An Exclamatory Fashion

How could anyone living here in North Iowa, not want to be out enjoying this unbelievably warm early March weather? According to the weather channel, we may be experiencing some record-breaking highs before this month is out, which raises another fear with me, and that being the triggering of an early flowering of fruit trees which could easily be ruining large crops if a late killing frost arrives. I did mention to someone today how much this weather “feels” something like what southern Iowa and northern Missouri’s weather would’ve been in years past. Oh well, our climate is certainly changing in noticeable fashions.

From the time I arrived at office, I found myself on a burn to keep up with the phone calls and appointment-setting on my new listing over in Clear Lake. We had three showings on it today, and it looks like there’ll be one or two more tomorrow. Since most Clear Lake agents don’t belong to our MLS, I always have to get into my computer and generate a one-day code for them to access our lockboxes.

I’m starting to notice all the more changes in mentality with our local agents to where they’re not responding to their preferred means of communication, which is texting instead of a simple phone call. For example, I had a buyer contact me this afternoon around 2:00 p.m., and asking if a certain house was still available, so I looked on our MLS site, and it showed “Active”. While on the phone with the buyer, I text the agent, with the simple question of asking it that home was still available. You can only imagine how internally angry I was when having finally received a single text response at 6:30 p.m., reading, “Accepted Offer!” There was no apology for being so late with a response, but what really got me, was the exclamation point. Really? Just this afternoon I mentioned to someone how I rarely ever forget personal slights, and tonight’s is one.

I’m rather happy there’s an “Accepted Offer!” on that home, because when looking at the price and then those “fish-eyed” photos which that agent so greatly enjoys snapping and posting online, makes the home I’d shown that buyer appearing to be greater value than that one. First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll have to place a relaying call regarding that home having an “Accepted Offer!” Do you think I should forward the news in an exclamatory fashion? For sure not, as they’ll likely think me a bit touched.

Oh did I ever get a good belly-laugh from someone today when mentioning how most people think me a push-over when it comes to not having fulfilled their agreed upon jobs or duties. I was quick to fill him in regarding my rapid resurrecting of a “dark side” of my character whenever someone has purposely attempted to take advantage of my kindness. He mentioned something about a Voodoo doll, which caused me to interrupt him by saying, “Oh and yes, I’ve at times kiddingly told a few naughty ones about my having a Voodoo doll in my dresser drawer that’s just waiting for me to place another’s name on it.” When listening to him laugh, was making me laugh ever-harder. Yes, today’s encounter created my long over-due and much-needed laughing session.

I had a second showing today on one my listings over at Prairie Place on 1st which went even better than our last, so just maybe we’ll have another one sold. Being with them now for well over three hours, I’d say they’ll be a great fit for that one-of-a-kind senior housing community in North Iowa. I won’t be surprised if I hear from them this week.

Having told someone over the weekend about an exterior window-cleaning trick which I’ve used on occasion, I was compelled to clean an exterior window today in a similar fashion. It started by dampening a rag, and then sprinkling baking soda on it, and immediately begin massaging/polishing the window with it until having gone completely over it. Well, it helped greatly, but didn’t get it all, so I’d say that window is going to need the “big gun” method, which is using a gallon of water and about 2 ounces of muriatic acid added to it. I hate messing with that stuff because you have to be extremely careful by wearing heavy rubber gloves, and not allowing that mixture to stay on glass very long before rinsing it off, as that acid can create a permanent etch. Back when our cement plants were spewing out their dust on a daily basis, that’s what people would use to clean windows having heavy build-ups of cement dust. By all means, only wash the very exterior-facing windows, and absolutely none other, and I mean it.

I have an early morning showing of 1707 S. Federal Ave. which will likely keep me engaged for a good hour, but I’m to the point where I’m ready to stand on my head to get it sold. What a terrific buy that’s continually being missed by our general public. I’m thinking it would make a great start for a visionary who’d take time to get it cleaned up, cleared out, and by then, have a plan of action. Having been down similar roads with my own projects, that’s the absolute best way to keep from un-doing something that was impetuously done immediately after acquisition. Like the old saying goes, “Slowly, but good.” It’ll be a “first encounter” with tomorrow’s potential buyer, so we’ll see what type of interest there’ll be.

After I get back to my office, I have a number of phone calls to return which have been stacking up. Just today while preparing to call several, I received two more long-winded phone calls, and one of them from a gentleman who’s thinking about selling a home he’s owned for a number of years. Since I’ve known him for quite some time, I had to offer my condolences regarding the recent death of his mother. I was happy to hear she’d not suffered long, and being well over 90, I assured him that when a person lives that long, each and every day, is a gift of life.

The above photo is but one of St. Paul Lutheran’s banners I’ll soon be posting.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Death is an old joke, but every individual encounters it anew.

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