They’re spending millions on that dead mall, which they should be putting to a better use like creating real jobs.” Since I’m far more out in the ditches of our general public, I hear real un-filtered opinions and concerns. His last comment was, “When is our City ever going to face up to the fact that we’re just another shite hole on the map of Iowa that hasn’t got a chance in hell when trying to compete with our bigger cities that have their own shite together.” How regrettably true his words were.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Government is either organized benevolence or organized madness, as you’ll find its peculiar magnitude allowing no shade.

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