A Good Long Life

Oh what a windy cold day we had until around mid-afternoon when it finally subsided. Let’s hope this warming trend we’re supposed to be getting isn’t too great to where it’ll encourage our trees to bud all the more. Yes, I do hate winter, but I’d rather not have our trees and shrubs overly-stressed because of it being too warm.

I did manage to get everything completed on a sale file which is closing tomorrow morning, and it appears we’re going to have another soft landing. I’ll miss working with the sellers due to their having been exceptionally delightful to serve, along with my being thankful they’ve always come back to me for their real estate needs.

I was hoping to get a call from one of the “second look” people who were at my open house on Saturday, but nothing as of yet. I did get a call from another Realtor asking if it was still available which also sounded promising. Irregardless who ends up purchasing it, they’ll be ever-thankful they did, considering all the other inferior homes to it that’ve sold for bigger bucks. It certainly has been about lipsticked pigs in these real estate marketing times.

I did notice the old YWCA building having been reported sold today and quite shocked it went at the deep discount of $80K. Another commercial building sold last week which was the old Reiman Music store on the plaza on S. Federal, and that one going for over $160K which seemed like a pretty stiff price. I’ll be watching to see who ends up going in those two building. I believe the old YWCA would be an easy conversion for condos or apartments, but the only down-side, is its the lack of parking.

We finally got a sale back on track that almost fell apart due to a ridiculously low appraisal that came in. In spite of there being supportive comparable sales, along with our continued spiking of sale prices, for some reason that appraiser just wouldn’t budge. That’ll go down in history as being one that should’ve appraised with flying colors.

Since that particular loan is supposed to close this coming Friday, I had to race and get all the sellers’ numbers together so I could prepare a proposed closing statement for the lender and then get it emailed to their closing agent. Luckily the sellers’ bank is a local one which made it easy to get a loan payoff statement emailed to me right away. I’ll be glad when that’s closed because I’m sure both the buyers and sellers are not very happy campers right now.

When knowing this week is going to be a busy one, I went ahead and got some bills paid while I had the time. I’m still in disbelief this month went flying by so fast, as in just 25 days, it’ll be Christmas Eve. I don’t have even one Christmas decoration out, and I’ll not be surprised if my spirit refuses to move me this holiday season. I think it best we all stay out of the crowds and un-necessary gatherings while this pandemic continues.

I just received word that Jean Smith Payne passed away who was a Realtor here for a very many years. Since I’ve been in real estate so long, I can remember when her first husband Dick Smith had an office in the 900 block of North Federal, and after he died, she went to work for various real estate companies until retirement. She was much older than me, but very much one of my competitors. I would tease her sometimes about how she could work just about any crowd. If this pandemic wasn’t still raging, I’m sure her funeral attendance would be very large due to all the people’s lives she’d touched. I would wager she was selling homes for at least 40 years before retirement. She did marry a second time, and also out-lived his death even more years. Without a doubt, she did have a good long life.

I just now checked the calendar to see when the actual full moon is, and delighted to find it being tonight. It doesn’t surprise me because it was quite bright out last night. We should have an even more glowing night-scape as long as there’s no cloud cover. In my youth, I always enjoyed being outdoors during the full moon because of how markedly different the creations of nature appeared. My favorite seat was a large boulder out in our dooryard which sat high enough to were I could get a good look at my surroundings. I can’t imagine our youth of today having any interest in being out in nature during our full moons. Oh well, every generation has its preferences.

A young family man whom I’ve know for about five years, stopped by my office today for a chat, and while there, I asked him if he and his wife would have any use for a mid-century piece of furniture. He seemed interested, so I ushered him to the back of my office for a look. After showing him how well it was built, he gladly agreed to take it. That’ll be one more piece going to a good home. I’ll be continuing on my onward and upward path of gifting items better suited for others.

The rare occurrence of my not having a good sleep last night, I found myself in a bit of a fog at times due my sleepless hours. I can’t imagine what some of those poor people must have to endure during the day when having such nights on frequent occasions. Sleep deprivation can cause many metaphysical issues which are not to be quickly dismissed because they can become dangerously serious over time.

I’m still desperately working on getting an offer accepted on 114 – 11th St. NE which is getting bogged down by haggering attorneys. I was supposed to hear from one of them today, but unfortunately I didn’t, so yours truly will be on the phone tomorrow morning. That’s another home that should’ve been sold many months ago.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If we did all the things we’re capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

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