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Oh what a delightful day it evolved into, and coming as no surprise when seeing many out leisurely walking. Unfortunately, our sub-soil hasn’t yet thawed which is creating a great deal of puddling around our City, and just for that reason, I’ve been changing my shoes often these recent days because I don’t want my good ones getting soiled.

My day was another whirlwind with out-of-office appointments, along with other duties in need of my attention, and of course when you think an hour’s time is enough to get something done, two hours later you look at the clock and find you’re still not finished, which is exactly what happened with me today. There’s no question, I’ll have to make time tomorrow to get it completed so I can move forward with another of my chores.

Before heading to my public open house located at 114 – 11th St. NE, I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then drove over a few minutes early. I’d already agreed to meet the buyer of the home across the street which I just sold, as there were measurements to be taken, along with some advance planning needing to be done. It worked out well, because all I had to do, was walk over and lock it up after my open house ended. The buyer of that home is going to be a great addition to that ever-charming neighborhood.

I wasn’t surprised to find the many people coming and going at my open, which was a good thing, as I really don’t like being alone those two hours with nothing else to do other than catching up on some reading, or performing a little of my own sprucing-up when necessary.

One particular couple who’d arrived, were doing a quick walk-thru, and after I’d followed them up to the third floor, one of those two, managed to pass a bit more gas than normal. Now don’t think me prudish, as everyone more sooner than later, accidentally manages to “let a little wind”, but today’s was more than a little, as it being closer to a gale-force that was enough to bring me to my knees. Now if we were school children, there’d be some major teasing going on, but yours truly simply pretended it never happened. Oh my goodness, that smell was enough to make a person’s eyes water.

While visiting with a client today, I couldn’t help mentioning how often I see the ovens of kitchen stoves looking like they’d not been cleaned since they were purchased new. Since she’s very particular about her kitchen, and certainly not having the opportunity to see what I do on a regular basis, my comments seemed almost foreign to her. Well, I proceeded to tell her that almost all those pre-cooked frozen foods you’d find in groceteria cases calling for them to be placed in pre-heated ovens, will read something like, “Remove from package and place on an oven rack.”, which is why so many ovens and racks look they way they do. I’m sure those frozen food companies wouldn’t want to say anything about their items being placed on baking pans, as it my deter some of those living from hand to mouth from buying their products. Very clever don’t you think?

Just today, I happened to look inside an oven of a nearly-new stove, and wouldn’t you know, the insides looked like something you’d see in a much-used, and rarely-cleaned barbecue grill. My client was brought fully up to speed on how all the many in our younger generation, are now using their ovens. I dare say it was quite disgusting.

After my open house was over, I headed out to another appointment to preview a possible listing which ended up being a longer stay than I’d expected. and only due to having to work at migrating thru a home that was overly-filled with furniture, clothes, collectables, and everything else you could imagine.

With it being my first encounter with that seller, I had to be diplomatic regarding the necessary amount of de-cluttering that would have to be done before I could even take photos. I think he finally understood after mentioning how nearly everyone does their previewing online, and once a home’s photos are sent out into our cyber universe, most buyers would immediately draw negative conclusions regarding his home, which neither one of us would’ve wanted. He agreed, along with saying he’d get started on it, and then give me another call when closer to having it presentable. While driving away, I couldn’t help thinking it’s gonna take him until summer arrives if he doesn’t have one more helping him. Yes, I think we’re all unknowingly turning into hoarders which is why I continue to work at my “gifting” of things I’ll most likely never put to use again.

I just happened to read on BBC’s newsfeed today, parts of a very concerning article about Microsoft believing their emails have been hacked, and likely the Chinese being the culprits this time around. So if it’s not the Russians, it’s the Chinese, and if not the Chinese, it’s some other rogue nation’s government-sponsorship. These hackings are becoming more frequent, as well as larger, which troubles me deeply.

What really gets me, is when thinking about those many doing their hackings, and of the mindset of it being just OK, when not. Just placing myself in their shoes, I’m afraid I’d be ready for the loony bin, as such continuous harm I’d be causing for innocent people, would change my character to the point of not being able to even recognize myself. It’s almost like people who’re heavy into the hard drugs, where they’ll do anything, to anybody, just to feed their addictions. I know some think they’re easily cured, but I’m convinced their attempts at fixing themselves, is a very tall and slippery slope. There’s no question their blackened spirit/souls are capable of committing some of the most unimaginable crimes, so let’s hope Microsoft gets their security breaches patched and made all the more secure against another onslaught. It’s almost like a global war, isn’t it?

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no subject so old, that something new cannot be said about it.

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