The Dark Hole

While out driving this afternoon, I was delighted to find it 43 degrees, which certainly helped to melt the snow off our streets and sidewalks. Of course I had to run my car thru a carwash again today due to all that splattering from those many pickup trucks with no mud-flaps we have running around our town. It’s too bad our Country doesn’t have mudflap laws for all pickups and tall SUVs.

My first appointment of the day, was to meet a gentleman out at a home to give me an estimate on some work needing to be done. After giving it a good looking-over and pricing, it looks like he’ll be doing the work since he happened to have a slot open this week.

By the time I was finished with him, it was the hour to meet both the home inspector and appraiser at a home I recently sold. It was quite a surprise hearing from the appraiser so soon, and likely because of slow sales due to our lack of inventory. I’m very confident it appraised, as well as there being no glaring inspection issues.

I had to make a quick trip to Walgreens over the lunch hour to pick up a few items, so I figured I’d buy a can of soup for my lunch while there. After picking thru all those different brands and types, there wasn’t one which didn’t have MSG contained. No thank you very much, so I stopped at Taco Bell and picked up a burrito and had that for lunch. I know MSG doesn’t bother most, but yours truly always seems to get an upset stomach after eating something containing it, which is why I always look at the ingredients contained.

I would love to see an honest to goodness dine-in/take-out cafe in our Downtown and making everything from scratch, as you can be sure, I’d be a regular. Now, I’m not talking about a high-ender, but rather one serving our local favorites. I know pizza for lunch is popular, but I’d rather have pizza by the slice like they have at Casey’s, and the reason I don’t normally go there, is because I’d have to get in my car and drive. I’m sure a small building with a breakfast and lunch counter would do exceptionally well in our City’s center once the word got out. I never did like stopping at the Susie-Que because it’s too confining within. As of yet, I’m not even sure if they’ve re-opened.

When reading an online article today regarding our Park Board having gone ahead and approved the scheduling of the Band Festival Parade this coming May, I began seething with anger when knowing we’re not even close to the end of this pandemic, and especially just yesterday, hearing that the California variant being far more communicable, and even more deadly. Oh, and I just looked at the top five States with a continuing rise in outbreaks, and one of them being North Dakota. Too close, don’t you think?

If you look on KIMT’s website regarding the comparison of outbreaks, and especially the deaths in both Minnesota and Iowa, our State’s death numbers are inching too close to Minnesota’s. Don’t you get the feeling our State government is doing something wrong? Just remember, Minnesota has a population of 2.5 million more than Iowa which creates no question in my mind, the powers that be in our State, have not been taking steps to lessen our number of infections and deaths. Shame on them.

You can be sure I’ll not be going anywhere near those Band Festival Weekend activities, and the reason for it, is my having remembered the license plates of those vendors and Carnival ride trailers and trucks, and seeing how far from “home” they’ve come. If I were on our Park Board, I’d be very much against allowing that possible “super-infection” to take place. I had to laugh when hearing someone saying today, “Well you know, our Band Festival is just a money-making event for our local Chamber of Commerce.”

After that comment, I did share my recent decision where after many years of Holtz Realty being a member of it, I felt it necessary to cut “its cord” late last year because of it being decades since they’ve ever done any tangible or intangible good for Holtz Realty. I’m of the belief, they now only cater to their big donors, and leave all their smaller companies/members in the lurch. Starting this year, I’ve decided to donate at least the amount of their yearly subscription towards something more worthy. At the time, I struggled over leaving the Chamber, but now that months have passed, I’m perfectly fine with it. And by the way, I never did like being part of cliques, as I’d rather be on the outside looking in, instead of on the inside looking down from a perch.

Someone mentioned this past week how fearful she is whenever having to deal with a certain colleague due to his erratic temperament. I couldn’t help saying, “I wouldn’t let it bother me if I were you, as whenever that spit-fire starts in on me, I turn into a biting sow which soon sends him back to the dark hole from which he crawled. She got a good belly-laugh out of my little comment which may help with her anxieties in the future. In my opinion, bullies are beasts worthy of being subjected to machine-gun tongues.

My last appointment, was for a pre-listing presentation with two homeowners. It went very well, and for sure it’ll sell in a New York second should they decide to list. My hat goes off to all of our residents who take daily pride in the ownership of their homes.

After visiting about valuations, we had a good chat regarding life-transitioning, and how much we should be respectful of another’s choices, instead of “thinking” we know what’s best. Each person has their own life-path, and as long as they have their faculties, they should be left to their own elections, and only because, that’s what keeps them engaged.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The only journey, is the one within each and every one of us.

Joe Chodur

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