The Passage of Time

There’s no question today’s weather has been the focus of everyone’s discussion, and likely due to having to drive from point A to B while working very hard at getting there without having a fender-bender. There was a point while out driving around mid-morning, when being near-certain I was going to slide into someone, our another into me. Our streets were like driving on grease. Oh well, I managed to get all my shoveling done without having any mishaps. As I mentioned to someone earlier, the one thing I hate about these late winter storms, is their nearly always being heavy with moisture.

I managed to get my closing finished up early this morning, and glad to find it another seamless transaction. Having worked with today’s buyer for several weeks, I’m pretty certain she’ll take very good care of her new home, along with doing everything she can to get it paid off early.

I spent several hours working on my office accounting and bill paying, and then headed back out to do some re-shoveling, as I really don’t like having to move six or more inches of heavily-weighted snow. While out, I also did a little paying forward by shoveling the sidewalk of one who’s in more need than me.

An early phone call I placed, was to Air Care, which is one of our HVAC contractors who sells and services the Goodman brand of furnaces, and since the furnace that went out on Friday, is a Goodman, I figured it best to call a company that handles them. I text them the photos I took of the model and serial number, just so they could look it up, and fortunately they had in stock, the repair part that furnace was needing. They said they’d get back to me soon, and wouldn’t you know, the repairman called me before noon, and the furnace was back up and running by 12:30. Fortunately the defective part was under warranty, so I guess there’ll not be a bill being sent to the owner.

While out, I did my own final walk-thru on a home I’ll be closing on tomorrow morning, and happy to’ve found all was well within. I’ll likely be back over there months from now, just to see all the upgrades the buyer will be having done. My most excitement, will be when seeing those professionally restored oak floors which are in every room of that home with the exception of its two bathrooms. I did mention to the buyer how much she’ll enjoy walking from room to room and not having any transitions. In these times it’s a rarity, but back when we had quality builders, transition-less floors were a must. Just getting those floors done, will make a huge difference in presentation. I’m sure even the new homeowner is going to have a few jaw-drops when they’re completed.

While visiting with that repairman from Air Care as he was replacing that part, I quickly discovered how much he’s up to speed with the ways of the world, along with how convinced his belief is, regarding our Country’s co-dependence on the inferior products coming out of China. He mentioned how skeptical he’s grown with the many fake news providers that’ve sprouted online, which prompted my encouragement of him to start reading BBC online news, as it’s our world’s highest rated news service.

I shared my thoughts about a recent article I read regarding how China is now turning even more into an expansionist State, as they’ve come to realize they don’t have the resources to feed their growing population, and will likely be that way for years to come. It’s no wonder why China owns food processing companies like Smithfield which has a plant her in our City. That article also mentioned how many thousands of acres of land they’re buying in Canada and Africa. As much as some complain about anti-pollution measures our Country has in place, it’s far better to be preventative than curative when it comes to protecting our natural resources, and especially our potable water. I shall continue to do my part in keeping our soils and water safe for growing and drinking.

Just today, we received another price reduction on 420 – 20th St. SE, and bringing its asking price down to $119,900 which now makes it one heck of a home for the money. Where can you find a four bedroom, two bath home, which also offers a heated three stall garage in the Roosevelt district of our City? The owner has been getting rid of a great deal of personal items, along with having several rooms painted, so once that painting is done, I’ll be taking new photos of it, and re-posting them online. You can bet I’ll be on a burn to find a buyer for it myself. Yes, that home is a “sleeping beauty”.

Now that Spring’s just around the corner, I’m beginning to get myself focused on prioritizing my warm season projects, and now that I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’m of the belief it’ll finally come together. As I’ve mentioned before, I was in a “down time” period which lasted for about four years, which caused me to fall even farther behind, but that’s just OK, because I learned many life-lessons which I’ll be carrying with me for years to come.

Many say that time heals all wounds, but I beg to differ when saying, “The passage of time, puts everything into clearer perspectives.” Without elaborating, there’ve been people in my life whom I’d always had this “feeling” about their characters being all smoke and mirrors, and wouldn’t you know, when given their opportunities to turn ugly, they did. After the litanies of fake accusations, wicked actions, and un-warranted name calling, I simply walked away while wishing them the absolute best, along with knowing things will never go back to the way they were, because the entirety of it all, was simply a ruse. In the end, I came to understand that indifference towards another, isn’t sinful, but rather in certain circumstances, a mindset for promoting one’s own mental health.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Happiness always looks small when holding it in your hands, but after letting it go, you quickly learn how big and precious it was.

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