Rags to Riches

I shouldn’t have spoken so quickly yesterday about how pleasant our winter days are when the wind isn’t blowing because we sure got hit with some biting wind this afternoon after the cloud cover lifted. I’m hoping it goes down with the sun and not be hanging around again tomorrow.

It was my putzing day of the week where I wrapped up the research I’d been doing on several prospective future listings, as well as getting all the more prepared for immersing myself in my year-end tax accounting which is always a dreaded beast to be harnessed.

By a stroke of luck, I did manage to get that home sold yesterday which happened to have multiple offers on it. When visiting with the buyer this morning, I thanked her for hanging in there as well as sharing my belief, that home will be a good long-term fit for her. In spite of having to anxiously compete with several other buyers, it ended up being worth the extra stress.

It was fortunate for that seller, my buyer did hang in there, as more times than not, good buyers will walk away from purchasing a home if it’s discovered they’re being pulled into a bidding war. I just happen to be one of those who’ll walk away from something before being thrown into the midst of an auction-type of purchase. I’ve always said, “If were into auctions, I’d be one of their regulars.” No thank you very much.

The intermittent snowfall we were getting, had me with broom in hand, out at the front sidewalk of my office more than once, just to keep the pedestrians from grinding that snow into those nasty pavers.

While out there, I couldn’t help noticing the City tree crew cutting down trees in front of The Manor. That was certainly something to watch because there were far more involved than I would’ve expected. After driving past it after they were down and cleaned up, that building looks all the better for it. Don’t get me wrong about trees, as I’m very much a lover of them, but when they get planted too close to homes or buildings, they become not only a nuisance, but even more-so dangerous. Oh how I wish those “in the know” of our City didn’t plant that nasty Locust just outside the front of my office. Mark my words, the taller it gets, the more problematic it will become.

Shortly after lunch, I stopped over to check on the progress of one of my clients who’s been busied on his own winter project. I called first to see if he’d like me to stop and purchase a coffee for him, which he gladly accepted. After giving it a good look-over, I complimented him on his work thus far, but his exasperated remark was, “This has been a far bigger project than I was expecting.” All I could do was remind him how far he’s already come with it.

My mid-afternoon appointment took me out to a home with notepad in hand for a virgin walk-thru, just so I could get a more clear picture of its features and over-all condition. Before leaving, I told the owner I’d work some numbers up tomorrow morning and give him a call. There’s no question it’ll sell, but I just don’t want to price it too high for our market and end up having it hanging there for months on end.

Another nightmare scenario just happened yesterday when our City Water Dept. went out to shut the water off on a vacant property and ended up causing the shut-off at the curb to rupture and begin spewing-up water. As I’ve always known, a person had best not let their water bills go in arrears because if the City has a problem shutting “their” water off for non-payment or even getting it turned back on, the expense of replacing that deep underground shut-off is on them, and not the City. I drove by there today, and wouldn’t you know, there’s likely been hundreds of gallons of water that has already flowed down that street. I just hope “our” City gets that replaced quickly because all that water could create basement water problems for its neighbors. Isn’t it the craziest?

We’ve got less than 24 hours before our new President is inaugurated, and I’m saying my prayers there’ll not be any additional flare-ups by protestors turning into rioters. It just seems in these times there being radical off-the-wall mindsets where people can be civil one moment, and filled with rage the next. I understand some of our young folks doing it, but whenever finding older people acting like that, troubles me greatly. I’m wondering if this additional pandemic-related confinement is the culprit. As I told my client today, “It’s good you can keep yourself busy with your project instead of rattling around at home with nothing productive to do, and then going bat shite crazy.”

Being in need of a few things from a groceteria, I stopped at Fareway to pick up what I needed, and since I was there, I happened to find several really good buys which I don’t believe were advertised in their weekly flyer. As long as those sale items can be either shelved or sent to a freezer, it’s only makes sense to buy when their prices are ridiculously low. Yes, in more ways than one, I am my mother’s son.

When scrolling thru the online news today, an article regarding the life of a recently deceased casino tycoon by the name of Sheldon Adelson caught my attention, so I clicked on it and gave it a read. Wow! Now that guy’s over-all character was something of which we should all set up and take notice. What impressed me the most, was how he made sure his employees were taken care-of during this pandemic, along with his remarkably generous donations to various charitable organizations. In these times of blind greed, he was definitely a contrarian. His rags to riches life story should be an inspiration for us all. Reading that short article, was indeed the highlight of my day.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Only when the liberation of our natural capacities for pure love from within are released, will only then offer enough strength for us to master such sadistic human destructiveness in our world.

Joe Chodur

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