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It was a lovely morning with it’s cool air and light breezes, and as the day unfolded, our September sun shone brightly whilst offering blended shadows of Fall, but unfortunately the wind started picking up and began sending loose leaves a-swirling. Yes, there were all the more Locust leaves to sweep away from the front door of my office.

With it being the last day of September, I busied myself with my end of the month accounting which I figured best to get started. Several days ago I was nearly fit to be tied when finding one of my office accounts out of balance, and the more I fussed over it, the more I became frustrated to the point I had to get up and go do something else just so I could get myself settled down. When I went back to it, I calmly went over each entry and there it was in clear sight. All I’d done was enter a number which resembled the number it was supposed to be so I corrected it and alas, all was good. Now that was just one more reminder that we all make silly mistakes which are easily corrected without getting all stressed out over.

My mid-morning appointment took me out to meet with the owners of a home that’s in great need of refurbishing. I’d been there before and a bit shocked to find so little improved. One of the owners asked what I thought it would sell for in its present state, and all I could do was remind him that if he sold it in its existing condition, he’d be taking a great loss on it. I was very firm about how our market conditions are right now with all the many buyers paying premium prices for homes that are move-in ready.

I dare not consider how many times over the years I’ve reminded sellers that even though you may not get a 100% return on improvements made, their homes would more likely sell all the faster for higher prices. I’m not sure which direction they’ll take as far as selling it. It may be in today’s condition, or their going ahead and making my suggested improvements. Since I’ve worked with them in the past, my comments and suggestions were filterless which I’m working all the harder at maintaining because in these times, there’ve been all the more who seem to take my guarded suggestions with the grain of salt, and unless I firmly stress my beliefs, they’re quickly dismissed.

When looking at the sales reported today, I was dumbfounded when seeing what a 50+ acre parcel of land just north of the Avenue of the Saints sold for which has about a 20 acre pond on it and cumbersomely accessed from a gravel road not very far south of Fair Meadows. Whomever purchased it must’ve had more money than brains when seeing it having sold for well over $320k. I suspect the buyers have plans to build a home out there but to spend that much for the land would push the end costs of building a country McMansion on that site to upwards of at least $850+K, and if someone is going to build a home on it, the location alone would be something most would walk away from due to the close proximity to the Avenue of the Saints, those farm chemical and recycling buildings being within view, and that dead-end gravel road its only access. I’ll remain curious as to who purchased it and what they’re planning on doing out there.

While in conversation with a business person today, I was informed that all the many more residents of California are selling out and buying in other States. From what I was told, many of them are moving to Arizona. I couldn’t help interjecting that I’d just recently read where if this climate change doesn’t slow down, there’ll be areas of our Southwest that’ll be too hot during the summer for people to even live there. The few times I’ve been thru the Phoenix area, it would take some doing to get me to move to that hotter than heck and overly congested area. If I were going to live anywhere in Arizona, It would be up near Flagstaff where their elevation is much higher and offering more of our four seasons.

Last night I made a huge mistake by doing two things, and those being my watching of most of the presidential debate along with flipping thru The Shopper which is printed by our rag of a newspaper The Globe Gazette.

Another first happened when seeing how little if any decorum was maintained during that debate which first shocked, and then angered me. All I could think was, “What must our Country’s trading partners think of such craziness?” Never in all my years have I ever seen such an exhibition, and you can be sure I’ll not be watching any more of them as it was too late at night for me to be all stirred up. It seems our country’s sensibilities are being eroded away to where anything goes in the public’s eye.

My second big mistake was looking at the insert in the shopper titled, “Readers’ Choice”. Oh my goodness! When seeing some of the companies that were voted the best along with their runners up, I was convinced those names being so un-true of what the general populous of North Iowa really thinks, but what bothered me the most, was knowing that some people, and especially our elderly, thinking that if something’s placed in print, then it must be true. I also know of some of those #1 companies having pressed people into voting for them in some sort of online balloting the Globe Gazette was providing. As far as I’m concerned, our illustrious Globe Gazette must be really craping the bottom of the barrel for readership.

I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about what took place last night with one of our City’s influentials. Among other things, I announced how much I dislike our newspaper when thinking how many good people they’ve intentionally hurt by printing stilted stories filled with sensationalism. Back in the old days, good and fair journalistic talent was a must if you were going to work for a news service. What happened?

Tonight’s one-liner is: Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark raving mad.

Joe Chodur

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