No Longer Able

With our wind coming from the north and at a noticeable speed, our temps dropped enough to where it was downright biting outdoors, and of course with the thawing that went on yesterday and then freezing overnight, the sidewalks and staircases were pretty slick. Thank goodness I was mindful enough not to treat it like another day.

Upon arrival at office, I received an email from a colleague asking for clarification on some documents, so I waited until a normal hour to call her. By the time I did, she’d already figured it out herself, but at least we had an opportunity to find out what’s been happening on each side of our fences.

Pretty much the remainder of my morning was spent running errands along with doing a little tidying up at my office. All that sand our City spreads on the streets, always manages to find its way into my office which I have to get vacuumed and swept up before it gets ground into my wooden floors.

My afternoon showings went well, and shortly after we parted company, my buyer text me to see what time would work tomorrow afternoon to have a second viewing of one of them. We agreed on 2:30, so it looks like my afternoon is going to be filled up until the 5:00 pm arrival of my last appointment. I’m going to try and get some work done on my little project in the morning, just so I can at least say I’m staying at it.

With some time to kill, I called one of my dear friends back who I had to cut short of a conversation we were having some days ago, and only due to an un-scheduled arrival of a customer at my office. She laughed and said how it’s nice to get another call-back due to my being interrupted.

Most of our conversation revolved around how we must learn to accept our faults and failures just so we can become all the better in ways to promote goodness in our world. We are very much like-minded when it comes to understanding the concept of making ourselves truly “whole” so that we’re metaphysically comfortable with ourselves. She’s one of the rare ones who’s totally fine with where she is in her life. It’s sad there aren’t more like her in our midst who’d be willing to share with others their thoughts about the whole meaning of life. I’d say she’s about as close to being what one would consider an Earth Mother. She’s also very much a proponent of deep contemplation.

With about an hour to kill, I went back to my piano and began playing for nearly an hour which was a long stretch for me. One of them had me so moved by its melody, I must’ve played it at least a half dozen times. I’ll likely go back to it again sometime soon. Towards the end, I found myself doing a sing-along with it. If there were pedestrians outside, I’m sure they must’ve heard the music. If there ever be a time in the future where I’ll be accompanying a vocalist, that piece will get recommended. For whatever unbeknownst reason, my keyboard skills are continuing to grow without me even working at it.

Late last evening, I happened upon a relatively long article titled, “How Covid-19 Will Change Aging and Retirement” which I’m adding the link for you to read if you like. Some of the information contained, I already knew was happening, and especially how those who’re isolated for long periods of time, start having meta-physical issues due to there being little or no concerned attention and/or contact given to them.

How Covid-19 Will Change Aging and Retirement

I’ve already been seeing how the general public has become more on-edge whenever in conversation, and whenever I say something uplifting, they nearly always seem surprised. Just yesterday, a young buyer I’ve been working with mentioned how much she’s appreciated my being kind and thoughtful with her during our outings. I thanked her for the compliment along with saying, “I’ve always worked hard at treating everyone with the dignity they deserve.” Yes, there are those naughty monkeys I’ve steered clear of, but at least I do continue to wish them well which is the utmost, because if I didn’t, I’m basically just as naughty. Make sense?

My anxieties are still on over-load regarding the possibility of unrest at our Statehouses along with Capitol Hill these coming days. Let’s just hope there won’t be any major incidents before or during the Inauguration of our in-coming President. The will of the populous has spoken in our ballot boxes, so it’s time to start re-building bridges and get back to working in a bipartisan fashion. Some may think me tilting either left or right, but that can’t be farther from the truth because as I’ve said, I’ve considered myself a centrist for a very many long years.

I showed my new listing at 2121 S. Georgia today, and after walking out, I asked my buyers’ opinion which they freely gave. Their comments made me hopeful it’ll sell more sooner than later. There’s an ancient Red Elm tree growing in its front yard which is one heck of a majestic specimen. I wouldn’t be surprised if that tree is well over 100 years old.

I’m hoping to have enough un-interrupted time this coming week to get busied with having my taxes prepared for my accountant’s review. The sooner I get them completed, the more relieved I’ll be. In spite of recent events, I still have positive vibes for 2021.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When we are no longer able to change our situations, we are then driven to acclimate ourselves for the sake of our own survival.

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