Dead Streets

We’re finally moving out of the frigid zone and into what a real February is supposed to be like. I could already tell how this warming trend has positively affected the mindsets of our general public as they were exhibiting better attitudes compared to these past two weeks. One of my clients who sadly mentioned her waterline having frozen several days ago, called this morning to announce it warmed up enough to where her water was running again. I couldn’t have been more relieved for her. Being without running water for two days would be enough to send anyone up a wall. It was definitely another reminder for each of us, how dependent we are on our simple modern conveniences.

In spite of it being at least ten degrees warmer this morning, I felt it necessary to continue checking on those vacant homes, and will likely continue until our over-night temps get closer to freezing. A plumber told me many years ago, that if the overnight temps are 20 degrees or colder, the likelihood of pipes freezing goes way up, which is why I continue to be worrisome over them during these cold months.

While visiting with a client at office today, we talked about how much more important it is when growing older, to keep our bodies, and especially our minds active. Over the years, I can think of many cases which proved themselves true, and so much so, I could almost place wagers on those who’d be having both mental and physical problems, and unfortunately, they nearly always came true.

What I believe is even more troubling, are the many who hole themselves up in their homes and don’t do much of anything other than watch television or poke around on their internet tablets or computers. Believe it or not, such daily rituals, are more damaging to the mind because it’s all passive, as there’s nearly no creativity involved. Just remember, it’s always out there, and waiting to be casually read with no interaction what so ever. Do you now understand why so many are not exercising their minds?

I couldn’t help mentioning how my mother who lived to be well into her 90’s, having always something to work on, be it crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, word finding exercises, and of course reading, along with not being surprised her favorite TV program was “Jeopardy”. Thank goodness she kept her mind working because I believe that’s why she didn’t have the mental issues most her age did. I’m sure you can think of many others in their 80’s and 90’s who’ve managed to keep their minds sharpened. I hope.

Having spoken about this before, I’m growing all the more concerned there are fewer seniors gathering to create things together, and now with this pandemic, they’re likely growing metaphysically sedentary. I know many women have sewing and quilting groups, but what about our men? I personally don’t know of any group of male seniors who’re getting together on a weekly basis to create things. I could freely share a number of ideas for creative mind/body challenges our senior males could be working on.

Can you believe it’s already Ash Wednesday, and forty days from now it’ll be Easter? I’m gonna have to start checking off the days in anticipation. I’ve yet to see any Lenten gatherings being held by our City’s communities of faith, and most likely due to this pandemic. I did take an hour off work and drove over to St. Paul Lutheran to practice several unfamiliar hymns. I couldn’t help saying to one of their ladies this morning, “In a prideful way, before I started accompanying your Services, I believed I knew at least 75% of all Christian hymns, and oh how embarrassingly wrong I was.” I’m still very pleased over my having become quite comfortable while playing their vintage pipe organ. She’s a little quirky, but at the end of the day, who or what isn’t in these times?

I received an updated loan payoff this afternoon on the home I have listed at 114 – 11th St. NE which is hopefully moving closer to getting sold. Having had two offers on it which fell thru, I’m going to be fully-readied with my numbers when the next offer comes in on it. I just sickens me it hasn’t yet sold, and likely the only reason, is that most “online” lookers think its sponge-painted walls are wallpapered, while in fact, the only wallpaper in that entire home is the bathroom, and a few lines of border–that’s it.

Now that our market has grown so tight, perhaps there will be some of those remaining desperate buyers taking a peek. I’ve mentioned many times the fact that the section of 11th St. NE in which it’s located, has little traffic while being considered one of those “dead streets” which forces one to have to turn off on another street to get from point A to B. Personally, I’d much rather live on such a street, instead of one of our arteries; and who wants to listen to traffic driving past their homes day and night? Certainly not me.

I was surprised to hear Rush Limbaugh died, as I didn’t even know something was wrong with him. I know he had many listeners, but the few times I listened to his radio programs, I couldn’t even make myself develop a taste for his form of delivering questionable bits of radio news. I guess I’m too much of a dyed-in-the-wool centrist.

Speaking of getting along, I found a refreshing article on BBC Online several days ago which was about a remote hamlet in Montana which has very few residents during their winters due to a long road leading to it, being not much more than a dirt path. Its general store owner mentioned something which really hit me, and that was, “In spite of our differences of opinions and political beliefs, we treat each other with kindness and respect because we all know we may need some help getting our vehicles out of a snow bank, or even in need of a quart of oil.” Now isn’t that the way it should be instead of all this bashing our society doses with one another for our entire world to see? That hamlet certainly has its shite together. I’d love to see a television series created about them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You can willfully do anything with bayonets, except sit on them.

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