Ripped Down

Oh how I wished it was the brightest of sunny days today, and simply because these heavy gray skies were reminding me of yesterday’s happenings on Capitol Hill. As much as wanted it being a bad night’s dream, reality kicked in once I was fully awake. I’m still not completely over the shock of it all, and likely won’t be for some time.

Since those happenings were today’s center of conversation, I couldn’t help adding, “As we remember 9/11 from 2001, the infamous day of 12/6 will also be highlighted in the annals of history.” Let’s hope there’ll never be a repeat of it in our lifetimes.

What’s got me concerned, is there likely being more long-term societal effects similar to the change in the mentalities of our society after 9/11 which continue to plague us. I’m now wondering if this alt-right movement will go back underground, or if it’ll continue on the rise. There happened to be one person I was in casual conversation with today whom I wouldn’t doubt subscribes to some of their beliefs regarding these so-called conspiracies that are being promoted on Youtube, Facebook, and chat groups. It seems everyone is looking for some sort of “team” to join, just so they can consider themselves a part of a something bigger than their daily grinds. My advice for them, would be to take up hobbies and create. Original creations are always worthy of notice. Right?

My first appointment today, was to go over an offer with a seller which was emailed to me by an agent last night. Unfortunately, one of my sales was looking like its financing was going to fail due to an over-sight on a lender’s part, so I immediately placed a call to the agent who’d inquired on it several weeks ago. He said his buyer was still interested, so I told him what the situation was, but we’d have to get those failed buyers to sign-off on a cancellation of purchase agreement before his buyer could consider it bought.

After several rounds of negotiations, we had it sold subject-to that cancellation, so I then placed another call to the agent who’d sold it to those “failed loan” buyers, and luckily she’d already emailed their signed cancellation. I should have that ratified purchase agreement back from my sellers tomorrow morning which I’ll then forward on to the selling agent. Perhaps the third time around on that home will be the charm. It didn’t surprise me that loan fell apart, and perhaps it’ll all be for the best in the long run.

An overnight letter I was waiting for, finally arrived mid-morning which contained the earnest deposit on a home I sold over the weekend in Clear Lake. I’m not looking for any problems with that sale because it’s a cash purchase. I remind myself often that in the world of real estate, cash is always king.

In haste, I drove over to Clear Lake and delivered it to the listing agent’s office along with clearer copies of the selling documents. It was a nice drive over, which gave me an opportunity to make my big circle around their City park and get a good look at their near-completely frozen lake. There’s no way in “yell” I’d want to live on that lakeshore during the winter, and especially anywhere close to where that biting north wind deeply penetrates. I’m still in disbelief people actually live on that south shoreline during our winter months. Several years ago I had to pay a visit to one of them, and the day I was there, the wind was a-howling on a Siberia-like landscape. No thank you very much.

On my way back, I made a stop at one of my client’s projects, just to see how he’s been doing. When walking thru it, I was amazed to find how much he’d done these past several months. From the looks of it, I’d say he’s well on his way to having it completed. Since his workload isn’t as great this time of year, he’s had more time to work on his own projects. I’m always glad to find our younger crowd keeping themselves busied during our winter months because their days go by much faster than the many others who’re sitting around and waiting for Spring’s arrival.

With most of my afternoon free, I buried myself in bill paying and account balancing. Everything was going smoothly until I discovered my most-used checking account out of balance by hundreds of dollars. Of course that’s when I always begin to sweat, so I methodically started checking each entry. Fortunately, I happened to notice a check number missing, and wouldn’t you know, that check I wrote out near the beginning of December hadn’t been cashed before the end of last month, so I placed a call to the one I issued it to just in question if it was received. Well, it arrived, but not deposited until after the first of this month. So much for paying bills on time and then find one not having been deposited for nearly a month. Luckily, everything else balanced which left me enough time to get all the bills that had come in fully paid, and deposited in the Post. Another annoying little job done for one more month.

While out checking on a property, I happened to notice a young gentleman out in his front yard. I decided to stop and ask how he’s enjoying his new home which another Realtor sold him. He was quite flustered about having to pay so much for a wiring update, but in spite of that, we had a very good chat about recent happenings since he’d moved in. I was exceptionally happy to hear he’s loving the neighborhood which is another testament to that general area. I couldn’t help informing him how delightful his conversations have been, along with wishing I could have him cloned and sown across North Iowa. Having newbies like him to our City, does give me hope for our future.

I was sorting thru some old postcards today, and happened upon the above which I’m not sure if I’d posted before, but even so, every time I see photos of our old Courthouse, it makes me internally angry over the destruction of it. Yes, another of our City’s beauty, ripped down and hauled off in the name of progress.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The chief danger in life, is when we take too many precautions.

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