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It was an even earlier out for me this morning with my having to deliver a piece of “gifted” furniture to a young couple in need. Some months ago, I showed it to them and asked if they wanted it, and the next day the husband called saying, “Yes, we’ll take it if you still want to give it to us.” At the time, I promised to put a clean coat of varnish on it, and wouldn’t you know, the days turned into weeks followed by months. Well, I did get that coat of varnish on it, and called them yesterday saying I’d deliver it, and since the husband goes to work early, I asked that he call me when he was ready for delivery.

At around 6:30 this morning he called, so I ran, picked it up, and then delivered it to his doorstep. They were quite surprised what a fresh coat of varnish did for it. It happened to be an interesting mid-century chest of drawers which will be used as their young son’s clothes storage unit. Oh, what a good feeling one has when freely giving to those who appreciate. I’m sure it’ll work well for their tyke up until the time he leaves home.

It was another busy day at office again to where I wasn’t sure where the time had gone when seeing a near-arrival of noon. For the strangest of reasons, it was feeling more like a Friday instead of Thursday.

I did have an appointment to show a home at noon, and wouldn’t you know, I got stood up which hasn’t happened in many months, and I’m hoping it’s not going to be the beginning of that nonsense again, as it’s beyond annoying.

Pretty much my entire afternoon was filled with out-of-office appointments, and the first being, my showing of four commercial buildings. Thank goodness the weather was warm enough to where I wasn’t freezing my ears off while walking around within them.

I would say the only one the buyers had any interest in, was my listing at 1707 S. Federal which was originally an A & W Restaurant. I keep telling everyone who asks about it, my belief it being the best commercial buy in this City. Of course with this pandemic still looming, new business start-ups have become a rarity. That’s all I can do, is keep plugging away at getting it under contract.

Speaking of pandemic, I greatly bristled when reading that of all the States in the Union, Iowa is the most lax with its China-virus restrictions, and you can thank our dear Governor for us being in first place. Her lock-step mentality with our old Administration is what’ll likely cause her to loose in our next gubernatorial election. It’s not just those unfortunate deaths, but also the 30% of the people that’ve had it, and now experiencing severe long-term side-effects. I also believe it’s been causing heart problems for many of them, which is another reason we must continue to maintain our social-distancing, along with wearing protective masks.

I had a long conversation with a businessman today, which was on the subject of our dying middle class in America, and our belief is, it being due to our growing meritocracy, which as far as I’m concerned, needs to be addressed as much as our entitlement programs, due to us both knowing there’s no way in “yell” people in administration should be getting paid the wages they’re now receiving. Unless they’re completely in denial, they themselves know they’re knocking down far more than they’re truly worth.

Any time someone says to me, “We have to remain competitive with our salaries so we can get our vacancies filled with quality people.”, I begin remembering back at how many of them blew into town, made a few weak “splashes”, and then moved-on to even higher paying jobs in larger cities. Whatever happened to “home-grown” people who plan on making their stay in Mason City permanent?

Since I’ve been in our City’s business world for more years than I’d like to admit, I could sit down and name those who came, dirtied, and then flew off to other nesting sites. Then there’ve been those who’d arrived, stayed a long while, milked what they could from our general public, which just so happened to give them their opportunities to retire early, and finally moved far and enough out of reach of those they’d burned. Just while writing these lines, several names have come to mind. Shame on them.

One of the buyers I was working with of late, mentioned today how much he appreciated my blunt opinion regarding a given property’s long-term value. I had to laugh a little before saying, Well, you must like me because I’m a pragmatic realist with a sentimental overlay.” Now tell me, who wouldn’t want to have such a mind-set on their side of the fence when looking to purchase real estate?

I had to open up two homes today for a hardwood floor refinisher who just happened to have time to look at the both of them. He’s one hard-working chap who has a great talent for transforming original hardwood floors back into looking like new. I’ve actually seen him in action, and for sure, he knows his “shite”. I’m very particular about referring tradespeople because if they don’t live up to their abilities, then the blame gets passed onto me. No thank you.

When hearing today that there’s another so-called plan to build a parking ramp across from the old Penney’s entrance, I shook my head in disbelief. I’d like to know who’re the ones that’ll be paying for it, because as far as I’m concerned, our City is already being overly-taxed. Somebody’s got to put a lock on our City’s “money faucet” that’s willfully wasting of our taxpayers money. Just remember, willful waste brings woeful want.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In my opinion, the cleverest of all, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month.

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