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Another cold and windy day happened in North Iowa, and unfortunately it seems more often than not, our recent warm days have been happening during our workweeks, and the cold ones come a-calling on our weekends. I’d planned on doing some work outdoors, but with today’s cold and wind, I nixed my idea and found enough things indoors to keep me busy between appointments.

One of my long-term clients and her husband stopped in early this morning to sign transfer documents on the home we’re closing on this coming week, and since her husband works until late, I figured we might as well get all of them signed today.

After completing my real estate side, we had a nice visit about what’s been happening in our political arenas, and what I found interesting as well as troubling, was her saying how deeply divided her family is with our national elections, and since she’s part of a very large family, I heard first-hand how polarized they are to where they’re now goading each other. Being the level-headed one, I’m sure she’s been the go-between and peacemaker whenever their rhetoric gets out of hand. Before leaving, I wished them the best in their family struggles, and in time, compromising their differences.

Shortly after they left, I began drawing comparisons of past historical happenings, and then more fully realizing there being similarities to the polarizations which took place in our Country leading up to, during, and after our Country’s Civil War which caused thousands of needless deaths and decades of dis-chord. It’s a bit troubling when knowing how often histories repeat themselves, yet most don’t step back far enough to look at the whole pictures because that’s when we can more fully find similarities. I hope and pray that after the inauguration is over, the radical factions in our Country will settle down enough to where they’ll realize we’re all in this together, so we’d just better begin working as one Nation at solving the real issues that are plaguing not just our Country, but our entire world. Whether we want to admit it or not, all life on this earth is delicately interconnected to where if we destroy one connection, our world’s melt-down begins. I’m still convinced there are powerful countries in our world which are not our friends and now actively stoking the flames of our divisions by secretly funding our radical groups. I find it remarkable how easily so many allow their impressionable minds to be poisoned with garbage containing not even single threads of truth.

As I’ve said before, I’m spending all the less time reading the news because of how much I grow angered over such child-like words and actions created by people who’re supposed to be our political leaders. While on the phone with a dear one today, she summed it all up by saying, “It’s all craziness I never would’ve thought existed in the minds of so many.” Yes, we’ve got some serious “mending of fences” to do in 2021.

My public open house at 115 S. Connecticut went very well to where there were more people in attendance than I’d expected. As chance would have it, two people drove a great distance to have a look at it, and from the sounds of it, they were impressed. Each and every time I’m within, I grow quite comfortable to the point where it actually feels like home. I’ve always been a sucker for vintage homes, but that one has a certain “je ne sais quoi” which is a rare happening for me. I’d say the last time I was hit by it, was years ago while listing a custom designed home for an elderly couple which was located just outside our city limits. That particular home had an open floor plan with hand-chiseled exposed beams on its main floor. From the outside it appeared as a standard two-story, but upon entering, I felt as if I’d walked into a 300 year-old Northern European home with modern updates. I’m sure that country home is now worth double what those buyers paid for it at the time. Yes, they’re still there and loving it more.

Once I closed up my open house and removed my signs, I headed over to a groceteria to pick up a few necessities. The entire time I was within, I’d say it was my first to see everyone in that store wearing their masks which gave me hope that North Iowan’s are finally realizing we’ve got to work very hard at stopping the spread of this pandemic. In spite of there now being a vaccine available, you can bet it’ll be months before the general public will have full access to it. I’ll be doing some online digging to see if what I heard today was correct about the lack of foresight certain people in power had while placing their orders with Pfizer. I’m going to hope the news I heard was another fake.

I was recently being a bit wicked with an associate when seeing how he could take such giant steps with his lower appendages by saying, “You’ve got the legs of a shitepoke.” After it came out of my mouth, I was more shocked by having remembered the word than I was when saying it to him. It was definitely one more example of how we can keep un-used words stored away for so many years in the recesses of our minds, but when such appropriate times do arrive to use them, they come racing to our forefront. I’d say the last time I heard it, was hearing my mother saying it when not so kindly talking about a long-legged man a little more on the lean side, and without a doubt, that was likely 40+ years ago. After getting a good laugh, I asked him if he’d ever used that word in his circles, and his response was, “Oh, we would’ve used more hurtful ones.” Now just as a clue, “shite” means dung in German. Please don’t leave me believing my mother was the only person who’d ever drawn such creature comparisons to humans.

With camera in hand, I managed to get a good shot of tonight’s evening sky which I’ve posted above. What amazed me the most, was seeing how far in the southwestern sky our sun is now setting. Yes, we are rapidly approaching our winter solstice. Yeah! The sun will soon be marching back our way.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Non-violence leads to the highest ethics which is the goal of all evolution, but until we stop harming all other living beings, we will remain savages.

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