Timeless Gems

When looking at our upcoming weather forecast, I was delighted to see we’re supposed to be having highs this weekend in the mid-fifties. Now I’d say that’s quite remarkable considering those recent weeks of below-zero temps. When having to place several signs in the ground this morning, I noticed our soil still very much frozen which is always a chore when getting them either in or out during these frozen months.

It was another busy day at office with getting phone calls and emails returned, as well as another batch of bills being paid. The bulk of my morning, was spent working on another closing file which will transfer title this Friday, and after finishing up, I gave it all one last review before filing it in my pending drawer.

I had a nice chat with one of my colleagues this morning regarding some tenants of his that’d just moved out, and the filthy condition they left it in. He asked if he was able to charge an hourly rate for cleaning, or if he had to hire a cleaning company to do it, just so he could show proof of it having been cleaned. I assured him that as long as he kept track of his hours, he could bill them for it. He asked if $25 per hour was too much to charge, and yet again I assured him that most cleaning companies charge at least that much or more.

While listening to his description of how disgusting it was, I was reminded of how filthy I’ve recently seen rentals being left, and the shocking part for me at times, was seeing such, in homes where tenants worked in either food services, or hands-on medical.

There’s no question in my mind, most of such blame I’d be placing on “entitling” parents who did everything for their children to the point of never even telling them “No”. One recent tenant was a prime example of such “spoilage” of character-building. I did happen to meet that person’s parents, and just the short time I was around them, I figured they fully-enabled their precious little offspring. Oh, if they only had to grow up in the household I sprouted from, as back then, spankings were in a vogue to where they would’ve quickly learned that if they didn’t perform their specific duties, there’d be Hell to pay.

Over these many years, I’ve had to listen to enough belly-aches from clients and customers about how hard they had to work while at home, and sometimes I’d interject by saying, “If you didn’t have it so hard, then you’d likely not be where you are today.” Yes, nearly all of such complainers had done well-enough personal achieving on their own to make me believe they should’ve later been thanking their parents for their strict character-building demands. Yes, there were far too strict parents who later created psychological issues with their children, but for the most part, I think parents of our older generation, did pretty darned well considering their having to deal with their own personal struggles, as we must remember, times weren’t as easy then, as they are now.

I had a relatively long showing at a commercial building this afternoon, and while driving away, I considered those particular buyers being a long-shot due to its price, along with the excess square-footage it contained. Oh well, at least I know what that building looks like, which I’ll be using for future reference. I was reminded there’s another building I absolutely “must” do some value research on for a seller who’s called me twice asking for it. I’ll have to find time either tomorrow or Friday to get that done.

With some time to kill, I stopped out to see how one of my clients was doing on the fixing up of his rental home he’ll either be selling, or re-renting. Since the previous tenant had lived there far too long, there was a great deal of fixing, upgrading, tearing-out, and above all, cleaning.

While walking thru it, I was reminded how some tenants will do absolutely nothing to keep their living quarters sanitary for years. Upon entering one of its rooms, I happened to get a whiff of urine, and couldn’t help mentioning the smell. From the sounds of it, the carpet that had already be removed, reeked of it. Hopefully after a good cleaning, it won’t smell like that.

He’s also got some concrete to replace due to those tenants refusing to shovel, while instead, threw down salt to melt it off. Seeing how badly pitted it was, I’m sure that went on for years. Now, how lazy is that? If he should decide to list it, which I hope he does, it’ll sell because of how particular he his about having all repairs done in a workmanlike fashion. I did tell him that if it were listed, it would likely sell right away due to the extreme shortage we have of three bedroom homes in sought-after neighborhoods. We’ll later see what he decides.

I did finally get a return call this afternoon from a gentleman who wanted me to call him after I listed 809 – 6th Place SE. I’d called him on Monday morning, and since we’d not heard from him the following day, the sellers went ahead and accepted another offer that came in on Monday. According to today’s caller, he and his wife were out of town until today. Oh well, at least I’d called him as promised.

My late afternoon appointment at office, was with some sellers who needed to come in and sign their transfer docs. After they were all signed, they proceeded to ask about a piece of furniture I have in my office, and that particular one being the oak server behind my desk. The husband is very much into woodworking, and was quite taken by the quality of its construction. More than once I said, “You’ve got good taste, because I quit counting how many people have fondly made mention of it.” Yes, those well-designed and quality-built pieces of furniture are timeless gems indeed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Realist do not fear the results of their study.

Joe Chodur

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