Glaringly Reminded

Today was the fist day this winter where I found it to be exceptionally bright outdoors and wishing I had my sunglasses with me. I’m sure it was mostly due to the combination of our sun growing closer and coupled with our complete snow-cover. That darned black ice sure had me ever-careful when walking because just yesterday I just about went down.

I managed to get my Sunday morning contemplative session finished up before heading over to play at St. Paul Lutheran Church. I pulled up about the same time Pastor Matt arrived, and had nice chat while walking indoors. I couldn’t help mentioning to him how much better it would be for everyone involved if their church would purchase those three worn-out homes to the east of it, have them torn down, and then create a real off-street parking lot. For sure it would be a win-win for St. Paul and their surrounding neighbors.

Those three homes were turned into conversion apartments long before I got into real estate, and as chance would have it, a man by the name of J. B. Chauncey purchased them from a real estate broker I worked for at the time. I forget what he did for a living, but I do know he lived in Rock Glen. When seeing the chronic problems he had with them, I’m sure he was cursing the day he purchased those beasts. Having seen some pretty interesting characters coming and going from them over these long years, I’m sure if their walls could talk, we’d be hearing stories worthy of endless nightmares. Yes, I do wish someone would buy them so they could finally return to the earth where they’ve long-wanted to be.

The unfortunate thing about all three of them, is the way in which they’re situated on that one lot, along with not having any back yards to speak of. I’m sure when they were built back in the 1880’s, people didn’t have cars, and likely walked wherever they needed to go since they’re well within walking distance of our Historic Downtown. Yes, that corner has been an eye-sore for a very many years.

The music didn’t go as well as I’d expected, and mostly due to my not asking Pastor Matt to run thru that syncopated recessional piece. We got thru it, but I wasn’t happy about not being able to stay in sync with his leading. What I did do, was continue to play it after their Service was over, just so the people would be familiar with its tempo in case they should they have it scheduled again. The other two hymns I played went just fine, but the way in which that last one unfolded, was definitely not to my liking. Oh well, the fault is completely on me for not going over it with him.

Having nowhere to be until an hour later, I spent a little time visiting with a few of their members, and as I’ve mentioned many times before, that community of faith contains some of the nicest people. With this pandemic still raging, they aren’t having coffee and treats afterwards which I also enjoyed when playing for them several years ago. That’s all we can do is hope we finally arrive at herd immunity so our lives can get back to at least some sense of normalcy.

My late morning appointment was to open 1707 S. Federal for an agent who had a buyer wanting to look at it. I’m still in shock that hasn’t sold, but I guess it’s a sign of the struggles business owners are having during these times. It’s already been over a year since that China-virus was discovered, and here we’re still in the middle of it with no real end in sight.

I had a little re-shoveling to do, and didn’t mind it a bit since our temps were climbing, the sun shining, and the wind not even whispering. Of course there was more of that nasty black ice I had to sand because I sure wasn’t in the mood for a sudden fall.

Being not far from a groceteria, I made a quick stop for a few things I was needing, and of course there were people walking in and out without their face-masks. I’d like to know what makes those people think they’re above it all. I mentioned to another this afternoon how much I work at wearing one whenever around others because if I should happen to be unknowingly asymptomatic and pass it on to someone else, I would be heart-broken.

I took a little drive up to the Highlands for a preview of my agent’s new listing at 957 – 15th Pl. NE which is about as clean and maintenance-free as you’d ever expect a home to be. The owners did a very good job at bringing it up to the standards most of our first-time buyers are looking for. I was very much impressed with the bamboo flooring they installed which is exceptionally durable. The garage is a single stall, but much longer, which offers more storage area than you’d normally find.

While on that side of the City, I stopped at the listing I previewed several days ago for a quick chat about how it looks like our market conditions are going to be slim pickings for buyers this season, and the sooner it’s ready to list, the more likely it’ll be sold. It’ll not surprise me if there are multiple offers on it once it hits our market.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent paying bills and working on my tax accounting. I didn’t get as much done as expected, but at least I got back at it again today, and if I remain diligent, it should all be finished-up long before I have to meet with my tax professional. I was glaringly reminded again how much it costs to keep a real estate office running for a year, and convinced most buyers and sellers wouldn’t believe it until they had my yearly operating costs laid before their very eyes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We are only aware of the empty space in the forest, which only yesterday was filled with trees.

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