Window-weight Ropes

When seeing only a few flakes of snow hitting my windshield while driving to work this morning, I suspected we’d dodged another snow bullet, which was a relief. I know we need additional moisture, but I’d much rather have gentle rainstorms instead of snow.

It was certainly a crazy-busy day for me to where I felt like I was moving in all directions, just so to be sure I had everyone’s requests fulfilled in a timely manner. Yes, it was a bit hectic, but at the end of the day, I’d say it was a good one.

One of my errands, was to open a house for a tradesman to get some much-needed repairs done, and fortunately I was able to run out on a moments notice without him having to wait. In the past, he’s always been very good about coming to the rescue, which is why I do everything I can to get him into a home when he’s available. In spite of so many others complaining about not being able to get people to work for them, I believe the key to keeping good help, is to treat them as equals.

After noontime, I had to meet a young gentleman at a home he recently rented, just so he could do a walk-thru before signing his lease. Since he’d come from a warmer State, the first thing he mentioned was, “It’s at least ten degrees colder here.” I smiled and told him he’ll get used to it, but living here in Iowa North the other three seasons usually makes up for it. He’s very much the outdoorsy type, and area where he’ll be living, is a perfect place for him to connect with nature.

As much as I don’t like chastising people, I decided to call a young man who several weeks ago, agreed to to take care of a problem his company had created for me, and then later finding they’d back-tracked on his verbal agreement. When he finally returned my call, I told him point-blank, how disappointed I was with him for making an agreement which was later nullified. Well, after a good discussion, it was back on him and his company to follow-thru. I was happy they’d come to their senses about it, and before hanging up, I said, “Just remember to never go back on your word, because if your word means nothing, most will have lost all respect for you.” I don’t like coming off as being overly rigid, but I have to keep reminding myself that in the long-rung, it’s all the better for the recipients of such calls.

I had to smile to myself today when a client mentioned how much she loved visiting her grandmother during the summer because her back yard was like a beautiful private garden where anything she touched would grow, and especially her gooseberry bushes. I couldn’t help sharing with her my having purchased two pink gooseberry bushes last Spring, but didn’t realize until it was too late, how much those naughty rabbits and deer enjoyed eating their leaves and bud-tips. I did place some strong wire fencing around them before winter hit, just so they’ll have a good go at it this growing season. You would think the thorns on them would’ve kept them away, but evidently not. When I do get the garden fencing I want, and after it’s installed, I dare say it’ll look similar to what correctional facilities installed around their perimeters. This migration and subsequent over-populating of wildlife in our City, is going to get much worse before it gets better. Just yesterday I noticed two dead dear on the roadside, not even a half-mile from our City limits, so get ready, they’re heading our way again.

Have you all noticed how many young people have recently died? I’m beginning to wonder what that’s all about. When hearing over the weekend of a woman in her 30’s being found dead, I couldn’t help thinking it either a suicide or a drug over-dose. I did hear recently that there’s some nasty drugs floating around in our City which are likely sending even more to their dirt naps. Of course the families of those young decedents usually keep themselves tight-lipped over such causes. As I’ve said before, when we see a spike in the number of deaths in our younger generation, our society has got a really big problem.

I didn’t have much time to catch up on our national news today, and not feeling a bit at loss because I’m continually having jaw-drops on a near-daily basis when reading the garbage that’s coming out of the mouths of those in our political arenas. There’s no question in my mind, the number of “Kool-Aid” drinkers are on the rise, and growing more radically vocal. I thought for sure all this non-sense would be over by now, but it looks like it’ll continue on into our next election cycle. Have you ever considered the Russians and Chinese being the ones who’re encouraging/funding our social unrest?

When in conversation with a customer about windows recently, I couldn’t help sharing my own experience with those so-called “higher-end” replacement windows that all our window sellers are pressuring people to buy. Yours truly had his own experience with them which made me want to go out and spit three times when finding those replacements leaking air even worse than those they’d replaced. Thank goodness I only replaced five instead of the whole house because that would’ve been an even bigger waste of money.

With the remaining windows, I took out both the upper and lower sashes, scraped every layer of paint off, replaced all glazing, and then primed and painted their exterior-facing portions. I then replaced all the window-weight ropes, and re-installed the sashes. To this day, those original double-hung windows are more energy efficient than those pieces of junk I never should’ve purchased in the first place. Yes, it takes more time than money to get original windows back in shape, but well worth the effort. That’s just another “specialty” trade some young entrepreneur would make a good living at.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Art is not a handicraft, but rather the transmission of feelings the artist has experienced.

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