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For the strangest of reasons, “hump day” felt more like a Thursday from the time I headed in the direction of my office, to long past my arrival at home. I’ve had days like this before, and for whatever reason, they happen without rhyme or reason.

I couldn’t believe seeing it 66 degrees outdoors while heading out of town to an appointment around mid-afternoon. It was a pleasant drive, and today I had my first spotting of migratory birds heading north, and one being a flock of blackbirds, along with seeing a good number of noticeably small ducks in one of our area’s field ponds which must’ve been Teals, which I believe being one of the wild ducks most prized by our duck hunters.

My morning was again filled with running errands, following up on emails and phone calls, along with leaving a plaintive message on a title attorney’s answering machine regarding my growing more nervous over getting a sale of mine closed on time. What precipitated my call, was having earlier received a phone call from my anxious buyers. Yes, it looks like we’re back in the realm of delayed closings again. Ugh!

I was able to get most of my calls returned with the exception of one which I’ll place tomorrow morning, but my first online project, was to get an educated valuation done on the home I previewed yesterday. After looking at the recent sales of similar homes, and then doing some price per square footage calculations, I picked up the phone and called the owner.

After going over my numbers, I was informed that it could be as soon as six months, and possibly as long as two years before placing it on the market, which prompted me to say, “If there’s a large gap in time, I’ll have to do another estimation.” Before hanging up, we did have another good chat regarding the insanity that’s been happening in our Country, and what we both fully agreed upon, was the rampant greed of corporations opening factories in un-friendly countries like China which is now a major competitor.

Way back when China opened its door to their form of “social capitalism” and then being praised by our then President Reagan, I distinctly remember saying more than once in that time, “Our Country will be taking itself down a dark financial rabbit hole if we start depending on other nations to supply us with goods.” I’m personally doing my own part by not buying anything made in China, and if I have to pay markedly more, then so be it. Bargain hunting for “stuff” a person really doesn’t need, is completely out of my sphere of understanding, so now, don’t you sometimes just hate being right?

I was a little disappointed today that my young gentleman didn’t call me back regarding 1707 S. Federal, so if it ends up getting sold to another, then so be it. Unfortunately in these times, the fear factor is much greater with those wanting to start businesses, but as I’ve said many times, “Fear is the root of all our world’s evils.”, as from the root of fear, sprout the stems and branches of all other evils, and if you believe me wrong, then step back and think deeply about it, and then, you’ll come to your own understanding.

Oh, how one of my customers did get a good laugh out of a comment I made regarding these self-righteous people who make public all the outward signs of their Christian faiths. What got it all started, was my commenting on last’s night’s journal page where I spoke about so-called deeply religious people who’re using it to further their secular agendas. Being familiar enough with my customer, I smiled while recalling what one of my dearest of old relatives would remind us of on occasion, which was regarding such, by saying, “They don’t drink, and they don’t smoke, but if you’d throw their pants to the ceiling, they’d stick there.” Yes, we both got a good chuckle out of that ancient line.

It was a surprise to find it having rained in the night, and when looking at our weather forecast, it appears we’re going to be getting the tail-end of a severe storm rolling across our High Plains. Let’s hope we only receive rain instead of snow, as I’m getting very comfortable with these pleasant days. No, I haven’t yet put my snow shovels away for the season.

One of my dear friend’s mother has been battling a rough bout with the China-virus, and when asking about her today, it sounds like she’s leveled-off with her symptoms, so I’m hoping she’ll be soon back on her road to recovery. I did mention how very important it is to keep her fluid intake up, as dehydration can make matters all the worse, and dangerously quick. I promised to pray deeply for her rapid recovery. My hearing about another’s struggles after contracting it, has become an almost everyday occurrence.

Not to be sounding like a crepehanger when saying I’m of the belief this is just the beginning of our battles with not only the mutating of this China-virus, but also the jumping of species of other even more deadly infectious diseases. I do try to keep a watchful eye for such news, as the more we encroach on areas of our earth which are being stripped of native vegetation and habitats, and then replaced by cash crops, the chances of such health risks are greatly exacerbated. To this day, my memories of the Ebola outbreak remain frighteningly clear in my mind.

Yesterday I received a return call from an exiting tenant who got his ears nearly chewed off over something his child had done to a home, along with a few other chores he’d been negligent over while living there. In the end, it’s all on him, and now sent out to Karma. I’ll likely never understand why some believe they do absolutely no wrong.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Most people can’t understand how others can blow their schnozes differently than they do.

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