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Now if the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, I would’ve branded it as another remarkable early March day. I’m sure everyone’s happy to see their lawns drying out enough to where they can get out and start raking up all the dead leaves and grasses that’ve accumulated before their grass begins to grow. I’m still in dis-belief when seeing how much earlier the sun rises in the morning. Yep, summer’s coming.

My early morning appointment was at 1707 S. Federal which took as long as I’d expected due to the degree of looking the buyer was doing. The type of business he’s thinking of starting, would be a great addition for our community, and having recognized how passionate he is about what he wants to do with it, there’s no question in my mind, he’ll be a good go of it.

In some respects, he was reminding me of myself when I was his age where if I had my mind set on something I wanted to do, I would go for it, irregardless of anyone else’s opinion. I couldn’t help saying to him, “I’ve eaten several “elephants” in my day, and I can say the first one was the most difficult because I had to get used to taking only one bite at a time.” It took him a moment to “get it”, but then an acknowledging smile appeared.

When I returned to office, I was back on a burn to get more appointments set for additional showings on my new listing in Clear Lake. I won’t surprise me if it ends up getting sold before the weekend arrives, as homes of such style and condition don’t stay on the market long, and especially in Clear Lake.

With several closings coming up next week, I had to get cracking at providing a bank with closing numbers on one of those sales, which they needed before they could generate their own closing disclosures. I knew I’d be in trouble if I didn’t have them over to their bank by noon today, so I dug in, got it done, and then emailed over.

As much as I wanted to get some phone calls returned which I’d placed on my back burner, all I managed to get done today, was skate from one appointment to another, along with taking the most pressing calls and returning important emails. Yes, that’s what happens when the floodgates are opened, but one has to do what needs to be done to keep in step with our rapid-paced real estate market.

One of my appointments was to take a peek at a home a seller is thinking about listing, and by the time I was finished looking it over, there was but only a short list of “to do’s” I recommended having done before placing it on the market. Of course the seller was asking me what I thought it was worth, which I had to say, “Now that I’ve seen the inside, I can go back to my office and do some research before giving you my opinion.”, which is one more thing I have to do tomorrow morning. If it’s listed at a reasonable price, that’ll be another quick sale.

My later afternoon appointment, was to show 114 – 11th St. NE for a second time to several extended family members of those who’re thinking about purchasing it. The main reason for their viewing today, was to get a good look at structure and “first-off” improvements they’ll want to make. We were there a good hour, and by the time they finished, it didn’t surprise me a bit when hearing their many approving comments. I do hope that family buys it, as I believe they’ll be a great fit for the neighborhood.

I’ve noticed over these recent years, how more in that neighborhood have become territorial with their homes and yards, which is a good thing because that’s a real indication of pride in ownership. Once 114 – 11th St. NE is tricked-out, that’ll be one of the prettiest stretch of houses in our City. What I also like about that district, is its diversity in style of homes. If you have a few minutes to spare, just take a drive down 11th St. NE starting at North Federal Ave., and you’ll see for yourselves. Some may believe “The Snell House” to be the king of the block, but if I had a hand in it, 114 – 11th St. NE would be fast on it’s heels in becoming the “Emperor”. We’ll see.

I had a soulful chat with a person who really “gets it” regarding this polarizing of political thought we have growing in America. What firmly stuck with me, was the comment, “If their form of Christianity is the “real path”, then I’ll shed my faith and look for another.” Now that was a mouthful which should be hollered from the highest mountaintop because as far as I’m concerned, there are too many who’re using their so-called “Christian faiths”, solely as platforms to promote their own secular agendas. I couldn’t help adding, “Back when I was growing up, we were absolutely forbidden to speak of religion in public.” Oh my, how our times have changed.

Being a bit of a tease today, I couldn’t help lightly chastising a young man who’s started his own business by doing sub-contracting for other larger contractors. When he said something on the oder of “I charge as much as I can get from those needing work done because if they’re willing to pay, then so much more for me.” Oh how those words caused me to bristle. Yes, he got a bit of an earful, and rightly needed because we should not have people un-fairly gouging others for their rendered services. I personally wouldn’t be able to sleep nights, but our society has evolved to where many in our midst believe in having it all now. In my book, wealth should only be the by-product of good and long-standing business practices. Right?

Tonight’s One-liner is: The one who plants trees, knowing that he or she will never sit in their shade, has at least begun to understand the meaning of life.

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