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Wasn’t it just the craziest having our temps in the upper 80’s today? I actually can’t remember it ever being this warm for such a stretch of time at the end of September. I didn’t even look to see when the wobbling jet stream is going to reach us, but according to a conversation I had several days ago, it’s not supposed to even break much above 50 degrees all next week. I’m just hoping we don’t get a frost in the low-lying areas because that’ll bring an end to our late gardens unless they’re covered over the night. We must remember, tomatoes and peppers are the most sensitive to even the lightest frosts.

One of my dear clients mentioned how much better his garden has been this year after deciding to start his tomatoes and peppers from seed in a cold frame. He said even though they got a later start, they’re now bearing with a vengeance along with no blossom-end rot or insect problems. I mentioned that most people don’t realize that when they purchase potted vegetables at greenhouses, their potting soil and plants likely have insect eggs laid on them, and when you bring them home to plant, you’d unknowingly brought along pest problems. Rest assured, those plants are not grown in sterile environments which is why we nearly always started our vegetables from seeds that were saved-over, and if we did have to buy seeds, we always washed them before planting because seeds from seed houses also could be carrying diseases. It never hurts to be more careful when prepping our gardens for a healthy growing season.

My first job this morning was to set out my tent open house signs at several busy corners, and while driving back, I just happened to notice someone standing in the alcove of the building attached to The Manor, and being instantly mortified when seeing a man standing in the corner of it urinating. Oh my Heavens! In the center of our Historic Downtown mind you. It was just one more confirmation of how the texture of our cityscape changes after the sun goes down. I know our police force has enough to do, but it certainly would help if we had more focus given to protecting the business owners from such happenings on private and public properties. I shouldn’t even mention this but since we’re on the subject, about a year ago after arriving very early at the rear of my office and just after getting out of my car, I noticed something in the parking lot of the building next door, so investigative me had to go look. Yup. It was a disgusting pile of human feces which certainly started off my day in a very bad way. One of the patrons of the tavern several doors down must’ve decided it was time to take a dump, and that spot had to have been where it was to be.

Just today I mentioned to a colleague how I’m oft times reminded that humans are tail-less animals, and when seeing such animal-like behaviors as this morning’s, it was but one more confirmation. I’m sure that corner urination will be a lingering odor for those senior residents of The Manor for quite some time. By the looks of that guy, I’d say he was taking a short-cut home from an all-nighter.

Most of the rest of my morning was spent putzing with a few details on closings coming up along with scheduling a Monday morning appointment with some customers. I also placed a short call to a dear friend who’s also knee-deep in alligators at his workplace. I find myself continuing to remind him that we can only do what we can for others and then just leave the rest for the morrow. Unfortunately he’s one who allows far to many people to take advantage of him, of which I scolded him again today for being of such a mindset. It’s one thing to be a public servant, but not its slave.

My public open house over at 114 – 11th St. NE was not even close to being a success, and thank goodness I brought something along to read or I would’ve been fighting myself to keep from falling asleep. I’ve come to the conclusion that “big blue” is hell-bent on choosing its buyer, so all I can do is to continue its advertising and pressing people to look at it. While there, I spent some time getting some ideas on what I’d do with it if I owned it, and one of the big value-adding improvements I’d make, would be the turning of its third floor into either a state-of-the-art family room, or sanctuary-like master bedroom. The plumbing is already up there along with a big walk-in closet, so why not? I’d replace those third floor windows facing the street in the same style but being maintenance-free thermal units. I’d probably copy the style of those street-facing ones, and do the same thing with those on the east and west side of that floor which would bring in all the more light. I would also open that stairway up to where there’d be railing which would give even more of an of an open and airy “feeling”. By the time I finished re-doing that home, I could “see” it being the hallmark of that street.

After my open house, I drove out to the groceteria on the east side to pick up some things before heading back to my office where I had about an hour’s work remaining. I did receive a call from some dear clients asking to see a home tomorrow, so I called and got that viewing set up for them. They are the nicest of people whom I’ve known for many years, and they’re still as delightful as they were 25+ years ago. It always gives me a warm feeling whenever finding people holding fast to their basic goodnesses in our troubling times.

I had to look someone up on Facebook today, and shocked to see one particular Realtor continually posting copious amounts of “alt” garbage online. If I were a buyer looking for a home, or even a seller getting ready to list, when after reading many of those posts, I’d be fast looking for someone else to work for me. What is it with people who think just their friends and family see what their posting and re-posting? One particular post shocked me to the point where I’ve lost more than a bushel of respect for that person. It was so raw, I was wishing I’d never seen it. That Realtor has forgotten professionalism.

Tonight’s one-liner is: What seems to be generosity, is often no more than disguised ambition which overlooks a small interest, in order to secure a far greater one.

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