Black with Crows

Wasn’t it absolutely delightful when seeing our temps nearing forty degrees today? Of course the first thing I had to do this morning, was to get all my shoveling done before it started turning into snow-cone snow from our warming sun. It went much faster than I expected, and glad for it because I had enough other things to do besides scooping snow.

My first appointment, was to go out and check on a house which is moving closer to getting listed. Those weeks of below-zero temps certainly put a damper on getting things done over there, but at least it’s now coming closer to being listed.

I’m still trudging forward with having 114 – 11th St. NE sold, and of course I had to go over there and get the snow removed before another agent was to show it early this afternoon. I later put in a call to that agent asking how the viewing went, and if what was said is true, I’m now even more hopeful it’ll sell, as the only concern, was it being just a tad out of their price range. The reviews were good, and that’s all that mattered.

The showing of 1707 S. Federal must’ve been really good because the agent was at that bar/restaurant with her buyers for over 2 hours, and while there, I was getting texts asking for clarifications on some of its features. I told that agent without a doubt, a commercial property in it’s location, is going to go down in history as this year’s best buy. Without question, if I were looking for a project, I would’ve had that under contract once its price dropped so low. Wow! What a bargain.

I had a very good showing over at Prairie Place on 1st this afternoon, and while waiting for the buyers to arrive, I had a nice visit with one of the residents who was just heading out to get vaccinated against the China-virus. I shouldn’t have mentioned my thoughts on what our Governor has not been doing regarding our State’s infection rates, because she instantly turned sour and said, “Don’t even get me started on her.” I don’t know if it was fake news when reading today on someone’s Facebook page stating that Iowa’s infection rates are still growing while all of our other State’s are subsiding. I really hope that was fake news, as after reading that article of yesterday I shared with all of you, I sure’s heck wouldn’t want to be one of those statistics.

After my showing, I headed back to my office to call the seller on 2121 S. Georgia to find out if she was willing to take the offer that came in on it over the weekend, and unfortunately for that agent, my seller ended up countering again, while saying, “I’m not going any lower.” I emailed the agent with the news, and have yet to hear back from her. Oh well, I did try.

I’m now on a major gripe regarding all these snowmobilers who think they can freely trespass when driving their motorized sleds on anyone’s private property. I personally wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing, but these numerous “alpha males” we have living in North Iowa, sure think they can drive those oil cans anywhere they want. I so badly would like to say to one of them, “Can’t you find something more productive to do with you life?” Yes, it always has to be all about the noise and speed with them.

By the way, while driving that long stretch of North Federal this morning just before the hour of eight, I decided to count how many male drivers were bearded. By the time I got up to the cement plant road, each and every male driver was sporting un-kept facial hair. Now tell me, has Duck Dynasty made that big of an impact on our North Iowa males? When I see men running around like that, all I can think of, is how little they must think of their outward appearances, which brings back another one of my mother’s sayings, and being, “If you look your best on the outside, then you’ll feel your best on the in.” Even into her ancient age, she diligently worked at looking her best.

Now please don’t think I despise facial hair because I don’t, as I believe men who do their morning shaves along with the trimming of their beards and mustaches, look quite presentable, and some even to the point of appearing even more concerned about their outward appearances. It’s unfortunate I rarely see the likes in these times. A very many years ago when I had a mustache, I shaved and trimmed each and every day. Some were not happy when seeing I decided I’d had enough of it, and shaved it off for good. For me, it was just another of those one-time phases in my life.

A dear one of mine, freely and willingly gave me a five inch tall hand-carved figure today, which I gladly accepted. He does know how taken I am over anything that’s carved by hand. Today’s gift was a more primitive carving of what appeared to be an older man wearing a long “worker’s coat”. There were no markings on it regarding the person who created it from a piece of hardwood, but once I get it cleaned and oiled, I’ll be adding him to that oak cabinet behind my desk which contains numerous conversational pieces. Wooden carvings have always fascinated me, and yet I haven’t even attempted to carve something myself. Go figure. I’ll have to add that to my retirement “to learn” list. Learning to fish is already on my list, as I will indeed have to follow-thru with what I’ve told the many over these years, and that being my final willingness to go fishing. I dare not tell how many decades it’s been since I sat on a dock with fishing pole in hand. Some day, I’ll share with you the rest of my “fish” story.

Tonight’s photo is just one more example of how many of those vile crows we have who’ve taken up residence in and around our City. When seeing how that open field was black with crows, conjured up ancient memories regarding Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. There’s no doubt, I was far too young and impressionable when viewing that movie for the first time because it scared the “yell” out of me. How about you?

Tonight’s One-liner is: More belongs to a marriage than four legs in a bed. Amen.

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