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We certainly had another good bone-chilling today, along with a few snow flurries which came as a surprise, but at least we’re soon to be out of North Iowa’s most unpredictable month of March. People have been mentioning that come Monday, it’s supposed to be in the upper 70’s which sounds almost un-heard of, and if such temps do arrive, let’s hope it’s not the precursor of some scorching-hot months ahead.

For it being a “hump day”, I’d say it was one of the busiest I’ve had in weeks, but luckily I managed to make all my appointments, as well as being able to spend enough time with buyers and sellers without leaving them to feel as though they were keeping me from something more pressing.

I did mange to place a return call to my dear friend who I had to cut short yesterday, just so we could finish-up on what we were talking about yesterday. I couldn’t help sharing a few more laughable situations I’d recently encountered, which gave her a good giggle or two. My story about a young tenant not being able to get a shower to work, was the one that took the cake today. Yes, there’s a whole heck of a lot of educating needing to be done with our younger generation regarding the workings of their living quarters, as well as the care and maintenance of their components. I did forget to tell her about a particular tenant who insisted there being something terribly wrong with his furnace, and upon investigation by a HVAC person, that’s all it was needing, were two new batteries in the thermostat. Now if a thermostat either says “low battery”, or it’s panel’s not lighting up, wouldn’t you go out and buy two new batteries and replace them before even thinking there’s a mechanical issue? Yes, I could go on with such stories for hours.

My first out-of-office appointment, was to pick up a key from a seller’s relative for a home that’s been begging to get sold. As chance would have it, I knew exactly the house, as I’ve sold homes up and down its street, and there it was, looking the same as it did more than ten years ago.

It didn’t take me long to have a good look while making a few notes, so I locked it up and headed back to the relative, and return his key, along with visiting a few minutes about an “as-is” value. I don’t think my numbers came as any surprise, so I may have a chance at getting it listed. With our market being as tight, I doubt it would take long to sell, as its location would be the major selling point. Having worked with that family over the years, it may take a few days or even weeks before they make their decision.

Just after lunch, I headed out to scheduled appointment over at Prairie Place on 1st, just to show a prospective buyer a “favorite” unit for the third time. The showing went as well as the last, but this time the buyer took me aside and shared the many reservations regarding making a drastic move from a stand-alone home, to a condominium regimen.

The two key points I made, was the fact that all of its residents get along exceptionally well, along with my assurance that if every one living within were asked if they’ve regretted moving there, I’d be near certain, all of them would admit it was a good and necessary move. Another point I made, was a reminder that all of us will be facing such decisions more sooner than we care, along with the option of such a change being sooner, or waiting until there’s a circumstance so life-altering, that quick, and sometimes regrettable decisions must be made. My delivery wasn’t hard, but rather, “real world”.

I keep reminding myself to go on the “sleuth” to find out what’ll be going into that building on North Federal which is the 2nd door south of 12th and N. Federal, and it being on the west side of the street. There’ve been many different businesses in that building over the years, but whomever recently purchased it, is making some major exterior changes to it, and just next door to the north, I’ve been noticing more alterations being made to the building where Domino’s Pizza will be re-locating. I sure hope they realize how busy the traffic is on that corner, and especially during our rush hours. The pulling in and getting out, is always a problem on such corners in our City.

My mid-afternoon appointment was to meet with a seller at his home so I could do a walk-thru valuation on it. Prior to going there, I pulled up some comparable sales for it, and not a bit surprised to find them higher. When I walked in, I was greeted by the seller and two of his close friends who’ve been helping him with his affairs.

Once again, I was delightfully surprised to find how exceptionally well-cared for it was, as well as the many updates having recently been made. Wow! After giving it my full inspection, it didn’t take me long to come up with an estimated list price, which came as no surprise to the owner and his friends.

While there, we all had a good chat about bee-keeping, traveling, living in the country, the beauty of Eastern Iowa, and even our remembering of a person’s eyes, which is usually what gives us our acute re-call ability whenever encountering someone we’d not seen in years. The chat the four of us had, was the highlight of my day, and wouldn’t you know, not minutes after I returned to office, the seller called to ask when I’d be available to get it listed. Unless there’d be a sudden change of heart, I’ll have a new listing posted before the sun sets tomorrow evening. There’s no April 1st fooling, as it’s a real beauty!

What really impressed me about one of the seller’s friends, was the fact that he’s been keeping himself both physically and mentally active since his retirement. I’d say he needs to be giving seminars around our State on the joys of a productive retirement.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or maybe even better.

Joe Chodur

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