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Off again to work I went with me, and all the earlier it could be, just so to get my morning personal calls made before the hour of eight arrived. There are several dear ones I try to catch up with on a regular basis, and since I’ve been on merry-go-rounds of ups and downs, I didn’t consider myself in the best of moods to visit with them, but after yesterday’s spiritual cleansing, I was pretty much back to myself.

My first ring-up was returning a call that came in yesterday, and since I was knee-deep in manual labor at the time, I figured it could wait until today. Pretty much the bulk of our conversation was about how and why people turn from being relatively normal, to near carbon copies of some of their blood relatives that had gone before them, or still living. I couldn’t help sharing my belief that much of it is that Morphic Resonance I’ve spoken about in the past. I then continued to speak about some great similarities of character in three full generations of a given family including aunts, uncles and cousins, and after listening to those past circumstances, she was made more of a believer that character/memory is likely passed on via sperm and/or egg like in our animal kingdom.

I was able to legitimize my belief when saying I’ve worked with, and personally known far too many of them for it to be a coincidence, and even though several of the cousins parents married into very hard-lined top-drawer families, that penchant to be on the villainous side is still lurking below. I had to laugh when saying one the mothers of those cousins I spoke about, is definitely on the matriarchal side where she rules her husband and children with an iron fist. Yes, it would be interesting to follow more closely the multi-generational histories of core characters in families which exhibit dark-side tendencies. Yes, it was a good thought-provoking conversation early this morning.

Before the day started getting crazy with drop-ins and phone calls, I decided to take a quick trip to the landfill and get back before the hour of nine arrived. I did make the big mistake of heading out there during our morning rush hour, and wouldn’t you know, over half of the people who were driving to work, were on their cell phones to where I’m coming to the belief that our general public has to be in an attention-getting mode in some form or another all the time.

Another odd change I’m finding in North Iowa, is all the many more men with their scruffy and unkempt beards and mustaches. The creepiest was seeing nearly every male from say 45 and under sporting un-becoming facial hair. What’s up with that? Back in the old days, men with such personal appearances were considered on the hippy/mountain man side, and usually were talked about behind their backs. I can’t imagine what their wives or girlfriends must think when crawling into bed and snuggling up with those fur-balls. Oh well, as they say, “All cats are grey in the night.”

Nearly the entire remainder of my day was preparing and scanning documents out to various bank closers, Realtors, and title attorneys just so to get several over-due closings completed. Sale files with out of town lenders end up being twice the work because of there being too many people involved. A file I’ve been babying since the beginning which was supposed to close a week ago, won’t happen until next Monday, and mostly due to all the many more people involved. I know I can’t steer buyers to given lenders, but I do encourage them to at least go thru local bankers because it’s always better when they’re able to walk into a real person’s office and talk about the progress on their loans.

After visiting with a client today, I’m nearly convinced that face-to-face meetings will soon be a thing of the past, and replaced by Zoom. I’m sure Microsoft is dancing in the streets over it, and like I said, “This age of computerization is slowly eroding our sense of community to where we’ll all be islands unto ourselves.” Just for example, several weeks ago, a woman sassed me on the phone over something she insisted was my responsibility, and when I agreed to do it, twenty minutes later another demanding call came in from her assistant. I wasn’t the most pleasant at the time, but today I had an opportunity to confront her face-to-face about how she was completely out of line. As I suspected, she wasn’t prepared to be chastised, but that was OK because people had better start learning that if you can’t say it to someone’s face, then it shouldn’t be in a phone call, text, or email. Believe it or not, whenever emailing someone, while I’m proofing it, I read/hear myself speaking to that person, just so to come across in print as I would when speaking face to face. Don’t you think that’s just one more idea that should be placed in the minds of people who enjoy hiding behind the screens of their cell phones?

I had a nice visit with my agent Brandon Neve after a closing of his today, which was about the continued growing success of the listings and sales of his this year which is likely going to catapult him into another arena where his sales volume will be all the more regular. I’ve seen this take place with other agents over the years, and now with him. I reminded him that he should focus on the socio-economic groups who’re comfortable with him, and likewise he with them because that’s how name recognition outwardly spreads in a good way. I continue wishing him the best because he does do a good job for his clients and customers.

One of my customers stopped by my office today to see if there was anything new he’d be interested in, and unfortunately there wasn’t. Before leaving I couldn’t help asking, “Are you going to vote in November?” He paused a moment and shook his head in a negative direction saying, “I don’t think so because I don’t like what’s coming from either side.” As I suspected, there’s a concerning voter apathy growing in our Country.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Weakness of character is the only defect which cannot be amended.

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