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Let’s hope everyone’s getting themselves prepared for the days ahead. I wasn’t happy to see we’re supposed to get rain turning into sleet, and then snow with wind tomorrow. What a way to usher in our month of February. I knew we had similar weather last year after January ended, and it looks like a repeat of it. Let’s hope we have enough snow cover to keep the frost from traveling too deeply underground.

I have a final walk-thru late tomorrow afternoon that’s closing on Friday, and I’m praying the roads aren’t going to be wicked while driving over and back from Clear Lake. It looks like it’s going to be another wicked Buddy Holly weekend. Do you think it’s possible Buddy’s spirit is still hovering around North Iowa?

Most of my morning was filled with the little to do’s I needed to get accomplished, along with going over pending files to make sure they’re headed on track towards being fully approved and ready to close. Whenever banks are involved, there are more people to deal with, and since the beginning of last year’s frantic buying, the appraisers are usually the laggers at getting their inspections and reports submitted.

With this cold weather barreling down on us, I’m even encouraging the owners of vacant homes, to shut their water valves off at the meter in their basements, because if there’d be a freeze, we wouldn’t want pipes blowing and then flooded basements. Unfortunately, I’ve seen my share of them over the years, and they were a pretty scary sight.

I did manage to finally get all the packed snow that had turned to ice off the sidewalks of a home a very naughty monkey didn’t shovel prior to moving out. I dare say I’ll never fully understand what causes people to become so selfishly myopic when it comes to taking responsibility of their duties. I’m eternally thankful for being raised in a family where parents drilled responsibility into the the heads of their children early-on.

One of my clients stopped by today to show me a few plans he has for a future remodeling project of his current home. I’m confident it’ll be a good job well-done, but I’m not quiet sure he’s “got it” yet because when looking at his plans, I couldn’t “see” a design and appeal that wowed me. As I’ve often said, it takes a great deal of going back to the chalkboard before it all fits. There’s no question, in time he’ll soon be showing me an altered design that’ll bring me to the point of saying, “Now that’s a keeper.”

While on the phone with a dear one, we talked about a certain listing that’d been added onto, which now makes it appear to be one of those older modular homes. Having been in it a number of years ago, I’d say it’s structurally no better now, it was then, but this time around, it’s a lipsticked pig. Now if that home sells even close to its asking price, I’ll know for a fact we’re now deeply imbedded in a seller’s market.

Speaking of our shortage of listings, there’ve been more advertising by Realtors wanting to do market surveys for homeowners thinking about selling, and the only thing that makes me a little nervous about that, is if those particular owners aren’t fully ready to make their moves, which is why I’m exceptionally careful about not pressuring sellers when they’re not even close to being ready to sell. Irregardless how much more money they’ll get for the homes, if they’re truly not ready, then selling at the wrong times, could have long-lasting negative psychological effects on them. Believe me, back many years ago when we were in a sellers market, I heard enough of those recent purchasers mention years later. their wishing they’d stayed put. You can bet I’m not one of those pushy used car salesmen with a high-pressure “buy it now” approach. Perhaps that’s why I continue to have a solid bank of exceptionally loyal clients and customers.

If all goes in the direction I’m expecting, I should have at least four new listings coming on within a three week period, and only if this cold snap doesn’t hinder the work those sellers are doing to get them readied for market. I guess if it’s longer, then so be it, as many of our buyers may not even want to look if it’s so terribly cold outdoors.

I spoke with the Administrator of 114 – 11th St. NE today, just to let her know we’re still getting showings on it, which continues to give me hope it’ll sell when this weather straightens out. Gosh, I wish many of our young buyers would “see” the possibilities I can in that home, which wouldn’t be that costly to turn it back into a sparkling diamond. Not to sound like I’ve seen all and done all, when saying I’ve taken on far bigger and costlier projects than what it is in need of to make it sell quickly and for many thousands more; and no, I wouldn’t be smearing lipstick on a pig.

The thought raced thru my mind today regarding all these recent buyers of acreages, and wondering how they’re going to react when dealing with the blizzard conditions we’re supposed to have tomorrow. Those east/west roads are going to be the most wicked because of the drifting. Having lived in the country nearly my entire life, I could tell many hair-raising stories about being hung-up in snowbanks, as well as nearly finding myself in a deep ditch due to not being able to see the road in front of me. I’ve learned a long time ago that if a road looks impassable, then it likely isn’t, so I’d just better spend the night at a “grandma’s”, and wait till the morn.

When looking at our long-range weather forecast late this afternoon, it’s appearing we’re going to be having this extended cold lasting for weeks. I guess we can thank global warming for the return of another polar vortex. I don’t remember last year’s lasting that long, so let’s hope the meteorologists are wrong.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

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