The Smell of Humans

Another cool day arrived which had me just a little bit chilled whenever outdoors, and according to our forecast, we’ll be needing our furnaces turned on Thursday and Friday since our highs are only supposed to be in the low 50’s. I’m already rounding up some old sheets and blankets to cover some plants I don’t want getting frosted on either of those two nights. When looking at our extended weather, it’s going to be markedly warmer once we’re past the weekend. Let’s hope we have a fabulously pleasant October.

My morning at the office was spent working on several closing files and making various much-needed phone calls to some dear ones. The first one was to a long-term friend who’s been talking about moving back to Mason City and living out her remaining years here instead of being trapped in the hustle and bustle of the metro area in which she lives. She told me today that after much consideration, she’s going to stay where she’s at because she doesn’t believe she’s now neither physically nor mentally capable of making such a big move. I was a bit sad hearing it, but when thinking about it afterwards, it was just one more example of how all the many seniors wait far too long to make their “golden pond” moves, and in the end, find themselves trapped in places they don’t want to be the rest of their lives. And to think it’s nearly always due to their lack of making plans for their futures and following thru with them. It’s unfortunate because she would’ve been a scholarly asset to our community.

Another call I made was to a dear one who’s been coming to mind quite a bit of late, which was my queue to give her a call. I was glad to find all being well with her, and since we’re like-minded enough, we had a soulful chat regarding recent happenings in our City and our Country. We both agreed that these alt-right and alt-left groups are growing more vocal with their beliefs to where we were wondering what type of additives are in the Kool-Aides they’re drinking because after hearing some of their preposterous assertions, you’d think they’d gone mad. What troubles me the most, is finding some of them having solid educations and good jobs. I can only imagine what their co-workers think of them, or if they keep their beliefs to themselves for fear of being chastised by their superiors. Any way you look at it, the divisions we have in this Country today are likely the greatest in our history which has me deeply concerned.

There are several of my listings which have been “flown-over” too many times by buyers, which precipitated me to make a few calls to those sellers and asking them to do everything they can to make their homes presentable on both the outside and in of their homes. I mentioned to the both of them that we’re living in the age of lipsticked pigs getting sold for big prices which seems to have become the norm for our impressionable young buyers. We can thank HDTV for making them believe they’re getting big bangs for their bucks. The poor souls have no idea that many of them are upside-down on their mortgages as soon as they’d closed on their loans.

With our China-virus still raging, I spent some extra time cleaning my office this afternoon and when finished, it was once again sparkling. Of course these recent days I’ve had to go out front and sweep those cursed Locust leaves off my sidewalk which blow into my office like feathers from a ripped pillow whenever my front door is opened and closed. I don’t even want to admit I’m out there at least once or twice a day sweeping them to the curb. I still can’t believe those supposed “great minds” on the Streetscape planning committee allowed those dirty trees to be planted, but what I’ve found quite curious, are those trees in the plaza of the mall being of a different species. It would be very interesting to know who made that decision. Most don’t realize that in the State of Missouri, Locusts are considered trash/invasive trees which have to be controlled.

One of my colleagues called today with a few questions about some recent sale transfers which just didn’t make sense to me, but as more of such inquiries are being made, all I can say is, “We just have to remember we’re living in 2020.” I’m still wondering what that upside-down cryptic graffiti I see sprayed in different areas of our Downtown is supposed to mean after I realized it reads an inverted “Vision 2020”. I looked it up and couldn’t find anything about it being subversive, so it must mean something very limited to a small group, or belonging to someone just trying to be clever. Either way, it’s graffiti sprayed on another’s property for all to see which is very much wrong.

I did a little research today on another invasive animal in our City which the woodchuck, and the reason for it, was to find out the best means of trapping them. I’d nearly forgotten that they have “escape holes” as far as 25 – 30 feet away from their main entrances. Wow! I also found out that if you use live traps with bait, it’s best to handle those traps and bait with rubber gloves because their sense of smell is exceptionally acute, and they’ll quickly back away from the smell of humans. I also found that they dearly love cantaloupe and melons, along with sunflower seeds, lettuce, green peas, and strawberries, but the melons are at the top of their list of “candies”.

Yesterday I received confirmation from a seller of mine who had a hole under her front stoop which I teasingly said about a week ago, “It looks like you have a woodchuck living down there.” She was not happy to hear it, but did take the initiative to have a friend of her son’s bring over a trap so she could put out some strawberries and lettuce to catch it. Not but two hours later it was in the trap. I did ask her what the guy did with it, and she said he takes them out in the country to release them. She wasn’t again happy when I reminded her that there are a number of furry creatures in possession of genetic homing devices. Hopefully he took it far enough away, and likely now digging holes under some other poor soul’s stoop. It seems our “wild” is all the more encroaching.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Heat of blood makes young people change their inclinations often, and habit makes old ones keep to theirs a great while.

Joe Chodur

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