A Stupid Smirk

Let’s keep these beautiful days coming so everyone can get outdoors and enjoy the sun and warmth while they can because in just four days time, we’ll be at the Autumnal Equinox which is the official day of Fall’s arrival. Even now we’re seeing the additional shadows created by our sun’s movement towards the southern hemisphere. Yes, it happens every year and most of us fair-weather lovers are sad to see it’s annual migration, while the remainder of those who’re all about winter, are beginning to salivate in anticipation of its arrival.

In spite of my having absolutely no appointments today, I was kept very busy with my little to do’s up until almost 1:00 p.m., and since I had everything needing my attention completed, I decided to change into my work clothes and get some much-needed yard work done, and thankful for it because my Saturday morning will be all the more free to focus on real estate. Since I’m in the works of getting several offers put together, I’ll not be stressing out tomorrow over my outdoor chores because by the time 4:00 p.m. arrived, I had everything done. I find it amazing at times when seeing how much one person can get done as long as he or she is not interrupted and able to stay focused on a given task. It was just one more confirmation that when a person’s working alone and remaining diligent, they can get more done than if they had a helper. We all know how it goes when working side-by-side with another because there always seems to be those many breaks to chat, argue, and check smartphones every five minutes.

I did submit an offer this morning to the listing agent of an acreage I’ve shown my buyers several times. What’s nice about it, is that they don’t have anything to sell along with being pre-approved. That property has been on the market for quite some time, and hopefully the sellers realize their homesite doesn’t offer the privacy most of our acreage lovers are searching for, and simply because the house is closer than normal to a highly travelled county blacktop. I shared my opinions about it with my buyers, and that’s all I needed to say.

While at my office this morning, I noticed a volunteer clean-up crew going up and down Federal Avenue with their trimming and cleaning up all the green areas which were getting loaded down with all the garbage many freely throw on the sidewalks which usually ends up getting blown into those flowerbeds and bushes. I still don’t understand why anyone should have to clean up after those litterers because that’s all we need, is to place a plainclothes police officer on foot in our Historic Downtown who’ll ticket every litterer, and then the word’ll be fast out. All those little piggies will be on their phones to each other saying, “Don’t litter there or you’ll get ticketed.” That’s all it takes, is to create hard and fast rules to where if they’re broken, there’ll be punishments waiting. Don’t you think that’s the way it should always be?

While out doing yard work today, I was personally picking up paper wrappers which I recognized as being from our area convenience stores. For example, there was a hard paper triangle which those single slices of pizza are placed on at Casey’s. So this is how it goes, you’re walking or driving from Casey’s and eating a slice of their pizza, and when finished you either let it drop out of your car window, or throw it while walking. Now tell me. Do all those people not see all the public waste bins dotting our Historic Downtown or without plastic waste bins in their vehicles? For a few I may be a devil, yet I don’t ever in my life remember freely throwing waste on the ground. We were taught from the very beginning that it wasn’t something you were allowed to do.

As I was standing out at the back of my office and on the phone with a dear friend, I couldn’t help noticing two vehicles driving up next to the dumpsters at the side of the Delaware Building, who got out, and then gratuitously dumped their bags of trash and discarded materials in those bins. What nearly always gets me, is seeing how expensive their vehicles are, yet they have the guts to “steal” from strangers. I will never in my life understand what makes them think they have such license. Getting a good look at the two of them, I’d say they both had a stupid smirk on their faces as they were driving away which must’ve been an outward sign of feeling they just got away with something. I know it may not sound similar, but to me it’s almost like some of those out walking with dogs, and when they have to drop their dung, they let them do it on private property and clueless over the need to pick it up, which I consider true character flaws.

While working outdoors, my thoughts were taken back to our growing numbers of deer in North Iowa. Each year I check to see where the outbreaks of Lyme Disease are in our State, and believe you me, they’re getting closer to our County. You just wait until we have reported cases of it in North Iowa because that’s when our general public will be screaming, “Get rid of those deer!”, because our White-Tailed Deer carry the ticks that transmit it to humans.

One of my old friends in Allamakee County contracted Lyme Disease and believe you me, I sure wouldn’t want to go thru the Hell he went thru. That disease also leaves some lasting physical effects on humans, so just remember, I’m one of the first who’s been insisting, “Get rid of those domesticated deer herds living within the borders of our City!” Every time someone says, “Oh, they’re so cute.”, I usually respond, “So you like looking at giant rabbits?” I usually get some sort of eye-rolling over my question.

I’m looking forward to a productive open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court tomorrow afternoon, so to make it all the more, please tell all your friends and relatives. That unit is a perfect fit for a retiree who no longer wants to worry about mowing and shoveling, and ready to start enjoying a good book while seated out at its poolside.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.

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