De Trop Vomiting

I’ve been watching the weather very closely today and only for the reason to see what our expected over-night lows are to be. They’ve been changing off and on to where it’s supposed to only get down to 37 degrees, and if we can maintain this light cloud cover, we may not have but only just a light frosting in the lowlands which will make me very happy. I did get as many plants covered as I could, so we’ll see what these next two days bring. I’ll likely continue covering them until our risk of frost is over after the weekend. It would be great if we could have just a few more weeks without frost.

Living in the lowlands always has its blessings as well as curses, and the blessings being that summers are cooler along with the soil remaining more moist, while on the flip-side, during the cold months, lowlands always tend to be a few degrees colder which stands to reason when knowing that warm air rises and cold air settles in the low areas.  The chimney effect happens even in nature.

Since I normally always park at the rear of my office during the warmer months, this morning was no exception, and when I got there, it was still dark outside, but as always, I normally glace at the street-side after walking in. Without thinking anything of it, I went about my business until I had to head off to a 7:45 a.m. appointment with a client, and when driving off, I remembered I needed to take my camera with me, but having already turned the corner at the front of my office, I parked across the street and headed towards my front door to get it. Thank goodness I was looking down because there before me were three piles of vomit on the sidewalk in front of my office which had me near frozen at the sight of it. I proceeded to step over them, went and grabbed my camera and left.

After leaving my appointment, I couldn’t have returned to my office fast enough because I knew there’d be people walking those sidewalks, along with walk-in visitors to my office once 9:00 a.m. arrived, so I changed into my work clothes, grabbed a five gallon bucket, dish soap, bleach bottle, and a stiff broom, and headed down to a water faucet.

Without counting every one of those pails of water with soap and bleach in them, I’d say I used upwards of 50 gallons of water to get that mess washed off the entire sidewalk. You can bet I was seeing red all the time I was dousing water and brooming it to the curbside. The sight of those pieces of onion, green peppers, and ground beef, certainly killed my appetite for a number of hours. One of the vomit sites actually created a permanent stain on the concrete, and wondering all the while, what was in that person’s stomach.

Being at my office later than usual last night, I noticed all the cars parked along both sides of the street out front as well as even more being squeezed behind Wild Bill’s tavern which happens to be two doors down, which was my confirmation the de trop vomiting I found this morning, was created by one or more of its patrons. Since the owner usually shows up around 9ish, I was hoping I’d catch him and thank him for creating a very disgusting and un-necessary work-out for me this morning. I thought it curious my not having seen his blazing red high-end pickup truck out front until later this afternoon. They must’ve had one yell of a good time down there last night, of which up-chucked pieces of it ended up being at my expense.

I mentioned to nearly everyone who darkened my office office door today about the disgusting piles I found out front this morning, and also adding that I likely have the cleanest front sidewalks in our entire Downtown. It’ll take some days for me to get those visuals pushed back into my long-term memory where they’ll only be recalled if I should see something that would remind me of it in the future. Having vivid memories can also be a curse. Whomever upchucked on my sidewalk would be mortified when knowing that incident has been saved by my on-line, and all the time video cameras.

My early afternoon appointment took me over to Prairie Place on 1st for an appointment I had with a prospective buyer. She seemed to like everything about the complex, so we’ll see if I get a call for a second showing from one of her family members to give his opinion. Before leaving, I did have an opportunity to visit with some of the residents who were downstairs which is always a treat for me. As I’ve said multiple times, they are the nicest group of Prairie Place on 1st residents.

I don’t know if the rest of you are noticing the strange powdery dirt that’s been getting on windshields of cars, because since I’ve not been on a gravel road since washing my car, but I’ve since had to wash my front and back windshields more than once. It’s also not your normal dust to where it appears almost a little greasy. After cleaning them again today, I’m wondering if it’s fine particulates of ash getting blown here from those fires in Siberia and California. With our wobbling jet stream, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is coming from our “beloved” Russia. I have also noticed how much more the higher clouds are appearing a dirtier color. Whether or not we want to admit, we’re far more globally connected when it comes to our weather patterns than we dare accept.

Late this afternoon I had to meet with a glazier to measure several broken windows, and since my character was a little acidic today and likely thanks to our full moon, I couldn’t help scolding him for having such a scruffy mustache and beard. He laughed when saying his father who’s clean-shaven every day, has been asking him similarly whenever he sees him, because he also doesn’t like it. I likely crossed the line when I said, “I’ve always believed that if you present yourself to the public at your best, you should in turn be feeling the best about yourself.” I don’t think I hurt his feelings, but for sure he’ll remember what I said, and possibly start working at presenting himself in a better light. We’ll see.

Tonight’s one-liner is: People’s personalities, like buildings, have various facades, some pleasant to view, some not.

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